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Apply to Career Wise Bursary: Are you a student struggling to finance your studies? Look no further than Career Wise Bursaries! This incredible program offers financial assistance to students who need it most. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in engineering, law, or any other field, this bursary can help ease the financial burden of your education. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about applying for and receiving a Career Wise Bursary. So don’t wait – read on to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!


What is the Career Wise Bursary?

The Career Wise Bursary is a financial aid program that assists South African students in pursuing higher education. This bursary provides financial support to cover tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other study-related expenses.

Career Wise aims to create opportunities for talented individuals who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organization believes that every student should have the chance to achieve their academic potential regardless of their economic circumstances.

The bursary also offers mentorship programs and career guidance to ensure that students are well-equipped for the workforce after graduation. By providing both financial assistance and professional development resources, Career Wise hopes to empower young people with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

Whether you’re interested in studying engineering or medicine, law or finance, the Career Wise Bursary can help make your dreams a reality. So why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity and apply today?


What are the Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible for the Career Wise Bursary, there are certain requirements that you must meet. Firstly, you should be a South African citizen or have permanent residency in the country. Secondly, you must have completed Matric or currently in Matric and looking to pursue tertiary studies full-time.

Apart from these basic requirements, applicants must also show academic merit and financial need. Academic excellence is measured by your latest academic results while financial need is determined based on your family’s income and expenses.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that preference is given to students who are studying in fields that are deemed critical skills areas such as engineering, health sciences and information technology.

Successful applicants will be required to maintain a minimum average of at least 60% throughout their studies and provide progress reports each semester.

If you meet all of these eligibility criteria then don’t hesitate to apply for the Career Wise Bursary today!


How to Apply for the Career Wise Bursary

Applying for the Career Wise Bursary is a straightforward process that can be completed online. First, visit the Career Wise website and create an account. Once you have created an account, log in and fill out the online application form.

The application will require personal information such as your name, contact details and academic history. You will also need to upload supporting documents such as ID copies, academic transcripts and proof of income.

It’s important to note that incomplete applications or those with missing documents will not be considered. So make sure all required information is included before submitting your application.

How to Apply for the Career Wise Bursary

After submitting your application, it will go through a selection process where candidates are evaluated based on their academic achievement, financial need and potential for success in their chosen field of study.

If selected for the bursary program, you’ll receive communication from Career Wise via email or phone call. Be sure to keep all contact information up-to-date to ensure that you don’t miss out on any updates regarding your application status.

In short, applying for the Career Wise Bursary requires creating an account on their website, filling out an online application form with personal details and supporting documents before being evaluated based on various criteria by the selection committee.


When is the Application Deadline?

When it comes to applying for bursaries, knowing the application deadline is crucial. With Career Wise Bursaries, fortunately, there is no set deadline! That’s right – you can submit your application at any time throughout the year.

This open-ended approach allows students to apply when they are ready and not miss out on potential funding opportunities. However, keep in mind that applications are processed as they come in and funds may run out quickly once a new academic year begins.

With that being said, it’s important to apply as early as possible to increase your chances of receiving a bursary. Waiting until later in the year may result in missing out on available funds or having fewer options to choose from.

In summary, while there is no official deadline for Career Wise Bursaries, it’s best practice to apply well before the start of each academic year. This will allow ample time for processing and give you a better chance at securing financial assistance towards your education.


How will I be Notified if I am Selected?

After applying for the Career Wise Bursary, you might be wondering how you will know if your application has been successful. Once all applications have been reviewed and assessed, shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email or phone call. Be sure to provide accurate contact details in your application.

It is important to note that not all applicants will receive notification of their status. If you do not hear back from Career Wise within a reasonable amount of time after submitting your application, it may mean that you were not selected for the bursary.

If you are shortlisted for further assessment, Career Wise may request additional documentation or information as part of the selection process. It is important to respond promptly and provide any requested information in order to ensure that your application can be fully considered.

While waiting to hear back about your bursary application can be nerve-wracking, rest assured that Career Wise will notify all shortlisted candidates as soon as possible so they can take the next steps towards achieving their educational goals!

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Q: How many bursaries are awarded each year?

A: The number of bursaries awarded each year varies depending on the availability of funds.


Q: Can I apply for more than one Career Wise Bursary at a time?

A: No, you can only apply for one Career Wise Bursary per academic year.

Q: What happens if I am selected for a bursary but decide not to accept it?

A: If you decline the bursary, it will be offered to another deserving applicant.

Q: Will my application be considered if I do not meet all the eligibility requirements?

A: Unfortunately, applications that do not meet all eligibility requirements will not be considered.


Applying for a Career Wise Bursary is an excellent opportunity to further your education and achieve your career goals. With no application deadline, there’s never been a better time to submit your application. By following these simple steps and meeting the eligibility criteria, you could become one step closer to achieving your dreams. Good luck!

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