Ecommerce Expo and Conference 15 October 2022: Tickets, brochure Download

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Download the Brochure for Zambia Ecommerce Expo & Conference 15 October 2022, Tickets for Ecommerce Expo & Conference 15th Oct 2022, eAfrica Expo, Ecommerce Expo and Conference 15 October 2022.


Ecommerce Expo & Conference 2022

About Ecommerce Expo & Conference

The sole objective of the Zambia Ecommerce Expo & Conference, which was founded in 2018, is to promote eCommerce in Africa as a means of accelerating economic growth.

We are bringing together under one roof, through this event, business regulators, companies that provide e-commerce services, companies that use e-commerce services, SME’s that use e-commerce services, and people considering starting an e-commerce business.


Is the exhibition open to international companies?

International exhibitors and attendees are welcome at events organized by eAfrica Expo; early registration is strongly suggested to ensure that flights, rental cars, and affordable lodging can be arranged in plenty of time.


Driving the development of commerce

Ecommerce is a challenging and uncharted market. You can only navigate it correctly with the tools provided by a single event. That occasion is the eCommerce Expo. conceived in 2018. The exciting part is that it has improved even more than before. It is quickly becoming a must-attend event for anyone and everyone involved in B2B or B2C ecommerce.

for anyone and everyone who wants to experience the latest in e-commerce technology, as well as the upcoming innovations and inspiration. for anyone and everyone who seeks real-world, doable answers that will advance their business. The content component of the eCommerce Expo is more important than ever.


Ecommerce Expo and Conference 15 October 2022

Brochure Download

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Exhibition Registration

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The Upcoming Event: 15 October 2022 with 5+ sessions Lusaka, Zambia.





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