This is how to cancel any order on Takealot: 3 Helpful ways

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Can I cancel any sent order on Takealot in SA?

As long as the payment hasn’t been made yet, it’s simple to cancel an order on South Africa’s most popular online retailer.

Knowing how to cancel a Takealot order is useful when you have a “rain check” moment because people frequently change their minds If you have received your order confirmation but have not yet made a payment for your order, Takealot advises that you may request a cancellation. For instance, if you selected Cash On Delivery or regular EFT as your method of payment.

“If you have already paid for your order, you are not permitted to cancel it or return it to us until it has been delivered. If your order complies with our return policy, you can do this by following our return procedure.


Check on how to Sell any of your products on Takealot in South Africa.


How to cancel any order on Takealot

Visit to fill out the form to request that Takealot cancel an order. Your full name, order number, email address, and any other details that might be useful must be provided.

Your order will be canceled if payment is still pending. According to the company, you have the option to cancel your order before receiving notification that it is being shipped for delivery.

If you already paid for the item and want to return it, you can do so and get a credit or a full refund. According to Takealot’s return policy, which you can read in full here, orders can only be returned if they follow the rules.

How to cancel any order on Takealot using the order contact number

If you want to go ahead and cancel the return, please complete this form. If you can be at the current collection address at a different time, you can reschedule your return by calling us at 087 362 7500 or completing this form.

Go to Returns > My Account from there. Select “Log Return” from the menu. Decide on the right order. Choose the right product.


How to cancel any order on Takealot on WhatsApp

how to cancel any order on Takealot

Use WhatsApp to cancel an order on Takealot

Enter by simply texting “Hi” on WhatsApp to 079 820 6641.


Please get in touch with us using the website’s Help page or by calling our call center at 0800 362 8000 if you have a problem with the products or services we’ve provided or if you’d like more information about how we handle internal complaints.

According to the policy, you can send back an item you don’t want for free if and only:

  • It hasn’t been used or broken, and the original labels and stickers are still on it.
  • Except for Unboxed Deals, reconditioned products, and used products, they come in their original packaging, which must be undamaged and in
  • its original condition with all seals still intact (if applicable).
  • It has all the parts and accessories it needs.
  • Within 30 days of delivery or pickup, you log a return on the Takealot website. You can only return a product after 30 days if it is broken.


Products that were not taxed

Additionally, the policy states that you may return a product if it does not:

A digital download Such as an eBook, electronic gift card, game code, or another type of digital product.

    1. A piece of computer software or an audio or video recording that has been opened.
    2. A newspaper, periodical, or magazine.
    3. A food, drink, or another item that is meant to be used every day.
    4. A nursing or maternity product, an infant bottle, an infant feeding product, or a bottle accessory that has been opened.
    5. A beauty product or scent that has already been used.
    6. For reasons of hygiene and public health, lingerie, swimwear, bodysuits, underwear, or jewelry for piercings, cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene and public health.
    7. A product that has been made just for you or according to your needs.
    8. A piece of furniture that was put together after it was delivered

Takealot promises that if your request to return an item is accepted, it will either refund you or credit your account within 10 days.

To learn more about exchanges, incorrect orders, products that are damaged upon delivery, and non-working products, visit Takealot’s Return Policy page.

That is how to cancel any order on Takealot: To cancel a Takealot order, follow these steps: How to Cancel an Order at Takeout, To cancel a Takealot order, follow these steps: How to Cancel an Order from Takeout

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