DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

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New DStv Price in South Africa 2022, DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022, price for Dstv packages and channels in South Africa.


DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022: This article includes a price list for the newest DStv South Africa packages for 2022. DStv is by far the best satellite cable TV service in South Africa and throughout the entire continent of Africa.

One of the most affordable subscription prices in South Africa is offered by Multichoice’s DStv South Africa services. Just a few of the services Multichoice has added for DStv include HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and the DStv mobile TV service.


The Multichoice-added DSTV Compact Plus package may be useful for sports fans as well. For those who enjoy watching sports, it is a more affordable option.

The DSTV Compact Plus package includes all of the channels that are included in the DSTV Compact bouquet and shows 90% of the Premier League matches, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, and a wide variety of sports.

The DSTV Compact Plus package currently costs R489 per month under the new DSTV South Africa package price list for 2022. There is also the recently included DSTV Explora in the DSTV service package.

Before I continue with the review of the various DSTV packages in South Africa, you should be aware that you can now manage your monthly bouquet subscription with the DSTV online subscription services from anywhere in South Africa using the internet or a mobile phone.

DSTV also used the opportunity to list the competitions they have rights to in the 2022/2023 season.


DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

DStv Packages and Bouquets Price List for 2022 (New)

DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022
DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

The initial access charge for DSTV is usually varied across countries.

This initial fee may, in some cases, depending on your location, cover the cost of the satellite dish, cables, DSTV decoder, and other installation fees with a 3-month subscription access.


The DStv Family package costs R249 per month.

TV with Thinus: Why MultiChoice is growing the existing DStv family with the new DStv Family bouquet.

The DStv Family bouquet was developed with families in mind, as its name suggests. It is frequently regarded as the most popular DSTV package in South African homes.

With more than 55 digital TV channels included in this package, you get access to all DSTV Access channels as well as extra channels like Euro News, CNN, MNET Series, Cartoon Network for kids, Channel O, Africa Magic, and ESPN Classic. Take note that the DSTV Family package does not include HD channels.

Around 20 audio services, including Power FM, Pretoria FM, Jozi FM, Link FM, and others, are also offered by DSTV Family.


The DStv Premium package costs R749 per month

The entire DSTV SD/HD video and audio channel lineup is available to you with the DSTV Premium package.

This particular package is the best because it includes channels like Mnet Movies 1 & 2, History Channel, SuperSport 3, Discovery Channel, Boomerang, and all HD channels, among others, that are only available with the DStv Premium package.

You also get a DSTV Mobile+ free package for subscribing to this package as long as you have a DSTV Drifta decoder.


The DStv Compact Plus package costs R489 per month.


The DSTV Compact Plus bouquet includes two additional sports channels in addition to the DSTV Compact channels. SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10 are two of these sports channels. Compared to the pricey DSTV Premium bouquet, this package gives sports fans more access to a variety of premium sports.

Those who have purchased the DStv Compact bouquet have access to sports like basketball, golf, tennis, motorsport, Spanish La Liga, etc. If you’re a fan of English football, you could also watch 90% of the Premier League games.



The DStv Access package costs R99 per month.

DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

The DStv Access bouquet includes more than 55 TV channels, the majority of which are local and international TV channels.

The DStv Access bouquet also includes local South African channels as well as international channels like Africa Magic, Aljazeera, SuperSport, BLITZ, E Entertainment, etc.

As of the time this post was being written, channels like SkyNews, CNN, and Bloomberg were unavailable.


DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

DStv Premium

The most comprehensive and expensive DSTV package is this one. For Rs 809, the premium bouquet offers complete access to 148 channels.

The channels are divided into many different categories, but the documentary, sports, entertainment, news, and children’s categories are the most well-liked ones.


If you want to know which channels are included in this premium package, check out the list below for the most popular categories and their exciting channels.



  1. Crime Investigation Network
  2. Discovery channel
  3. Nat Geo Wild
  4. National Geographic Channel
  5. The History Channel


  1. SuperSport 1
  2. SuperSport 2
  3. SuperSport 3 (HD/SD)
  4. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD)
  5. SuperSport 5 (HD and SD)
  6. SuperSport 6
  7. SuperSport 7
  8. SuperSport 8
  9. SuperSport 9
  10. SuperSport 10
  11. SuperSport 11 (HD/SD)
  12. SuperSport 12 (HD/SD)
  13. SuperSport Blitz


  1. Boomerang
  2. Cartoon Network
  3. CBeebies
  4. Disney
  5. Disney Junior
  6. Disney XD
  7. JimJam
  8. Mindset
  9. Nick JR
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Nicktoons


  1. Soundcity
  2. MTV Base
  3. TRACE Mziki
  4. Hip TV
  5. TRACE
  6. AFRO Music English
  7. Planet Radio TV

News and Commerce

  1. Al Jazeera
  2. Arise News
  3. BBC
  4. Bloomberg Television
  5. CNBC Africa
  6. CNC World
  7. CNN International
  8. ETV Africa
  9. Euro News
  10. EuroNews German
  11. SABC News
  12. Sky News

DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022


Entertainment and Movies

  1. Africa Magic
  2. Africa Magic Epic Movies
  3. Africa Magic Urban
  4. Africa Magic Family
  5. B4U Movies
  6. BBC Brit
  7. BET International
  8. CBS Reality
  9. CNBC Africa
  10. Comedy Central
  11. Discovery Family
  12. E! Entertainment Television
  13. Ebony Life TV
  14. Eva
  15. Eva+
  16. FOX
  17. FOX Life
  18. Galaxy TV
  19. ITV Choice
  20. Lifetime Entertainment
  21. Maisha Magic Bongo
  22. Maisha Magic East
  23. M-Net Action
  24. M-Net City
  25. M-Net Movies
  26. M-Net Movies Action+
  27. M-Net Movies Premiere
  28. M-Net Movies Smile
  29. M-Net Movies Zone
  30. M-Net West
  31. MTV
  32. ROK
  33. SONY Entertainment Television
  34. SONY Max
  35. Studio Universal
  36. Telemundo
  37. Trybe
  38. Turner Classic Movies
  39. Universal Channel
  40. Vuzu
  41. Vuzu
  42. Vuzu Amp
  43. Zee World

Other categories include the specialist category, which has 11 channels; the religious category, which has nine; the audio category, which has 46 channels; the local TV category, which has 11; and the lifestyle and culture category, which has six.

DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022

DStv Compact Plus and Compact Bouquet

These bouquets offer engaging channels for your enjoyment throughout the day. The Compact Plus costs R489 more per month than the other two options combined.


The Compact Bouquet, on the other hand, had a monthly subscription fee of R385.

The 129 channels included in the Compact Plus package are highlighted below according to their categories:

  • 46
  • Children – 11
  • Documentary – 5
  • Entertainment and Movies– 41
  • Lifestyle and Culture– 6
  • Local TV– 12
  • Music – 7
  • News and Commerce– 14
  • Religion – 9
  • Specialist – 11
  • Sport– 12

On the other hand, 109 channels are accessible through the DSTV Compact, which has been highlighted based on its categories.

  • Children – 11
  • Documentary – 3
  • Entertainment and Movies – 37
  • Lifestyle and Culture – 6
  • Local Channels -1
  • Music – 7
  • News and Commerce – 12
  • Religion – 9
  • Specialist – 11
  • Sport – 7

DStv Family

For R249 per month, you can get 87 exciting channels with this bundle.

  • Children – 7
  • Documentary – 6
  • Entertainment and Movies – 27
  • Lifestyle and Culture – 4
  • Local Channels – 12
  • Music – 6
  • News and Commerce- 13
  • Religion – 9
  • Specialist -11
  • Sport – 6

DStv Access

The Access bouquet is jam-packed with 66 channels in total, and this plan offers good value for just R99 per month.

  • Audio – 11
  • Children – 4
  • Documentary – 1
  • Entertainment and Movies – 19
  • Lifestyle and Culture – 2
  • Local Channels – 12
  • Music – 5
  • News and Commerce – 12
  • Religion – 9
  • Specialist – 11
  • Sport – 4

DStv Indian

Another intriguing package is DSTV Indian, which costs R375 per month and is very affordable.

  • Audio – 11
  • Entertainment and Movies – 5
  • News and Commerce – 2
  • Religion – 3
  • Specialist – 2

DStv EasyView

This is another intriguing choice; it has 38 channels and costs R29 per month.

  • Audio – 20
  • Children – 3
  • FTA – 13
  • Sports – 2
  • Entertainment and Movies – 3
  • News and Commerce – 7
  • Religion – 5
  • Specialist – 1

DStv South Africa Details: Website, Email, and Address

Address: 144 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, South Africa.
Customer Care No: 011 289 3000
Email: help@dstv.com

Call Centres Customer Service Phone Number Of DStv South Africa

  • (011) 289-2222, 2222
  • Pretoria: (012) 422-2222, 2222
  • Durban: (03) 710-2222, 2222
  • Cape Town: (021) 508-2222; 2222
  • Port Elizabeth: (041) 395-2222; 2222
  • Bloemfontein: (051) 503 2222

DSTV Self Service

Self-service enables you to manage subscriptions, pay for them online, and resolve error codes from the comfort of your home.

Dstv Self Service: Eazy.dstv.com.

DStv Subscription Packages Channels and Prices in SA 2022.

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