CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani

CV ya Emmanuel Peter Cherehani

Member of Parliament Emmanuel Cherehani, CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani, Mbunge wa Jimbo la Ushetu state parliamentarian. Emmanuel Peter Cherehani awarded an honorary doctorate from LEADIMPACT University of the United States.


Take a moment to get to know Emmanuel Peter Cherehani, the MP who represents Ushetu. In order to provide some crucial information about Emmanuel Peter Cherehani, the Tanzanian representative for Ushetu, we have prepared this post.

September 17, 2022 has become another history for Ushetu state parliamentarian Emmanuel Cherehani to be among the Leaders who were awarded an honorary doctorate from LEADIMPACT University of the United States following the recognition of helping the community in different fields Speaking immediately after being awarded an honorary doctorate.

Dr. Cherehani has said that one of the big agendas that he has been working on is helping farmers along with making sure they get agricultural education and he has thanked the Government for managing the agenda to enable farmers to cultivate modern agriculture, including providing farmers with fertilizer subsidies.


About LEADIMPACT University


LeadImpact University is at the forefront of bringing about change in the leadership of this generation and upcoming generations. Not only are we producing leaders, but leaders who will have a lasting influence on both the world and God’s kingdom. I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead this ground-breaking institution.

I have a strong commitment to excellent higher education. I firmly believe that it plays a significant part in developing our next generation of leaders and will aid in resolving many of our difficult societal problems. I’ve made a commitment to support the financial investment our students are making in their education and to make sure LeadImpact University has the resources and innovations they require to help them reach their academic, ministerial, and professional objectives.


CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani

CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani
CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani


  • Full Name: Emmanuel Peter Cherehani
  • Political Party: CCM
  • Constituent: Ushetu
  • Title: Member of Parliament (MP)



Before independence in 1926, the National Assembly of Tanzania was known as the Legislative Council of Tanzania Mainland, formerly known as Tanganyika. The Tanganyika Legislative Council Order and Council, adopted by the British Parliament, formed the Legislative Council.

The statute was promulgated in Tanganyika on June 18, 1926, and the council was established on December 7, 1926, in Dar es Salaam, under the supervision of Tanganyika’s Governor, Sir Donald Cameron. The Governor appointed all 20 members of the council.

From there there has an expansion of constituents so far. Among of the very notable constituents in Tanzania is Ushetu.

Emmanuel Peter Cherehani is one among of the series of Member of Parliaments who have been representing Ushetu constituent in Tanzania.

Emmanuel Peter Cherehani, a Constituent Member of the United Republic of Tanzania’s Parliament, represents the CCM portion in the Legislative House. Remember that Emmanuel Peter Cherehani might switch to a different political party at any time, which would cause this page to change.


Parliament and Eligibility for Being Member of Parliament in Tanzania.

The Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania was established in accordance with Article 62 (1) of the Constitution and consists of two parts, namely the President and the Members of Parliament.

The Tanzanian Parliament operates on the same principles as the Commonwealth Parliament and largely adopts its design.


Qualifications for being an MP

Anyone will be eligible to be chosen or proposed as a member of Parliament if;
  • He/She is a Tanzanian citizen.
  • He/She is 21 years old or older.
  • He/She should know how to read and write (Swahili/English).
  • Member and a candidate recommended by the political party.

According to these qualifications, Emmanuel Peter Cherehani has met all of these criteria as a Tanzanian, having more than 21 years of age, being able to read and write, and is recommended by the CCM party.


To Find CV for Emmanuel Peter Cherehani

Read here. the full profile and CV of Emmanuel Peter Cherehani as an MP of Ushetu.

CV ya Hon Emmanuel Cherehani

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