Ajira 102 NPS – Ofisi ya Taifa ya Mashtaka July 2022 – Latest

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Ajira 102 NPS – National Panel Survey | Ofisi ya Taifa ya Mashtaka

Latest ajira 102 Nafasi za kazi Ofisi ya Taifa ya Mashtaka 2022



The Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat on behalf of the National Prosecution Office welcomes job applications from Tanzanians with the qualifications and ability to fill one hundred and two (102) positions as specified in this announcement.

Ajira 102 NPS pdf Download

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The National Prosecution Office is led by the Director of Prosecutions who is the Head of the National Prosecution Office. The Director of Prosecutions is the Chief Supervisor of the Deputy Director of Prosecutions, Directors, Assistant Directors, State Attorneys and Prosecutors in carrying out their daily duties.




  • Receiving copies of Court records related to criminal proceedings;
  • Keeping a diary of the hearing date, Submitting various documents to the court and the parties concerned;
  • Monitoring the documents required in criminal proceedings;
  • Maintaining criminal case files;
  • Receiving the schedule of proceedings (cause listing), preparing the relevant files, and sending them to the Head of Section for assigning the Government Attorneys;
  • Maintaining criminal case files;
  • Keeping a Record of Laws and Bylaws;
  • To do other work as directed by his Head of work.



  • Employed Fourth/Sixth Form Graduates with a Diploma in Law from a College recognized by the Government.



  • Considering the levels of salaries of the Government AGCS 1.1.

Ajira 102 NPS pdf Download




  • Conducting light criminal proceedings;
  • Conducting light cases of Appeal to the Supreme Court;
  • Preparing the Charge documents, applications and other related documents;
  • Receiving and handling complaints against the National Prosecution Office;
  • Dealing with witnesses before, during and after testifying in court;
  • Reviewing files from investigative agencies
  • Doing research in the conduct of criminal cases;
  • Collecting and analyzing criminal case data and preparing reports; and
  • To do other work as directed by his Head of work.



  • Employment with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Universities recognized by the Government and those who have completed practical Law training from a legal training school recognized by the Government.



  • Based on the salary levels of the Government AGCS. 3.1

Ajira 102 NPS pdf Download



  • All applicants should be Tanzanian Citizens and not more than 45 years of age except for those who are at work.
  • All applicants must attach a birth certificate.
  • Applicants who have already submitted applications for those positions through the announcement dated May 28, 2022 with Ref. And. JA.9/259/01/A/83 should reapply for those positions;
  • Applicants who are already public servants and have obtained qualifications to enter different cadres than they have, should forward their job application letters to their Employers and the Employers should satisfy themselves accordingly.
  • Applicants should attach a self-sufficient personal information (Detailed C.V) with reliable addresses and phone numbers as well as the names of three reliable referees.
  • All applications must be accompanied by professional certificates, information, copies of certificates certified by a Lawyer/Attorney which are fourth form and sixth form certificates for those who have reached that level and various training certificates based on the qualifications of the relevant work.
  • Testimonials”, “Provisional Results”, “Statement of results”, hati matokeo za kidato cha nne na sita (FORM IV AND FORM VI RESULTS SLIPS) HAVITAKUBALIWA
  • Applicants who studied outside Tanzania should ensure that their certificates have been verified and approved by the relevant authorities (TCU, NECTA and NACTE).
  • Applicants retired from the Public Service are not allowed to apply unless they have the approval of the Chief Secretary.
  • Job applicants who are already employed in entry-level positions in the public service should not apply and should follow the instructions in the Circular and CAC. 45/257/01/D/140 dated November 30, 2010.
  • Submission of information and falsified characteristics of the parties will be taken legal action.
  • The deadline for sending job applications is August 2, 2022.


  • Remember to attach your signed job application letter along with educational certificates. The address of the letter should be addressed to  this Address.
  • Applications submitted outside of the procedure outlined in this announcement WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED
  • Issued by;


                              SECRETARIAT OF EMPLOYMENT IN THE PUBLIC SERVICEajira 102 nps


Ajira 102 NPS pdf Download


History of Ofisi ya Taifa ya Mashtaka

The National Prosecution Office has been established as an independent Public Office through Government Announcement No. 49 of 2018 dated February 13, 2018 to establish the National Prosecution Office for the implementation of the Constitutional mandate given to the Director of Public Prosecutions who makes a significant contribution in to manage criminal justice.

Ajira 102 NPS – Ofisi ya Taifa ya Mashtaka

In accordance with Article 59B of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977, the Director of Public Prosecutions has been given the power and authority to manage all criminal prosecutions in all Courts except military courts. On that basis, the Director of Prosecutions has the power to open, conduct and manage all criminal charges in the country.

Based on that Article of the Constitution, the Authority given to the Director of Prosecutions does not concern any other person or other authority and is not responsible to be managed by any other person or other authority. In carrying out his duties , the Director of Public Prosecutions must follow the following principles: To do justice; To prevent violations of legal procedures; and public interest. This position is placed under section 8 of the National Prosecution Act, Chapter 430.


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