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What does SA Youth do?

Sa youth’s prime focus is helping young people achieve academic success, develop their character, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission:

By offering top-notch educational programming in a secure setting, SA Youth enables high-risk children, adolescents, and young adults in San Antonio to realize their full potential.


Our Vision:

Regardless of their circumstances, all San Antonio youth and young adults should have equitable access to educational opportunities, complete high school, and grow up to be successful, civic-minded adults.


#1 Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

SAYOUTH Accounting Manager Job Vacancy 2022

Description: Assisting the Controller/CFO in managing accounting operations, including managing the Bookkeeper to ensure that all account records are accurate and kept up to date.


Requirements for SAYOUTH Accounting Manager Job Vacancy 2022:

  • oversees the bookkeeper and the accounting department as a whole.
  • Support the development team’s and grant budget owners’ accounting and secretarial needs.
  • reports on the monthly budget and actual spending
  • Ensures that paperwork is created and ready for the yearly financial audit by working with the controller and CFO.
  • Accounts payable duties include routing bills for approval; coding invoices and costs with the correct account, class, and funders; and creating checks.
  • Bank activity reconciliation every day
  • Monthly reconciliation of credit card transactions and statements
  • Create invoices and drawdown reports for federal, state, and local grants.
  • Examines payroll every two weeks and creates a journal entry to document payroll activities.
  • helps with the timetables and data that the fiscal monitors and auditors need.
  • communicate with and assist corporate employees and vendors.
  • Investigate, follow up on, and fix any accounting or documentation issues
  • Help the controller and CFO close the month.
  • Income is recorded, and the general ledger and donor database are compared.
  • Prepare all 1099s
  • Other duties as assigned

(Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022)

Basic Qualifications:

  • Use discretion while disclosing private information.
  • Ability to interact professionally and successfully with customers and staff Ability to work independently, be adaptable and dependable, and show initiative
  • Ability to maintain all records and other documents necessary for the role in a timely and correct way.
  • Ensure that all essential standards, laws, and regulations are followed.
  • have good mathematical and analytical abilities ability to be structured and detail-oriented proficiency with Google Suites and Microsoft Office
  • Have a good work ethic and be trustworthy.
  • Typing speed of 60–65 wpm comprehensive understanding of the general ledger, accounts payable, financial chart of accounts, and corporate procedures

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree

Education Preferred: CPA or Master’s Degree

Experience Required: Seven (7) years

Experience Preferred: Ten (10) plus years

As an equal opportunity employer, SA Youth only hires those who are qualified and capable of doing the work at hand.


How to Apply




#2 Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

SAYouth Academic and Student Engagement Assistant Job

Description for SAYouth Academic and Student Engagement Assistant Job: The Academic Coach and Student Engagement Specialist are supported by the Academic & Student Engagement Assistant. Through the teaching of skills and facilitating access to community resources, the ASEA will support students in adopting constructive solutions to issues.

In addition, this job helps students navigate the numerous systems necessary to find work or pursue further education by connecting them to resources and supports, monitoring the services, actively advocating on their behalf. Students between the ages of 16 and 24 will also receive academic help from the ASEA through a web-based program.


  • Provides intensive and professional case management services to students utilizing a strength based approach
  • Assists the SOAR! team by providing academic and student engagement support
  • Support the academic coach in the classroom when necessary
  • Support the Student Engagement Specialist with all students and events
  • Promotes self-determination by assisting students in identifying and accessing community services and resources. (Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022)
  • Educates students on the needs of good physical health, quality medical attention, and preventive health care.
  • Assist the Academic Coach by providing oversight within workforce training, leadership development, and financial literacy into the instructors’ classroom instruction and overall service delivery.
  • Reports any critical incidents involving students or staff according to standard reporting guidelines
  • Be a sounding board for the students while they navigate the program.
  • It provides help in resume building and applying to jobs before the student graduates from our program.
  • Monitors and provides direct support in the implementation of life skills and job readiness
  • Works with team members to schedule graduation ceremonies and celebrations as appropriate.
  • Prepares proper documentation and student choice guidance plans in a timely manner
  • Prepares and submits reports and recommendations concerning case load status, budget requests, changes in service plans, and any unusual incidents that occur in the operation of the program
  • Meets with students at various locations; utilizes company vehicles to transport students as needed
  • Maintains appropriate level of direct contact with students per program requirements, and remains available to students as needed
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines and good time management skills.
  • Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with students from diverse cultural, economic, and academic backgrounds.
  • All other duties and responsibilities are as assigned.

(Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022)

Required Education and Qualifications:

Associate’s Degree

Two (2) years’ experience working with non-profits or children, youth, or young adults

Valid Driver’s License and clean driving record

First Aid/CPR

Preferred Education and Qualifications for SAYouth Academic and Student Engagement Assistant Job:

Bachelor’s Degree

experience with Google Suites.

SA Youth is an Equal Opportunity Employer, hiring individuals solely on the basis of their qualifications and ability for the job to be filled.


How to Apply





#3 Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

SA YOUTH Part-time Bookkeeper Job 2022

Requirements for SA YOUTH Part-time Bookkeeper Job 2022:

  • Provides accounting and clerical support to the Accounting Department
  • Accounts payable and receivable functions including coding invoices/expenses with proper account, class and funders, routing invoices for approval, and preparing checks
  • Daily reconciliation of bank and credit card activity
  • Reconcile credit card transactions with statements monthly
  • Help Accounting Manager prepare drawdown reports/invoices for federal, state and local grants
  • Provide communication and support to company personnel and vendors
  • Assist with research, track and resolve accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies
  • Assist CFO and Accounting Manager in month end closing
  • Records income and reconciles general ledger with donor database
  • Help prepare all 1099s
  • Other duties as assigned



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Required Education:

Some College

Preferred Education for SA YOUTH Part-time Bookkeeper Job 2022:

Accounting certificate or a 4-year degree.

Required Experience for SA YOUTH Part-time Bookkeeper Job 2022.

Four (4) years

Preferable Experience for SA YOUTH Part-time Bookkeeper Job 2022:

Six (6) plus years

As an equal opportunity employer, SA Youth hires people based solely on their qualifications and suitability for the position.

How to Apply





#4 Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

SAYouth School Assistant Job Application 2022

Applications are open until the 16th of October 2022.

Do you want to apply for the post of teacher’s assistant? As of right now, the application process for these opportunities has officially started (September 26).

An in-depth guide on using SAYouth.mobi to apply for work as a school assistant under the Basic Education Employment Initiative is available here.

Would you like to participate in the Basic Education Employment Initiative as a teacher or school assistant?

People might begin submitting their applications for the teacher assistant positions on September 26, 2022. You need to apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out. (Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022)

How To Apply for School Assistant Jobs Using SAYouth

  • Ensure that you submit your application on the SAYouth.Mobi website and not a bogus website.
  • Go to the Official Website of SAYouth
  • Register an account if you don’t have one with simple steps.
  • Log in with your details and correctly
  • In the search bar, you should type “school assistant” or search for the name of the school closest to you.
  • A list of jobs available in your area will come up, which will also include the opportunity cards for the schools that are
  • closest to you. Only apply to schools that you have easy access to.
  • Click the ‘read more‘ button, which would enable you to see further details about the job.
  • If you want to take advantage of the chance, click “Apply now.”
  • Follow the instructions and supply the required information to submit your application.
  • You will then receive confirmation that your application has been successful.
  • Should you be shortlisted, you will be contacted through SMS or a phone call by the school.
  • If you’re given an interview, bring the following documents with you:
  • Certified copy of ID
  • Matric certificate or other NQF 4 or higher proof of qualification
  • CV
  • Testimonial letter

Interviews will take place in November and December 2022.

Top tips to get you started:

✅ In the Jobs search bar, type in “school assistant” or search for the name of the school closest to you

Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022
Available SA Youth Jobs and Careers 2022

✅ You must live within 5km of the school you apply for! Or 30km for a farm school.

✅ You can’t apply if you’ve been an Education or school assistant before

Remember you don’t need a matric certificate for a General assistant position.

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