How To Search On Pluto TV: 4 Helpful ways

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How To Search On Pluto TV

How To Search On Pluto TV: You may use the search bar on Pluto TV’s app to look for content on the free live TV service because it was included with an update to the app.

This post condenses everything I discovered, enabling you to quickly find everything you’re looking for on Pluto TV after reading it.

Continue reading to learn how to use Pluto TV’s watchlist feature effectively and to improve your experience when looking for content.


Is there a search feature on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is fundamentally a channel guide, and for you to know when certain shows are going to air, you must know which channels they are on.

Due to this, Pluto TV went a long time without a native search tool. However, in a recent update, Paramount added the much-needed search bar to the Pluto TV app.

You could rapidly find the information you’re looking for utilizing a few alternative approaches in addition to the search feature, whether it’s on-demand or live TV.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can enhance your Pluto TV search experience by following the steps I discuss in the sections that follow.


4 ways to Searching On Pluto TV

1. Use Categories to Search on Pluto TV

There are category areas that might help you focus your search whether you are in the on-demand section or watching live TV. It’s one of the simplest methods to find what you’re looking for when there isn’t a standard search feature available.

On-demand content is especially useful because it covers a lot more ground than live content. There are sections for things like Cars, Classic Rock, Animal Planet, and 90s Throwback, among others.

On the desktop, the categories are listed on the left, but the video partially obscures them. On mobile, a button in the center of the screen will allow you to enlarge the categories. The live category feature has limitations because it groups channels rather than individual pieces of material.

When a category is clicked in the live area, no menu or options are presented. Pluto TV will instead put you at the beginning of a set of channels that correspond to the category you’ve selected. For simpler viewing, it has gathered channels with comparable content types and grouped them.


For Live TV

You should categorize the channels on Pluto TV to make it simpler for you to find a certain live TV channel.

To organize your live TV broadcasts by category and make it easier to find them, follow the instructions below:

  • Choose the genre of the live TV station you want using the panel on the left.
  • Find your channel by scrolling through the channels in that category.
  • Once you’ve located the channel, choose it.


Demand-Based Programming

For On-Demand content, the process essentially stays the same, but you must first sort the content by category.

To browse Pluto TVs On Demand library:

  • On the pane on the left, choose the category that your On-Demand program belongs to.
  • You can locate the program you’re looking for by scrolling through the articles in that category.
  • Choose it to begin watching.


Google search

This approach is to just perform a Google search for the show you want to watch and see whether Pluto TV appears in the list of available streaming services.

Pluto broadcasts live TV, thus even if the program you desire has already aired there, it could not be airing at that particular moment. To check if your choice is live, you will still need to look through the channels or categories.

The majority of shows feature a small information panel on Google that you can utilize to start watching that TV show or movie right away. This information panel includes review ratings.

Alongside other well-known streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, a link to Pluto TV will display if the show or movie has previously been shown there.

To start watching the material, click the blue Watch button nearby or the Pluto TV symbol itself.


After making some changes to the Pluto TV app, they’ve added the search bar, which almost all of the service users had requested.

If you are watching Pluto TV on a website, click the search bar at the top of the screen or choose Search from the three icons on the bottom of the screen for mobile.

The same is true of smart TVs, which have a search bar on the home screen that you can use to begin looking for entertainment as soon as you turn them on.

If the content you’re looking for is accessible on Pluto TV, Roku users can use the global search bar on their Roku to find it.


How to Use the Channels List Guide to Search on Pluto TV

Using the channel list is another simple approach to quickly finding what you’re looking for when using Pluto TV. You may find each channel number on this list along with the appropriate channel for that number. Pluto is often adding and removing new channels, so check the list frequently for any updates.

The channel list will make it simpler for you to find the kinds of programming you enjoy even though it won’t tell you which show is airing when.


4. How to Search on Pluto TV Using the Watchlist

The final technique of searching on Pluto TV doesn’t include a search and needs you to store any content you come across while browsing that you wish to watch.

By doing this, you may keep all the TV series and movies you want to watch in a convenient list that you can browse whenever you want to find the programs you want to watch.

When you are surfing Pluto TV, pick the program you’ve been wanting to see and add it to your watchlist.

In addition to acting as a repository for shows you want to watch so you can discover them easily, this will produce a list of TV shows and movies that you can go to if you don’t have anything to watch.

You have to be inventive because Pluto TV does not allow you to search its material by entering a title or channel name. You may find series or movies you’re interested in without having to search the entire platform by using the watchlist option.

When you see a show or movie on Pluto TV that you enjoy, add it to your watchlist. This will compile all the shows you’ve already expressed interest in into a library. You can return to your library of carefully chosen content while looking for something to watch later.

You won’t need a typical search bar if you constantly use this function because all of your chosen stuff will be available to you.


Questions and responses concerning Pluto TV

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What exactly is Pluto TV?


You can view hundreds of hours of on-demand video for free on Pluto TV, a streaming service with more than 300 channels. The fact that this Viacom-owned app functions like traditional cable TV are one of its distinguishing features when compared to other streaming services.

Only what is now airing live on each station can be viewed twenty-four hours a day. Wait until exactly 3 p.m. to watch a show that starts at that time. Other streaming services let you choose your show and start watching it right away without any waiting, but this is different.

Because Pluto TV is ad-supported and therefore free, you must endure a fair amount of advertisements. Despite having a ton of information available for you to view, the app lacks a mechanism for you to browse through the channels and locate what you’re looking for.

To quickly find the kind of stuff you wish to view, you must instead apply some clever tactics. There they are.


Is all of Pluto TV free?

With approximately 250 stations and on-demand viewing options, Pluto TV is a free TV streaming service.

The service is funded by advertisements, which allows it to continue being free.


Is Yellowstone available on Pluto TV?

Yellowstone is available on Pluto TV for free streaming, although it adheres to the TV schedule.

You can watch any channel on the service without logging in with a username and password.


On Pluto TV, is CNN free?

Pluto TV has a CNN channel, but it’s not the one that’s being shown live on TV.

Instead, it will feature a selection of carefully chosen brief articles that CNN regularly updates.


Is Pluto TV legal?

One of the legal ways to watch live TV is with Pluto TV, which makes money from the commercials that appear on the stations that are being broadcast.


Where is the search button for Pluto?

All Pluto TV apps now have a search bar as a new feature. The search bar will be at the top of the desktop. It will be at the bottom right corner on mobile. It will be seen on the far left screen of streaming devices.


What is Pluto TV’s channel add-on process?

Pluto TV has a huge selection of channels, however, despite this, there is no option for a user to add a station to their list of channels to watch. There are no further subscription options for more channel possibilities on Pluto TV.


Does Pluto TV have any new channels?

This month, Pluto TV is providing streamers with more free programming, including seven new channels for classic TV, daytime TV, and everyone who wishes to travel back to the year 2000.


How many channels are there on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV, which Viacom purchased in January, provides hundreds of on-demand movies and more than 200 live channels on an ad-supported platform. Some of the channels have a specialty in a particular genre, such as reality TV, news, or sports.


What does Pluto TV cost per month?

You can watch movies, live programming, and even your favorite television episodes for free with Pluto TV, a service that offers more than 250 channels and is available on the internet.


Is the ABC channel available on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV will now be able to provide a greater selection of popular shows from networks including ABC, NBC, and Fox as a result of the addition.


Is Pluto TV free on Roku?

How To Search On Pluto TV

Tune into your favorite channels to watch the best movies, TV series, sports, true crime, and other content. always on. And it’s always free!


Final Remarks

Pluto TV Has Exactly What You’re Looking For

Pluto TV does not allow you to search for the name of the program you wish to view. To see what content is available, you must use the category menu or channels list.

Decided Pluto wasn’t the planet for you? If you’d rather not pay for a streaming service, there are other places you can go to watch live TV for free.

Pluto TV offers a vast collection of channels and On-Demand programming that would last for years to come and is still one of the few legal ways to watch live TV online without being bound by a cable TV box.

The program still has to be improved to make it more user-friendly, but given how long it took to include something as basic as search, improvement will be gradual.

Informing Paramount of the problems you are experiencing with their app in user forums and other social media is the greatest approach to get them to update it.

Try to get their interest by recruiting like-minded individuals from the Pluto TV community to assist you to spread your message.

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