Cox Data Usage Meter Not Working Issues: 6 Simple Solutions

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Cox Data Usage Meter Not Working: Although Cox Internet is one of the most renowned services available, there have been some network-related complaints over the years.

With Data Usage Meter You are able to keep track of both recent and historical data usage for your household using the data usage meter. To help you solve this problem, we’ve included potential causes and troubleshooting advice in this article.


How to fix Cox Data Usage Meter Not Working

Cox Data Usage Meter Not Working

Cox Data Usage Meter Not Working



So, if you’re having trouble with the Cox data usage meter not working, this article was created for you.


1. Network Configuration

If the data usage meter is not working, there is a good chance that unwanted changes will be made to the network settings. For example, if you recently reset Windows and restarted it for a clean boot, the network changes would be altered, resulting in the data usage meter’s incompetence. As a result, you must ensure that your network settings are in accordance with the Cox Internet protocol.


2. Proxy Configuration

If you have enabled the proxy settings on your computer, the data usage meter may not function properly. So, disabling the proxy settings by following the steps below is the best option.

On your computer, go to the “Start Menu.”
Navigate to Network and Internet under Settings.
Select Proxy.
Simply disable the proxy settings now.
After that, the data usage meter will be operational!


3. Network Driver Update

It is critical for everyone who needs to use the internet on their computers to have the most up-to-date network driver installed. The network adapter driver can be updated using the device manager. So, take the steps outlined below;

    • Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
    • In the command prompt, type “devmgmt.msc” and press the enter key.
    • Simply expand the network adapter now.
    • Right-click the menu and select Update Driver Software.


4. Make use of an online data usage meter

If you need to use the Cox data usage meter but it’s not working for you, you can try a different approach. With that said, you can use the online meters on various devices or browsers to ensure they work optimally for you.


5. Isolation Examinations

When integrating and using the data usage meter, only use one device on the network at a time. With that said, you should run the isolation tests so you can determine the network’s ability to use the data usage meter without sacrificing performance.


6. Manage Background Apps Data Usage

If your device has too many apps running in the background, the data usage meter may not function properly or provide inaccurate readings. In this case, you should close all background apps to allow the data usage meter to operate at its optimal scale and performance level.


You can Contact Cox Customer Service for more assistance.


Most Common Issues With Cox Data Usage Meter



How to check my Cox data usage?

  • Keep track of your household’s usage.
  • My account: The Data Usage meter in My Account allows you to monitor your usage at any time.
  • Cox application: Use the Cox app to quickly access your monthly Data Usage Details under your Internet service information on your home screen.
  • Widget for data usage.


How accurate is Cox data usage?

In order to accurately measure the amount of Internet traffic that passes through a subscriber’s cable modem each month, Cox set an accuracy goal for the device.


Why is the data usage on my Cox so high?

Background-running spyware can result in abrupt increases in data usage. Additionally, make sure that devices like the Fire Stick are off when not in use. Even when in sleep mode or when your TV is off, these types of devices frequently continue to use data.


How much data does Cox Unlimited really offer?

A 1.25 terabyte (TB) data cap is enforced across all Cox residential fiber and cable internet services. Each month’s end sees a reset of this data cap. That indicates that you will be charged an overage fee once your household uses 1.25 TB of internet data.




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