History Channel on DIRECTV: Detailed and Helpful Answers

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What channel number is History Channel on DIRECTV?

Channel 269 on DIRECTV features the History Channel.

The History Channel website or DIRECTV Stream are two places to watch the channel online.

Find out what History Channel package you require and where to stream the channel by reading on through this article.


Is The History Channel Available on DIRECTV?

The History Channel is more specialized than other networks you might watch because it frequently exclusively covers historical and current topics.

As a result, the channel is only accessible through the Choice channel subscription, which is the company’s second-tier channel bundle.

You will pay $75 + taxes per month for the first year, and then $120 per month after that. It has more than 185 channels.

To find out if you have the appropriate channel package I discussed, check with DIRECTV by getting in touch with customer support.

You won’t need to take any action if you have the appropriate package; otherwise, you’ll have to upgrade to a channel package that includes the History Channel.

Remember to ask for the History Channe,l particularly before upgrading or changing your plan because the titles of the plans can vary depending on where you are.


Other Channels Alternatives to the History Channel

The History Channel currently mostly airs alternate history and more imaginative types of shows, a significant departure from its earlier history-focused programming.

There are many options you can attempt if you’re not interested in that kind of stuff, including:

  • PBS Discovery Channel A&E
  • Among others, National Geographic.

If they are included in your channel plan, you can get these channels on DIRECTV.

To find out if these channels are offered, get in touch with DIRECTV or browse their channel selections.


Popular History Channel programs

The History Channel airs factual and documentary programs about actual events such as past conflicts, current politics, and historical moments.

The majority of The History Channel’s most watched programs adhere to this subject as a result.

The following are a few of the History Channel’s most watched programs:

  • Fire-Forged Pawn Stars
  • The Vikings of Skinwalker Ranch’s Secret
  • The mysterious, plus more.

Check the channel schedule in the channel guide for more details on when these programs will air.

To be informed when a show is about to air, add a reminder to the one you want to watch.


What TV station(s) can I see it on?

It’s time you knew what station it was so you could tune in and start viewing now that you know you have a channel package with the History Channel included.

The History Channel is accessible nationwide on DIRECTV on channel 269 and in all channel packages.

Regional variations in the number are occasionally possible, although channel 269 is the most likely possibility.

Either enter the History Channel’s channel number into the remote control or use the channel guide to search and select it.

You can add the channel to your favorites to make your life simpler and avoid having to rapidly recall the channel number.

By accessing the favorites menu in the channel guide after adding the station to your favorites, you can change it whenever you want.

Contact DIRECTV Support and ask them where you can find the channel if you still can’t seem to find it.


Where Can I Watch the Channel Online?

The ability to stream a channel online instead of using your cable TV connection is a wonderful addition that most networks have these days.

On History.com, you can stream The History Channel and watch full episodes of network programs as well as the live channel itself, but the latter requires you to sign in with your DIRECTV account.

Making full use of the monthly fee that DIRECTV requires you to pay will allow you to watch all episodes and the live channel for free.

You can watch the channel live on your phone or smart TV using the DIRECTV Stream app, which also offers on-demand programming you would see on the DIRECTV cable.

Another way to stream the channel is through services like YouTube TV, although using such requires paying a separate monthly charge.



To fully utilize your DIRECTV connection, I would always advise streaming the channel, especially if you travel frequently.

Streaming is a far better alternative than being restricted by cable TV because it is free for all DIRECTV subscribers on DIRECTV Stream.

When you have your whole TV setup at home, cable TV is a fantastic alternative, but it is not practical if you want to watch something on your cable TV while you are not at home.


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