Has American Born Chinese Season 2 been renewed?

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What is known about American Born Chinese Season 2 is as follows:

Has it been Canceled or Renewed

In the action-comedy on Disney+, an ordinary high school student’s life changes when he meets Wei-Chen, a Chinese exchange student.

You might be wondering whether this has been renewed or canceled after seeing this. What we do know is this:


How does American Born Chinese work?

Jin Wang admits that he is not from this world after getting close to Wei-Chen and meeting him. Wei-Chen and Jin must battle a variety of supernatural powers as a result of the discovery in order to vanquish their enemies. To succeed, they must defeat a variety of supernatural powers.

The show effectively transitions between the current day and China’s 16th century, grabbing viewers’ attention while also covering a number of themes like the struggles that teens face on a daily basis, marital problems, and parenting problems, among others.


American Born Chinese season 2 has been renewed?

The action comedy has not yet been renewed for a second season due to American Born Chinese’s recent premiere on Disney+.

When deciding whether to continue a series, Disney+ takes into account a number of variables, including the initial viewership and drop-off rates. Some television shows get swiftly canceled or renewed. Disney+ may take several months to decide whether or not to renew a particular show, though.

We anticipate that American Born Chinese will receive a second season renewal.


So far, we know the following about season 2:

It’s still too early to predict what will occur in season two of the show, but if it receives approval, the plot may carry on Jin Wang’s story.

Though we’ll have to wait and see, we anticipate that this will be renewed. As soon as fresh details emerge, we’ll update this article.

If you want to see American Born Chinese come back for a second season, leave a comment below.

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