How To Transfer Telkom Data in South Africa: Simple Guide

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How To Transfer Telkom Data In South Africa

How To Transfer Telkom Data South Africa, Data Transfer Instructions for Telkom South Africa.

How To Telkom Data Transfer in South Africa: One question that the majority of people frequently ask is how to transfer data on Telkom. Many individuals are unaware of the fact that Telkom makes it simple to transfer data.

In light of this, I meticulously wrote this essay to provide answers to any queries you may have about how to transfer data on Telkom.


Telkom Data Transfer Instructions

You should be aware as a Telkom customer that data transmission between Telkom numbers is permitted. I’ll walk you through the process of transferring data on Telkom in this section of the essay.

Do the following if you wish to transfer data on Telkom:

  • Pick up your phone and enter *180# as the code.
  • Choose “Transfer” under option three (3) when the window pops up.
  • You must enter the phone number to which you want to send the info.
  • Enter the quantity of data you want to send now (bear in mind that you have a daily limit of 1GB)
  • To finish the procedure, adhere to the instructions.

An SMS notification will be sent to the recipient’s phone number verifying receipt of the data bundle. In addition, an SMS with details on the remaining amount and the remaining monthly data transfer limit will be sent to the data sender.


The maximum amount of data that Telkom can transfer

There is a cap on the amount of data that can be transferred on Telkom, even though it is permitted.

Telkom allows for the transfer of 1GB of data each day and 10GB per month. Keep in mind that you will have to wait until the next window if you use up all of this.

For instance, if you reach your monthly limit in the middle of a given month, you will not be able to transmit data until the next month. The same logic holds true if your daily data transfer cap is reached.

I hope the following explanation satisfies all of your inquiries regarding the maximum amount of data that can be sent to Telkom.


How Can I Transfer Telkom Data Bundle?

How To Transfer Telkom Data

One Telkom number to another Telkom number data transfer is possible. You can do this by using the Telkom app or the USSD code. Using Telkom’s given USSD code is the simplest method.

Because it doesn’t involve using the internet, I refer to the USSD code option as the easiest one. You can finish the process by simply dialing the code *180# on your phone and doing a few easy steps.

LTE/LTE-A Once-off Anytime data bundles are supported by the Data Transfer service, although night surfer data bundles and promotional data bundles are not supported.

Customers of Telkom Mobile SmartBroadband Wireless who are both new and returning users can use the Data Transfer service. It is not permitted to transfer Data Bundles to or from other Mobile Operators.

Only postpaid or prepaid SmartBroadband Wireless customers may receive data transfers from prepaid SmartBroadband Wireless users.


Telkom Data Transfer USSD Code

On Telkom, you must use a USSD code in order to transmit data. When using Telkom, the data transmission code is *180#.

Notably, you cannot transfer data from your Telkom number to another number without this USSD code.


A Telkom subscriber may transfer data.

You can transfer data from one Telkom number to another Telkom number if you are a Telkom subscriber.

Because “sharing is caring,” Telkom made this possible. For instance, you can have an excessive amount of data at your disposal that you wish you could share with others because draining them would be a difficult effort for you.


What is the procedure for moving Telkom data to another number?

How do I transfer my Telkom data to another number? is the question you asked, thus in order to respond, I must strongly advise you to choose the method you want to employ for the data transfer.

You should then proceed to follow the prompts that come with either the USSD approach or the Telkom app, depending on which method you have chosen to utilize.

To use the Telkom app, you must install it on your phone and dial the *180# code using the USSD method. Also, as the program relies on the internet, you must make sure you have access to it since it uses interest.


On Telkom, How Do You Transfer Data Bundles?

On Telkom, it is possible to transfer data bundles without using a large apparatus or complicated procedures.

You may truly transfer data simply on Telkom as a subscriber, and you can do this with a few clicks on your phone in less than a minute.

If you want to transfer data on Telkom, all you need to do is dial the short code *180# and then follow the on-screen instructions.


Can I transfer Telkom LTE Data?

You can transfer LTE data on Telkom, thus if you’re asking if you can transfer Telkom LTE data, the answer is yes.


Has Telkom adopted data sharing?

Customers can now share their data with friends and family members thanks to Telkom.

Suppose that you have a lot of data on your phone and that you can transmit part of it to someone who might need it.

Some people can be in a difficult situation that prevents them from being able to purchase airtime or data, so a kind act like this might go a long way toward making them happy.


How Much Does 1GB of Telkom Data Cost?

1GB of data is available from Telkom. Because Telkom offers a variety of data packages, the majority of which include 1GB of data yet charge varying prices, the cost of 1GB of data fluctuates. The costs for 1GB of Telkom data are listed below;

  • 1GB weekly social bundles for R35
  • 1GB monthly social packages are R40.
  • 1GB included with the weekend package is R49.


How Much Does 100GB of Telkom Data Cost?

1GB of data is available from Telkom. Although 100 GB of data is rather expensive, it is a wise investment for someone who plans to use it for a successful business. On Telkom, 100 GB of data costs R399 per month.


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