2022 Instagram recap reel: How To Create & Use Them in 2023

Instagram recap reel: Users may now create their 2022 recap reel on Instagram thanks to a new in-app function. Users will be able to see a little movie that captures their memories with this function. Users may create and share reels with their followers that include music from well-known musicians.

If Instagram Reels sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a fun new method to create 15-second soundtracked videos. Here’s why and how to utilize it.

In response to Trump’s threats to outlaw TikTok in the US, Instagram just announced the launch of its new product, Instagram Reels. In summary, reels are a new method to capture and distribute 3 to 15-second soundtracked snippets, so if it seems familiar, it is. Here’s why and how to utilize it.

Instagram Reels is a (relatively) new idea where you can post and find interesting short films. Similar to TikTok, the new function enables you to edit 15-second multi-clip films with a variety of audio and visual effects to produce the most exciting final product. The only restriction is your own creativity.

Reels are now offered in 50 regions throughout the world, including the US, Sweden, and the UK.


How does recap reel Instagram function?

Ready to give it a try? Go to your Instagram stories camera and choose Reels next to Story and Live to create a reel. From there, you may create seamless clips by using a range of editing options including Audio, Effects, Align, and Speed.

You have the option to record your reels all at once, one at a time, or by selecting uploads from your phone gallery. Are you prepared to begin? To begin recording, press and hold the capture button. While you do so, an indication will appear at the top of the screen. Share your creations with your friends, or the whole world if you have a public profile.


How long can Instagram Reels be?

An Instagram Reel can only be 60 seconds long at the moment. Before then, the maximum duration was 30 seconds; however, Instagram chose to extend it, perhaps as a result of TikTok’s competitiveness. Instagram chose to extend the duration in order to remain competitive in the market after TikTok recently increased the time restriction on videos to 3 minutes.


Why You Should Use Instagram Reels

Your reels may be shared in a special area on the Explore page, by direct messaging, or on your narrative. Those who don’t even follow you will be able to see your reels since they could show up on the Explore tab, exactly like TikTok videos on the For You page.

This implies that your clips may be found by the larger community merely based on involvement, regardless of whether you have a sizable following or not. This is a fantastic chance, in our opinion, to increase your audience and number of followers.

more interested in the game watching? You may spend hours going through the trending reels on the Explore tab. If your reel ends up being one of the featured clips, you’ll be notified.


How to do Instagram Recap Reel 2022?

How do I create an Instagram recap reel 2022: Because the 12 months attract detail, several apps, together with YouTube, BeReal, and Spotify, have allowed their customers to relive particular moments from 2023. How do I create an Instagram recap reel in 2023 defined under?

In 2022, the app launched a number of updates that improved the sharing of photographs and movies. However, there’s nothing like listening to a tune by your favorite artist whereas reflecting on the reminiscences that gave rise to those moments. For 2022, Instagram made 4 reel templates simply accessible to be used in recap creation.

To get your Instagram recap reel in 2023, comply with the steps under.

  • If you open the app, the ‘Create your 2023 recap reel’ notification will seem in your feed.
  • In the event you can’t discover the above function for no matter cause, go to the app’s common function, and create a reel.
  • Choose Templates after which choose one in every one of the 4 choices.
  • Faucet Add Media and choose all the photos and movies you wish to embody in your recap.
  • To preview the recap reel and end modifying, click on subsequent.
  • As soon as the recap reel is full, you possibly can add a caption.
  • It’s also possible to tag individuals, add a location, and share it with others.
  • You may choose from quite a lot of templates.

What distinguishes the in-app function is the power for customers to pick out 4 templates that finest go well with their recap reel.

Your recap reel in 2023 will probably be narrated by one of these 4 artists:

Dangerous Bunny, Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and Badshah.

Right here’s the excellence: The Dangerous Bunny template permits you to add as many as 21 items of media, both photos, and movies.

The templates from Priah Ferguson and DJ Khaled enable for as much as 15. In the meantime, with Badshah’s template, you possibly can select from 17 completely different media.


Things to consider while Creating Reels

Choose Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. On the left side of your screen, you’ll find a number of artistic editing tools that may be used to assist you to create your reel, such as:


  • Look up a song in the Instagram music collection. You may also utilize your original audio by just recording a reel with it. If you have a public account, anyone may create reels using your audio by choosing “Use Audio” from your reel. When you share a reel with original audio, your audio will be credited to you.

AR Effects:

  • Consequences of AR To record several films with various effects, choose from the many effects in our effect collection, which were made by Instagram and other producers across the globe.

Timer and Countdown:

  • Set the timer to record any of your clips hands-free. When you push the record, a 3-2-1 countdown appears before the duration of the recording starts.


  • Before filming your subsequent clip, align the elements from the prior one to assist create smooth transitions for events like costume changes or the addition of new pals to your reel.


  • Choose the portion of the video or audio you want to speed up or slow down. You may use this to keep the rhythm or create slow-motion films.

Reels may be created by uploading videos from your collection, recording reels all at once, or creating reels out of individual clips (one at a time). By pushing and holding the capture button, the first clip may be recorded. While you record, a progress bar will appear at the top of the screen. To terminate each clip, stop the recording.


Sharing Reels

You may share with your followers using Reels, and the sizable, varied Instagram community can find you on Explore.

  • If you have a public account, you may post your reel in an area of Explore that is specifically for that purpose, giving it the possibility to be viewed and found by the larger Instagram community. By adding your reel to your Feed, you can also share it with your followers. When you post reels with certain music, hashtags, or effects, your reel can also show up on specific sites when someone clicks on those items.
  • If you have a private Instagram account, Reels respects your Instagram privacy settings. Your reel may be shared to Feed so that only your followers can view it. Original audio from your reels cannot be used by others, and reels cannot be shared with anyone who does not follow you.
  • After your reel is complete, go to the share page to save a draft, edit the cover photo, add a comment and hashtags, and tag your friends. When you share your reel, it will appear on a separate Reels tab on your profile where others may discover it. Your reel will show up on your main profile grid if you also share it to your Feed, however, you may choose to delete it.

Whether you have a public or private account, you may send your reel to your Story, your closest friends, or in a direct message. Your reel will act like a standard Story if you do this; it won’t be shared with Reels in Explore, it won’t show up on your profile, and it won’t vanish after 24 hours.



To share with your friends or anybody on Instagram, Reels enables you to create entertaining films. Using music, effects, and new artistic tools, record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos.

Reels may be shared with your followers on Feed, and if your account is public, a new section in Explore will allow users from all around Instagram to access them.

Reels in Explore gives everyone the opportunity to join the Instagram creative community and expand their worldwide audience.


How to monthly recap on Instagram?

To begin a new post, open the app and tap the Plus button. Next, from the post choices, choose “Reel.” Choose the Library option from the bottom-left menu. Choose the 2022 recap template from Instagram by tapping “Templates” while the camera roll is open.


What the is 2022 Instagram recap reel app?

In contrast to the previous year, Instagram has launched a completely new Recap feature this year. New Reel templates enable users to create their end-of-year Reels to reflect on the memorable experiences they shared in 2022.


What music is the 2022 recap reel?

Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” Jack Harlow’s smash “First Class,” and Kate Bush’s comeback chart-topper “Running Up That Hill (A Contract With God)” are among the top songs played on Instagram Reels in 2022.


How do you use 2022 Instagram recap reel?

On the camera roll, choose “Templates,” and then look for the Instagram 2022 recap template. The fact that there are so many options is the greatest part! Customers may choose from themes that include Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, Bad Bunny, or Badshah. Tap “Use template” after selecting a template from Instagram.


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