Gauteng Nursing 2023 Intake | Online Application

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Gauteng Nursing 2023 Intake

Gauteng Nursing 2023 Intake | Gauteng College Of Nursing 2023 Intake | Nursing intake 2023 Gauteng online application: South African Colleges and Schools of Nursing (Full List) | Nursing school in Natal Courses Offered List

The Gauteng college of nursing invites applicants to apply to study for the Diploma in Nursing in 2023 at one of the College campuses:

  • College of Ann Latsky, Chris Hani Baragwanath Campus, SG Lourens Campus and Bonalesedi Campus.


Application Tips

  • The website for nurse application information and forms is
  • Update your resume (personal information, schooling, training, employment history, and references) after creating an account, then apply.
  • If an application meets the requirements for shortlisting, they will be contacted and asked for documents to validate their information.

Apply here for the Gauteng Nursing Intake 2023/2024. Now With an 8 million-person population, Gauteng is South Africa’s economic hub. It is one of the provinces with the highest population densities in the nation. As a result, Gauteng offers numerous work options for nurses, including but not limited to:

To study toward the Diploma in Nursing at one of the following College sites in 2023, applicants are requested to apply to the Gauteng College of Nursing: College of Ann Latsky. The University of Chris Hani Bargwanath. This link creates a new tab for you.


Gauteng College Of Nursing| Gauteng Nursing 2023 Intake

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Gauteng Nursing intake 2023

Through its numerous hospitals, clinics, day surgery units, and outpatient departments, the Department offers public healthcare services (OPDs). The numerous managers who oversee these facilities are chosen by the Director-General based on their qualifications, prior management experience, and availability to carry out their duties.

However, if you lack experience despite having excellent credentials, don’t fret! because there have been labor strikes in all of the main South African cities, we have been having some issues with our hospital contracts.

To replace these gaps until our contract provisions begin, we decided to collaborate with a firm named Everpeep, which will offer us, qualified nursing staff.


Application for Gauteng College Of Nursing 2023 Intake

You’ll be happy to hear that we wrote this post specifically for you if you’re wanting to submit an application for the Gauteng Nursing Intake Application 2023. What must be submitted and how can be found in this article?


Gauteng College Of Nursing Requirements

For the Gauteng Nursing Intake 2018–2023, a number of conditions must be satisfied. These comprise:

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa or a resident there permanently.
  • At the time of application, you must be at least 18 years old (this will change with each intake).
  • A Grade 12 Certificate with NSCV5 Mathematics, a Grade 11 Certificate with NSCV4 Mathematics, or an equivalent certificate recognized by SETA/NQF level 4 is all required.
  • A level five SETA/NQF diploma in practical nursing studies or a level five bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

These are Requirements in Gauteng College Of Nursing

The following conditions must be met in order for you to be eligible to apply for the Gauteng Nursing Intake Requirements 2023:

  • You are from South Africa.
  • You are a voter in good standing.
  • You’ve earned a Certificate in Nursing Practice (CNP), Diploma in Nursing Science (DNSc), Bachelor of Science
  • Degree with Honours/Major in Nursing, or an equivalent degree recognized by the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
  • Additionally, you’ve accrued at least two years of hands-on experience as an enrolled nurse with approval from the National Department of Health (NDoH).

Online Everpeep Application Process 2023

For the Gauteng Nursing Intake 2023/2024, there are three stages to the online application procedure. As follows:

Download the below-listed online application form.

Online Payment – this step, performed through a national payment gateway, is necessary to finish the application process but is only necessary if you do not use EFT banking (see below) or have already made your entire payment through EFT banking. Your application will be updated once it has been submitted and verified if you decide to make an additional payment to your account.

The applicant submits their application online, providing all of their personal information, including their ID number and bank information.


Download the Everpeep Prospectus 2023 here.

A copy of the Department of Health’s official government website is required in order to apply for the Gauteng Nursing Intake 2023/2024. This website is accessible at When you get there, click on “Job Opportunities” and then from the list of possibilities on the left sidebar, choose “Gauteng Nursing Intake 2023/2024.”

On this page, once you have reached your desired location, scroll down until you see an orange button that says “Download Prospectus” (see image below). You can download your prospectus in any language and from any nation you want by clicking that button, which will transport you to another page!


Contact Info

Contact Information for Gauteng Nursing Admission 2023

You may reach the Gauteng Nursing Intake 2023’s recruitment office at:

Tel: 0861-338-7777, 0860-888-3377 is the URL of the website.

Please go to the Department of Health’s official website if you want further details (Gauteng Nursing Intake).

Please go to the Department of Health’s official website for further information (Gauteng Nursing Intake). Simply click the next link to go to this website:

If you desire to practice nursing abroad, this website will give you all the information you need about Gauteng, other South African provinces, and even other countries!

Please be aware of the following to submit an effective application and be accepted for the training:

  1. Before applying, you must first create a profile on the system.
  2. Must be a citizen of South Africa and a resident of the Gauteng Province.
  3. You must possess one of the following school-leaving credentials: Senior Certificate, National Senior Certificate, Grade 12 at the time of application, or National Vocational Certificate. First Health
  4. Before or on December 31st, applications must be submitted using the GPG Professional Job Centre system; no late applications will be considered.
  5. In the event that you are shortlisted, certified documents will be uploaded to the system, but you will still need to bring supporting documentation with you to the selection center.
  6. All applications must be submitted online; none will be accepted if they are delivered by hand or sent by email.

Nursing eligibility application forms for 2023

Subject requirements include the following:-

  • Senior certificate: HG D or SG C in English, HG D or SG C in Biology, HG D or SG C in Mathematics, and an M score of 17.
  • National Senior Certificate requirements include English Level 4, Life Sciences Level 4, Mathematics Level 4 or Maths Literacy Level 5, and an APS of 27 or greater (Life Orientation counts half the score)
  • State-issued vocational certificate: 50% in the core subjects, including English as a First Language, Math and Math Literacy, and Life Orientation, and 60% in the vocational subjects (SA Health Care System, Public Health, The Human Body and Mind, and Community Oriented Primary Care)
  • Current Grade 12 students’ Grade 11 final exam scores must satisfy the National Senior Certificate standards.



  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Ability to solve issues
  • Communication, numeracy, and life skills Calmness in times of crisis
  • Awareness of computers
  • Ability to study
  • Compassionate and sympathetic.
  • Capacity for leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Ability to plan ahead


Candidates that are chosen will need to:

  • A contract with the Department of Health to be signed
  • Attending lectures
  • Be ready to participate in Work Integrated Learning (WIL), which is a requirement of the curriculum and involves working shifts, weekends, holidays, and nights in Gauteng Department of Health hospitals and clinics.


  • Before applying, make certain you are eligible and satisfy the prerequisites.
  • Please consider that your application failed if, three months after the closing date, you have not heard anything.



You have the chance to train to become a licensed nurse in Gauteng through the Gauteng Nursing Intake program. You will be prepared for a profession as a registered nurse in the Gauteng province with this fast-track nursing curriculum.

If you wish to apply for the program, make sure your qualifications satisfy their requirements first because there are only a certain number of seats available each year. The intake occurs every year and there are multiple intakes dependent on your degree of education. nursing application forms for the 2023 government nursing intake and the 2023 admission of student nurses

Gauteng Nursing intake 2023 closing date

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