Mode Not Supported On Samsung TV | How to Fix This Problem?

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Mode Not Supported On Samsung TV: Recently, the Samsung TV would indicate that the mode was not supported anytime I tried to connect my cable TV box to it.

I was unable to understand what was happening to my TV because it failed to specify the type of setting it was referring to. It only appeared when I attempted to connect the cable TV box, therefore I decided to search online for a solution.

After spending several hours going through a ton of technical papers and support materials, I was able to repair the problem and resume watching cable TV. After reading this post, perhaps you will be able to quickly fix this issue with your Samsung TV.

Discover what resolutions your Samsung TV supports and how to update the TV’s software by reading on.


When Does the Samsung TV Mode Not Supported Error Occur?

Typically, the “Mode Not Supported” issue appears when the input device’s operating display mode is incompatible with the resolutions that your Samsung TV can handle.

Even though your Samsung TV can handle 4K resolutions, it could only be able to handle a few aspect ratios or resolutions out of all the available resolutions.

It may also happen that your device is displaying at a supported resolution but the HDMI cable develops problems. If your Samsung TV’s software is not current, you can also experience the problem.


Fixing strategies

Make sure your input device is transmitting the input signal at a resolution that the Samsung TV supports to resolve the “Mode Not Supported on Samsung TV” problem. Restarting the TV and the input device is another option.


Make Sure Your Casting Is at a Supported Resolution

The resolution mode that the TV receives from its input and to which the error is referring must be supported by your Samsung TV.

Find out the resolutions your Samsung TV supports by looking at the list below:

  1. 480i and 480p (640×480)
  2. 720p (1280×720)
  3. 1080i and 1080p (1920×1080)
  4. 2160p (3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160).

Before you can get the input working again, check the settings of your input device to make sure it is outputting at one of these resolutions.


Restarting your television and source device

In many instances, the mode problem can also be resolved by simply restarting the TV or the source device, which restores the output resolution to a level that the TV can display.

To restart your television or the source device:

  • Switch off the TV or gadget.
  • After unplugging them, wait for at least 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Reconnect the cables to the equipment, then turn the TV on.
  • Turn on the input device as soon as the TV comes on.

Switch inputs to the device after turning both devices on to see if the mode error reappears.


Check for software updates on your Samsung TV.

Let your Samsung TV check for updates online. As I have already indicated, software updates can also be a wonderful fix for the majority of Samsung TV issues.

For your Samsung smart TV to check for software and download updates:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Support > Software Update.
  3. Highlight and select Update Now.

Now, the TV will look for updates and install any it discovers.

If you are still within Samsung’s four-year guarantee for updates after the TV’s model year, keep checking back for updates about once a month.


Make Use of High-Quality Short-Length HDMI Cables

Mode Not Supported On Samsung TV | How to Fix This Problem?


If your Samsung TV is having mode problems, using a better HDMI cable is a smart option.

The mode error might be resolved by using higher-quality, greater bandwidth HDMI cables. Given that it supports the most recent HDMI standards, I suggest the Belkin Ultra HDMI 2.1 cable.


Use a Different Source Device.

You can use a different input device to see whether the TV still displays the problem. Switch the input to the other device after connecting the TV to another input source.

By doing this, you can determine whether the issue was with your TV or the source device. If alternative input devices function well, your input device either has to be configured differently or does not operate at all with your Samsung TV.


Reset your Samsung TV.

Consider resetting your Samsung TV to factory defaults if restarting the device does not fix the mode problem and you are seeing it with all input devices.

Your TV can be factory reset by:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Reset and enter the PIN (0000 by default).
  3. Select OK after entering the PIN to start the reset.

The Settings menu’s Support > Self-Diagnosis section is where you may access the factory reset option as well.

For more detailed information, refer to your TV’s handbook.


Get in touch with the support

Please get in touch with Samsung as soon as you can if none of the troubleshooting techniques I discussed help.

Contact them so that they can send a technician to look at your TV if it still displays the mode problem after you have tried all of these fixes.


Final Thoughts

Input problems might also cause your Samsung TV to go dark, but you can resolve those problems by simply switching out the subpar HDMI connection.

If you encounter the mode issue once more, try modifying the visual settings on your Samsung TV to modify the resolution mode.

Working on a remedy based on that knowledge will make your troubleshooting experience that much easier. The mode error can typically be attributed to a defective input connection or device.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the resolution on my Samsung TV?

The visual options on your Samsung TV allow you to adjust the resolution.

The resolution you want the TV to show can be changed under the Picture Size option.

How can you know if your television is 1080p?

The simplest approach to determine whether a TV is 1080p or higher would be to examine the box or manual that came with it.

The TV supports 1080p resolutions whether it is labeled as Full HD, UHD, or 4K.

Does HDMI imply that your TV is the high definition?

The presence of an HDMI port on your TV indicates that HD resolutions are supported.

If your TV contains HDMI ports, it is HD since HDMI ports broadcast material in HD 720p and has greater resolutions.

How to reboot Samsung television?

Unplug the TV from the wall outlet and turn it off.

To restart the TV, hold the power cable in place for 30 seconds.

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