Dealno1 rules: 3 Critical Rules to be adhered

Dealno1 rules: 3 Critical Rules


Now that it seems that the withdrawals are automatically rejected, there is a loud chaos about the platform.

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There are operating, recharge and withdrawal Dealno1 rules which are to be followed.

Dealno1 rules


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Operating Dealno1 rules:

  1. Register to become an ordinary member of delan01, and get a commission of 0.068% of the unit price of the product every time you complete a shopping task. In order to avoid the IP system inspection of the shopping platform and avoid being identified as illegal operations, resulting in the freezing of funds, the number of orders for each user is 40.
  2. The delan01 system is open from 10:00-22:00 every day, and all orders are matched and settled by the intelligent cloud system.
  3. After the order is completed, the system will automatically return the prepaid money and the earned commission to the member account, so that the user can continue to do the next round of tasks. dealno1’s order amount is based on the intelligent cloud system and automatically matches 90% to 95% of the account balance. between randomly generated orders.


Recharge Dealno1 rules:

1. Click on the deposit center and you will get an exclusive TRC20-USDT address.

2. The platform uses USDT to recharge. Please check the recharge address of the platform carefully before recharging.

3. Users only need to use cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets that support TRC20-USDT. Just make a transfer directly, and the system will automatically recognize it.

4. The minimum deposit amount is 2USDT.

5. The recharge time is 24*7. There is no limit to the maximum top-up amount on the day.


Withdrawal Dealno1 rules:

1. Please bind the correct TRC20-USDT address before withdrawing.

2. Each member can only withdraw cash once a day. In order to prevent criminals from malicious money laundering or cashing out a series of bad behaviors, all members need to complete the corresponding order tasks before they can withdraw.

3. The minimum withdrawal amount is 6USDT

4. The withdrawal time is 10:00-22:00 every day, and T+1 arrives (before 24:00 the next day). The arrival time after successful withdrawal is subject to the TRC20 blockchain.



If you have any questions, please click Here for online customer service consultation of the platform as well for registration click HERE.



The aim of this Article is not to influence any one join online trading but with the aim of showing out the details about online trading Deakno1 platform.

It is advised to take more time to study the platform and join willingly.


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