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Nafasi Za Kazi TEMESA July 2022 | Job opportunities at TEMESA       

The Technical and Electrical Agency TEMESA is a Public Institution established by Act No. 30 of 1997, Its main responsibilities are to provide Automotive Repair Services, Mechanical, Electrical Services including Carpet Lamp Repairs and Refrigeration Repairs, Air conditioners and make Maintenance of ICT Systems and Electronic Equipment, providing services Ferries and Consulting Services

The Electrical Force is a Center under the Technical and Electrical Agency (TEMESA) whose main responsibilities are to provide Electrical Services, to carry out street lighting maintenance, to repair refrigerators, air conditioners and ice and to carry out ICT systems and equipment. Electronics.

In addition, the Electric Force is responsible for the installation of new electrical systems for homes, refrigerators, air conditioners, ice and ICT systems. (TEHAMA)

The Electrical Force Manager announces vacancies for the preparation of a database of qualified personnel who will be assigned to specific and specific appointments.


Nafasi Za Kazi TEMESA July 2022 zilizotangazwa ni:

  1. Fundisanifu Msaidizi TEHAMA (Electronics and ICT)
  2. Fundisanifu Viyoyozi Daraja la II (Viyoyozi)
  3. Afisa Ugavi Msaidizi | Assistant Supply Officer
  4. Dereva Daraja la II
  5. Wahandisi Daraja la II (Umeme/Elektroniki) | Grade II Engineers
  6. Wahandisi Daraja la II (Mitambo – “Mechanical”)
  7. Mafundisanifu Daraja la II (Lift)
  8. Mafundi sanifu Daraja la II (Kangavuke “Generators”)
  9. Afisa Hesabu Msaidizi /Afisa Hesabu Daraja la II



  1. Applicant must not be over 45 years of age.
  2. Application letters should be accompanied by copies of the relevant Certificates,
    Two small photographs (Passport Size) of the Applicant and Personal Information
    (Curriculum Vitae) of the Applicant.
  3. Applicants who will have the required qualifications will be called
    in an interview.
  4. Application letters should be sent to:

S.L.P. 1232,

Sifa za waombaji:

Gusa hapa kutazama sifa za waombaji kwa kila nafasi iliyotangazwa na namna ya kutuma maombi.

The deadline for submitting an application is on 15 July, 2022

For more updates Visit TEMESA


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