2022 Zambia Census Applicants Applaud The Government

Zambia 2022 Census Applicants Applaud The Government

Zambia 2022 Census Applicants Applaud The Government,2022 Census Applicants Applaud The Government

While other candidates for Zambia census jobs complain and blame corruption taking place in selecting the census agents, other applicants applaud their government for a fair selection.


Zanis – Youths Applaud the Gvt

Zambia Census Applicants Applaud The Government

Zanis- Youths in the Copperbelt province who are interested in working as enumerators for the 2022 Census of Population and Housing have praised the government for conducting a fair and clean hiring process for census workers.

The majority of the youths who are school dropouts and students say it is commendable that the government chose to hire young people and students to work as enumerators and support staff for the upcoming 2022 Census of Population and Housing, which is scheduled for August 18–September 14 2022.

They also add that it gives thousands of unemployed youths a sense of empowerment.

One of the young people, MULUBWA CHOLA, is quoted by ZANIS as claiming that the hiring procedure is devoid of corruption and that all qualified applicants were permitted to take the aptitude exams for enumerators.


REJOICE IKEBU, another applicant, expresses confidence in his ability to be chosen to lead the census exercise following the aptitude exams.

NANCY KAZEMBE, the coordinator for the Kalulushi Census, says that the team hopes to hire roughly 353 people to work as enumerators and support personnel.

In an interview with ZANIS today in Kalulushi, Ms. KAZEMBE stated that zonal coordinators had already received training.


She said that the majority of 2022 Zambia Census Applicants are comfortable using technology and answering aptitude questions.


Ms. KAZEMBE said that the names of all the chosen enumerators would be listed in the final print and exhibited at the District Commissioner’s office when training gets underway tomorrow. The selection will be announced to eligible candidates by mobile phone message.


Information about the release of Shortlisted Zambia 2022 Census Applicants:

How to check your name for Zambia Census Interview Results

How to confirm Results For Zambia Census Aptitude Test  2022


Where Can I Get Candidates’ Names Who Passed the Zambia Aptitude Tests?

Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022

2022 Census Applicants who pass the aptitude test will either receive a notification on their phones or the results will be posted on the Zamstats website.

Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022


How to Confirm if You have passed the Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022

Were you one of the Zambia 2022 Census Applicants? If yes

If you have scored well then that means you will continue to the next phase of TRAINING, on how to conduct the Zambia Census Job.

The Following is how to confirm if you have scored well in Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022 :

  • All Census Applicants who passed the Aptitude test  will receive a Short notification about passing and being selected to the training phase.
  • Census Applicants who have not received short notification to your mobile and want to confirm, please follow the next  online steps.


Either, Census Applicants can check online for Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022 via these steps:

  1. Visit the official website for Zamstats(Zambia Census Agency).
  2. Click on the 2022 Census tab
  3. Then click on the News tab and search for Zambia Census Aptitude test results or Census interview results.
  4. You will see the pdf specifics for the Zambia Census Aptitude Test Results 2022 or Names for the candidates who have passed the Test.

We hope these tips to be helpful to all Zambia 2022 Census Applicants.


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Why is the 2022 Zambian Census Important?

One of the most significant occasions in a nation’s history is the census. It serves as a data source for a variety of planning and research projects, both locally and nationally.

It is the only source of data on the whole set of social and economic traits shared by every person living in a nation.

Zambia aptitude test results 2022 foe census Applicants

The census results are utilized for a variety of things, including

  • Conducting a survey to learn about people’s opinions on a range of topics, including the present administration, political parties, significant socioeconomic challenges, and others.
  • To appropriately represent the population of a nation. To estimate the population size of a particular religion, race, or
  • To count the number of married, divorced, and widowed persons.
  • To count the number of employed and unemployed persons.
  • To count the number of persons who can vote and the number who cannot.
  • To count the number of literate and illiterate persons.
  • To count the number of people working in a specific profession.
  • To comprehend the proportions of those under 18 years old, 18 to 35 years old, and 36 years or older.
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