Form Two Results for NECTA Matokeo kidato cha Pili 2022/2023

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Form Two Results for NECTA Matokeo kidato cha Pili 2022/2023

Since 2014, the Form Two National Assessment (FTNA) has been conducted by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania.

This document on the Form Two Assessment Format was created to help instructors and students prepare for the Form Two National Assessment. Form Two Results for NECTA Matokeo kidato cha Pili 2022/2023

The seven basic subjects—Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology, and Basic Mathematics—are among the topics addressed in this paper.

Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Engineering Science, Commerce, Bookkeeping, Technical Drawing, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering are among the eleven biased topics that are included in it.

Twelve additional optional subjects are included in the booklet, including Bible Knowledge, Elimu ya Dini ya Kiislamu, Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education, French, Arabic, Additional Mathematics, Food and Nutrition, Textile and Dressmaking, Theatre Arts, Information and Computer Studies, and Additional Languages.

Form Two Results for NECTA Matokeo kidato cha Pili 2022/2023

The themes included in the present syllabuses have been taken into consideration while creating the Form Two National Assessment Formats.

With effect from 2017, this Assessment Format Booklet contains the forms for every topic that will be evaluated in the Form Two National Assessment.

This brochure is intended to provide teachers and other educational stakeholders with further advice on Form Two assessment methods.

The formats are also anticipated to assist instructors and students in meeting the requirements of the curriculum for effective curriculum covering and knowledge and skill growth.

The assessment format books will also assist examiners in creating assessment papers that satisfy the syllabus’ requirements.

The assessment formats are created so that they may be used in conjunction with the curricula.


In order to align their assessment processes with those used by Tanzania’s National Examinations Council, teachers are highly urged to utilize these forms as examples when evaluating their students.

However, they shouldn’t use the topic syllabi in place of the assessment forms for each subject.

Last but not least, I want to express my profound thanks to the Examining Officers and everyone else who helped create this assessment format for

their significant contributions to this document’s creation.


INTRODUCTION TO HISTORY Form Two Results 2022/2023

Form Two Results

Form Two Results

The Form One and Form Two themes from the 2005-released and 2010-revised History Syllabus for Secondary Schools are covered under the history assessment format for the Form Two National Assessment (FTNA).

This assessment, a formative evaluation, intends to gauge how well the students have learned the specific competencies throughout the course of their two years of secondary school.




The following are the broad goals of the Form Two History Assessment:

Evaluate the students’ accomplishments in terms of their abilities to describe the ideas, significance, and sources of history as well as the theories pertaining to the origin and evolution of man.

Evaluate the students’ capacity to connect the development of technology and society with the economic activities of the populace and the emergence of social and political structures in pre-colonial Africa.

Assess the pupils’ capacity to describe the drivers behind interactions among Africans.

When discussing the levels of social and economic development in pre-colonial Africa, students are evaluated on their skills in section

Evaluate students’ abilities to describe the reasons why people came to Africa from the beginning of time until the 1850s and to analyze how and why the rise of capitalism affected social and economic developments in Africa.


COMPETENCIES GENERAL; Form Two Results 2022/2023

The student’s capacity to:

Exhibits an understanding of the ideas, significance, and sources of history; and evaluating the genesis and evolution theories of man will be tested in the Form Two History assessment.

Show that you can link how people’s economic activities have changed how their social and political structures have developed, as well as how man’s progress has changed how the environment and technology.

Show an understanding of both the factors influencing interactions among Africans and the stages of social and economic development in pre-colonial Africa

Look at the reasons why people came to Africa in the past, up to the 1850s

Analyze how and why capitalism evolved, and how and why it affected social and economic developments in AFRICA. Results for NECTA Kidato cha Pili 2022


NB: The Form Two results have not yet been made public, but they will be in November or December on the scheduled dates.

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