Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

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Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

Find out right away the prices for each of the six DStv packages available in Botswana (what is the cost of DStv?

Given that MultiChoice Botswana has been offering a Satellite Pay TV subscription service in Botswana, you might be curious to learn how much the DSTV packages there cost. You can find that information here.

Multichoice DStv Botswana Packages and Cost

Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

MultiChoice has been Botswana’s sole provider of DStv (short for Digital Satellite Television) since 1992. This service is referred to as “DStv,” and it currently offers more than 130 channels for your viewing pleasure.(DStv mo Botswana ke bokahe?)

The variety of channels and the overall number of channels included in a package affect the cost of DStv packages in Botswana. To help you find the access plan that is best for you and your family, a summary of the DStv packages is provided below.


Botswana DSTV packages

Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

The following is a list of prices for each of the six DStv packages that MultiChoice Botswana offers in Botswana. If you want to watch more Indian telenovelas, you can upgrade to the Indian package. If you also want a Smart TV to go with your DStv service, we can help with that as well. You can check out the best website for buying televisions online right here if you want to.

Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

DStv Premium – P680.00

DStv Compact Plus may be purchased for P500.00.

DStv Compact is priced at P345,00.

DStv Family costs P220.00 per month.

Access to DStv is P100.00 per month.


1. DStv Access Package in Botswana

If you want to ease into the world of MultiChoice Pay-TV subscriptions without breaking the bank, the DStv Access plan is the best choice. Read on if this describes your situation. For just P100, you can watch a respectable fifty channels, which is a great deal.

DStv Access Channels List: What Are the Channels on Dstv Access?

The channels listed below are all included in the Botswana DStv Access package:

The following channels can be found on the DStv Access channel list: E! Entertainment HD, KykNet Lekker, Mzansi Wethu HD, TeleMundo, EVA +, Zee World HD, M-Net Movies 4 HD, Mzansi Bioskop, Discovery Family HD, Travel Channel, NatGeo Wild, SS Blitz Africa HD, SS Football Africa, SS Variety 4 Africa, BBC World News, eNCA HD, Al Jazeera,


2. The DStv Family Package in Botswana

If you’re looking for a hobby that everyone in the family will enjoy, think about purchasing the “Family Package” from DStv in Botswana. For P220.00 per month, your entire family can subscribe and take advantage of all the channels’ wholesome programming for kids. perfect for bringing the family together in front of the television.


The unique channels in the family bundle list include;

The list of channels available in addition to the Access Package is provided below.

Fox HD, CBS Reality, Kyk NET & Kie HD, Mzansi Magic HD, EVA, Star Life HD, TNT Africa HD, VIA HD, BBC Lifestyle, Food Network HD, National Geographic Channel, IGNITION, ESPN HD, Sky News, EuroNews, Africanews, Boomerang HD, Da Vinci Kids, KyKNet Nou, Trace Gospel, and Real Time are some of the channels that can be accessed.


3. The DStv Compact Package in Botswana

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Among the company’s offerings in Botswana, the DStv Compact Package, which has more than 90 channels, is one of the most well-liked. The most popular option is this bundle, which offers 20 more channels than the family package and costs P345.00 per month, which is affordable for most Batswana. The main selling point is the inclusion of well-known local African television channels.


The Compact package’s channel lineup consists of the following channels:

The Compact DStv packages in Botswana each have their own unique lineup of high-definition television channels, building off of the Family package.

The following are a few of the channels offered by these packages:

WWE Channel HD, BET HD, MTV HD, Lifetime Entertainment, Kyk NET HD, Moja Love HD, Mzansi Magic HD, Zambezi Magic HD, Timeless Dizi Channel, Universal TV HD, BBC Brit HD,


4. DStv Compact Plus Package, Botswana

The second-best DStv package in Botswana according to critics is the Compact Plus package, which costs P500.00 and is available from MultiChoice. Compact Plus offers a great way to watch the best channels on DStv without making any compromises and without spending a lot of money. The DStv Compact Plus package in Botswana offers more than 110 channels to choose from for subscribers.Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices


The channels that are exclusive to the Compact Plus bundle are as follows:

In addition to the channels already present in the Compact package, the Compact Plus DStv package in Botswana is an improvement over the Compact DStv package. These channels include, among others.

Africa Magic Showcase, Bloomberg Television, M-Net Movies 3 HD, Discovery Channel HD, VIA HD, WildEarth HD, Curiosity Channel HD, The History Channel HD, ESPN 2 HD, SS Football Plus Africa HD, SS Variety 1 Africa HD, and SS Action Africa

5. DStv Premium Package Botswana

And lastly, this is the top-tier full access package that MultiChoice Botswana provides for their DStv subscription service. It includes all of the entertainment channels that they have to offer. The DStv package that is considered to be the best in Botswana is known as DStv Premium. DStv Premium provides subscribers with access to 130 different channels, from which they may select their preferred programming in categories such as news, sports, movies, music, lifestyle, kids and teenagers, shopping, local content, general entertainment, documentaries, and many more. The Premium Package may be purchased for a recurring cost of P680.00 each month.


The following channels are only available in the Premium Package:

In addition to the television stations that are available through the Compact Plus package, the Premium package features M-Net Africa HD, Comedy Central HD, M-Net 1 Plus HD, M-Net Movies 1 HD, M-Net Movies 2 HD, FliekNET HD, SS Grandstand Africa HD, SS Rugby Africa HD, SS Cricket Africa HD, SS Golf Africa HD, SS Tennis Africa HD, SS Motorsport Africa HD, Russia Today, Business Day, MTV Music 24, and Parliamentary Service.


Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

6. Add-on Package for Indian Travelers in Botswana

Only those who purchase the Indian Add-on package made available by MultiChoice Botswana will have access to premium Indian programming. There are about 20 Indian TV channels there. You have access to Al Jazeera in addition to channels devoted to entertainment, and it provides news coverage from all over the world. This is one of the six DStv packages offered by MultiChoice Botswana in the country of Botswana.

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Compare Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices with those in South Africa.

DStv, what are the new rates for 2022?

What Do DSTV Packages Cost and What Do They Include in 2022?
The monthly premium DSTV bundle fee was R829.
The monthly fee for the DSTV Compact Plus plan is R539.
The monthly fee for a DSTV Compact plan is R409.
The monthly fee for the DSTV Family plan is R295.
The monthly fee for the DSTV Access bundle is R115.
Prices for the Easy View bundle start at R29 per month.


DStv packages and prices in 2022

  • DStv Premium price: R799 per month (150 channels)
  • DStv Compact Plus costs R519 per month (136 channels)
  • DStv Compact price: R409 per month (203 channels)
  • DStv Family costs: R299 per month (90 channels)
  • DStv Access costs: R99 per month (64 channels)


What channels do you get with the DStv compact package?

Customers with Compact will get M-Net Movies 3, M-Net Movies 4, Studio Universal, ITH, M-Net City, Vuzu, Universal Channel, Telemundo, BBC Brit, E! Entertainment Television, FOX, Ginx eSports, BET, MTV, Lifetime, CBS Reality, TLNovelas, Discovery TLC Entertainment, Discovery Family, TNT Africa, eMovies, eMovies Extra.

Standard Chartered
  1. Dial *171*247#
  2. Enter MBanking Pin.
  3. Select option “Bill Pay”
  4. Select DStv.
  5. Enter the Smartcard number.
  6. Enter Amount.
  7. Select a payment type, e.g., a cheque or savings.
  8. Confirm payment.
Send an SMS to 30333 with the word “RESET” and your smartcard number. You will receive a message letting you know that your request has been fulfilled. If the channels are still open, check back later. Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices


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