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GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Z Mod Goku Apk: You can play GTA San Andreas DBZ Mod Apk without any issues on Android. Stay with us until the conclusion of this article so that I can provide you with all the details about the GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Installation method and the game.


GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Z Mod Goku Apk

GTA San Andreas is an adventure and action game with an open environment. Both Android and PC support it. The game offers you an open environment with complete 3D visuals based on American cities. You may steal someone else’s car, or money, or commit murder here, among other things.

Since it is a simulation of actual life, you should try to do as much of it as possible both in real life and in the game. Numerous gang members are present in all parts of the cities, and you may work with them by fulfilling missions. Missions may endanger your life in perilous situations and range in difficulty. You may become a Big Gangster in this game’s world if you finish all the missions.


Playing the game

The gameplay is pretty basic and easy. You can comprehend every instruction by looking at the button’s logo. For beginner players, this game has tutorial elements as well.

Your avatar may move about by walking, running, jumping, punching, and using weapons like knives, guns, and boom boxes. More tools are available for the destruction of gangs and cities.

You will unlock more new features as you accomplish assignments. You may shoot Kamehameha attacks, fly, and destroy any car or bus with one punch in this GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Z mod. akin to Dragon Anime The players will find it more enjoyable.


In GTA San Andreas Mod Goku from Dragon Ball Z

In the original GTA San Andreas, there is only a Black Man to be found; however, the GTA San Andreas Dragon Mod adds a new character named Goku. Goku is the primary character and most well-known character of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Goku and his whole team of Super Saiyans are already well-known.

Goku has Super Saiyan Blue Form in this Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Dragon Ball Z mod. Goku may also use the Kamehameha, Fly, and Powerup Ki Charge attacks. Any car or bus in the game may be smashed to pieces by firing Kamehameha.

Incredible 3D model of Goku Blue wearing Dragon Ball Super attire. Since Goku is modeled after other game characters who are likewise large, he seems to be a gigantic man in the game.


In GTA San Andreas “Dragon Ball Z Mod Vegeta”

The second major character in the Dragon Ball Z anime is Vegeta, and in this GTA San Andreas DBZ mod, Vegeta Blue is also shown wearing DBZ series garb.

Due to the Beta Mod, Vegeta can fly like Goku and use Kamehameha attacks. Goku is the only character that the modders have worked on since he is everyone’s favorite. Vegeta in his blue form as a 3D model. Vegeta Model is also prominent compared to other players.


Frieza and Buu Dragon Ball Z mod for GTA San Andreas

The DBZ series’ antagonists include Frieza and Buu. You may find Frieza and Buu in this GTA San Andreas DBZ Mod. Since this mod only adds one attack, Frieza and Buu both fire Kamehameha. Big me models like Goku and Vegeta are included with the perfect 3D model.


Min Android Requirements and Related Information

RAM 1GB, Free Storage of 1.2GB


Download GTA San Andreas Dragon Ball Z Mod Goku Apk

How to Download the Dragon Ball Z Mod Apk for GTA San Andreas on Android

If you want to play this game on Android without any issues, please read and carefully follow all instructions as I will be describing the download and installation procedure below.

  • First, download the apk, the mod pack, and the OBB data file. Below is a list of all download links.
  • RAR is an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store and used to extract the OBB file.
  • After extraction, the OBB file will be 2.41GB in size and include 3 files: the com. rockstargames folder, the read me text file and the Copy and paste all of these files into the Android / OBB folder.
  • Using the password ESJ Gamer, extract the Dragon Ball Z Mod Pack. Copy the [Com.rockstargames.] folder that was extracted during extraction, then paste it into the Android / Data folder.
  • Once you’ve completed all the procedures, install GTA San Andreas Apk and press the Finish button.
  • Then launch GTA and choose the offline mode. the Start button, and then. Please always click the Start and Offline buttons when you launch the game; never click the Online button or the Resume button.

I hope you comprehend every step. Now launch GTA San Andreas DBZ Mod Apk on Android and play.

To change a character like Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, or Buu, slide down in the game until you see a few choices. Click on the Skin Selector V3 option. Slide Down, choose Flying to make the characters fly, then select Kamehameha to launch a Kamehameha attack.


APK Download

APK Download


Save the OBB file.

Download OBB File


Get the DBZ Mod Pack.

DBZ Download

PPSSPP GTA San Andreas Apk

Get GTA San Andreas for PPSSPP now.

Download Now Button Blue PNG 300x77 1


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