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Aina Za Uanachama NHIF |Categories for NHIF Membership

Members of the Fund are categorized as follows: –


Public Employees

  • SERVANT OF PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS OR THE GOVERNMENT: Anyone employed in the industry official (public and private) who he contributes through his employer registered with NHIF.
  • He/she will benefit along with his spouse and legal dependents.
  • Contribution Fee is 6% of salary per month.
  • NHIF also has a mechanism for additional services or a special program to include needy employers



  • A student of primary schools/primary schools/secondary schools/colleges or institutions of higher education.
  • Contribution Fee is Tsh. 50,400 per year.



NHIF Tanzania insurance packages 2020: forms, price list, and membership -

  • A Farmer/Herdsman who is a member of a registered Primary Cooperative, his spouse and children.
  • Contribution Fee is Tsh. 76,800 per year for each beneficiary.
  • There is a procedure for Cooperative Members to join and be paid for contributions by the Cooperative Banks and restore the harvest season.


Children under 18 years: TOTO AFYA KADI

  • This Package is eligible to A child under the age of 18.
  • Contribution Fee is Tsh. 50,400 per year.


Individual members under Health Insurance Bundles

  • Anyone 18 years of age and older who joins voluntarily
  • He can benefit together with his spouse and up to four children.
  • The contribution fee is from Tsh. 192,000 per year based on demand.
  • Member can contribute by depositing through partner Banks.


Members of Organized Socioeconomic Groups | Umoja Afya

  • A member of a group registered by the Government authorities with an economic focus. He registers through his NHIF registered group.
  • Example of NHIF Registered Groups: Drivers, Boda-Boda, Fishermen. Mama lishe, JOURNALISTS, Porters(wapagazi) etc.
  • The contribution fee is From Tsh. 100,000 per year.


Aina za Uanachama NHIF pdf


Contribution rates for NHIF packages. | Gharama za Uanachama NHIF




  • Contribution rates are subject to change at any time. The fund will be responsible for providing information on those changes.
  • Please contact NHIF customer service toll free 0800 110063 or visit your nearest NHIF office for more information


What are some of the benefits of joining the Tanzania NHIF?

The benefits of joining the NHIF vary based on the health insurance tier(Aina ya Uanachama NHIF) selected by the member. Standard and Standard Plus members are entitled to receive medical treatment for a limited range of conditions and diseases.

Super Tier members, on the other hand, receive coverage for every single condition and disease. Standard, Standard Plus, and Super Tier members are also entitled to free treatment at any private healthcare facility in the country.

NHIF partnerships with private healthcare facilities enable members to receive free treatment at any partnered healthcare facility.


Services Provided by NHIF

NHIF Medical Benefits Package

The following medical services are covered by NHIF at all health facilities certified by the Fund:-

a) Registration and consultation;

b) Medicines and medical consumables;

c) Investigations;

d) Dental and ophthalmological services;

e) Inpatient care services;

f) Procedures;

g) Surgical services;

h) Medical and orthopaedical appliances;

i) Rehabilitative services.


However, the following services shall require special approval of the Fund before access:-

a) CT-Scan and MRI

b) Chemotherapy

c) Dialysis services

d) Anti-cancers

e) Immuno-stimulant

f) Immuno-suppressant

g) Orthopedic appliances

h) Reading spectacles


Through special agreements based on the employer’s needs, NHIF facilitates the provision of services that are normally outside the standard package.


Frequent asked topics:

Viambatanisho Vinavyohitajika kujiunga na NHIF | Attachments

Namna ya Kujiunga na NHIF Tanzania pdf

Gharama na vifurushi Bima ya NHIF Tanzania pdf download

About National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF)

Hatua za kujiunga na Uanachama NHIF

The NHIF is a governmental institution that provides health care services to people. It is governed by the National Health Insurance Act, Cap 395, and is operated by the Ministry of Health.

The Board of Directors manages the funds daily operations, while the Director General administers them.

The Fund believes that health insurance is a societal, rather than personal, obligation, so it operates on the principles of risk sharing and solidarity among members.

In spite of the compulsory enrollment arrangement to public servants, the Fund has expanded its coverage to include Councilors, private companies, education institutions, private individuals, children under the age of 18, farmers in cooperatives, and registered organized groups such as Machinga and Boda-boda groups.

The Fund is also administering the Bunge Health Insurance Scheme, and Members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives are covered.

The National Health Insurance Fund has been ISO 9001:2015 Certified since 2018 in order to benefit from a Quality Management System that increases efficiency and reduces waste while also maximizing customer satisfaction.

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