2023/2024 Matric Results Online Check: Verify results Now

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2023/2024 Matric Results Online Check: A matriculation examination is an entrance test for universities that is typically given near the end of secondary school.
A student who passes the test is given a school-leaving certificate, which attests to their academic success in secondary school.


What is the matric distinction?

What percentage is the difference? A distinction is given to students in South African secondary schools who average at least 80%.


On the matric exam, what does the letter “C” mean?

Results of the matriculation with passes Code 7 (A): 80-100% (Outstanding achievement) Code 6 (B): 70-79% (Meritorious achievement) Code 5 (C): 60-69% (substantial achievement) Code 4 (D): 50-59% (Moderate achievement)


What does 777 indicate on a matriculation exam?
outstanding mark

What does B mean on a matriculation exam?

A bachelor’s degree must receive at least 40% in your native tongue. must achieve a minimum grade of 50% in four additional high-credit courses. must receive at least 30% in two additional disciplines.


How to get Matric results after the official release.

Candidates will be able to obtain their Matric results from the school or center where they took the exams, via SMS, online via the Department of Basic Education website page, or via the MatricsMate App following the Department of Basic Education’s official release of Matric results.



2023/2024 Matric Results Online Check

How to check Matric results online: Check matric results online 2023

  • Visit the department of education’s website at www.education.gov.za.
  • Use your exam number to register in the field provided.
  • Click on the NSC exam link.
  • Key in your correct exam number.
  • You will automatically see the results on your screen.
  • Download the results and print them.


How do I check my matric results online?

  • Download the MatricsMate App—it’s a free app that aids you in viewing your results as soon as they are available.
  • Check matric results via VIA Department of Basic Education Website here.


How do I get my matric results via SMS?

  • Send your identification (ID) number and exam number via SMS to 35658. Both numbers must have 13 digits to be accepted, and there is a once-off charge of Rs 3 to register. Once registration is completed, results will be delivered by SMS when they are released.


How to get my matric results via USSD code – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

  • Use the USSD service by dialing *120*35658#.
  • After answering multiple questions, enter your identification number.
  • You’ll receive your results per subject after you’ve completed the process.
  • You’ll have the option to opt in or out to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act. USSD rates apply.


How to Get My Matric Results in Newspapers

The largest newspapers in South Africa will publish special editions on January 20, 2023 that include every result that has been registered. You might learn about your educational future from the national media once you’ve become familiar with those crucial digits because they publish the learners’ exam number rather than their name.



2023/2024 – 2023 Matric Results Release Date

With the aid of the Matric Results Online 2023/2024, you can find your NSC Matric results 2023 in South Africa. View the NSC Matric results for 2023 by school and name.

The date of release of matric results in 2023: Date of the Matric results in South Africa

Matric results, 2022 release date: The Release of 2023 National Senior Certificate Examination Results Matric results date 2023: When are matric results coming out in 2022?


The department of Basic Education will soon announce the matric results for the cohort of 2023, and our students are anxious to learn how they did.


When are the 2023 matric results scheduled to be released?

In accordance with a recent announcement from the DBE (Department of Basic Education), the 2022 Matriculation Exams will be finished by December 15 of this year.

  • And on January 20, 2023, the matric class of 2022 will receive their results.
  • The Matric Results’ official release date is January 20, 2023.


2023/2024 Matric Results Online Check

2023/2024 Matric Results Online Check



Is the difference of 70% important?

At the school level, percentages between 75 and 85 are considered average, while those above 95 are extraordinary. However, at the university level, percentages of between 60 and 79 are regarded as good and are quite tough to achieve.

The university that awards distinction for a score of 70% may have a passing grade of 45%.



Is 70 a distinction in school?

At the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa (UNISA), the percentages are therefore calibrated as follows: For scores of 75% or higher, a first-class pass is given; for scores of 70–74%, a second (division one); for scores of 60–69%; and for scores of 50–59%, a third (division two). Failure is defined as a grade below 40%.


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