Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending: Simple Fix

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Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending

Searching for a fix for the problem with Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending? then you are reading the right article.

Even though Hive Social is rapidly expanding, problems may develop when users establish new accounts because the Hive Social Verification Email fails to send. This article will walk you through each step of how to fix Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending and properly register for your account.


Hive Social Verification

Hive social verification

Hive Social Verification employs identity verification to ensure that a person is who they say they are before granting access to their account. Users must provide a secret code sent to their email address to validate their identification.


Why is the Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending?

This may occur if the verification code has expired or the email address associated with the account is invalid. Also, confirmation emails may occasionally land in your spam folder.

Hive Social has a daily cap on the number of emails they may send out for verification, which is the main reason why they aren’t doing it. The maximum for email verification at Hive Social is 100,000 per day, the company’s staff stated on Twitter. They won’t send any further emails for verification after that threshold is met.


How to Resolve Hive Social Verification Email Not Sending

If you are having trouble with the Hive Social verification not sending issue, you are not alone. Due to a high number of users not receiving the verification email, they were unable to validate their accounts.

Hive social verification emails are used to confirm that the email address belongs to you, but they occasionally fail to send. This can be annoying and stressful, so let’s look at why this is happening and what you can do about it.

To resolve the issue with the Hive Social verification email not being sent, try the following steps:

  • Check your email address for typos or invalid characters.
  • The confirmation email should have been delivered to your Junk/Spam folder.
  • Check to see if Hive Social emails are being banned.
  • Next time, use a new email address.


Check your email address

Check your email address

An invalid email address is one of the most common causes of Hive social verification emails not being sent. When creating your Hive account for the first time, double-check your email address. If you supplied the incorrect email address, the verification email will not reach you, making it difficult for you to validate your account.


Check your Email spam folder.

Another possibility is that the Hive social verification email was routed to your spam folder. It’s usually a good idea to check this folder for the verification email. If so, open it and click the link to confirm your account.


Sign in with Google or Apple.

Sign in with Google or Apple.

As an additional workaround for this issue, Hive Social suggests checking in with Google or Apple to avoid the verification email step.

Signing in with Google or Apple is a simple process. Users just need to pick “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Apple” on the Hive Social login screen.

Once they have chosen their preferred option, they will be taken to a screen where they may input their credentials.

After successful authentication, the user will be logged into their Hive Social account and will be able to enjoy all of the platform’s features.


Wait till the next day

Hive Social’s official Twitter account disclosed that the company has a daily limit on the number of emails it can send. Luckily, the industry has acknowledged that they are striving to increase this limit, which will take effect very soon.

You should wait until the quota resets the following day before trying again.

As an extra reason, there could be a problem with the Hive server. This could be due to maintenance or a technical issue. In this case, the best course of action is to wait until the server is active again before attempting to send the verification email.



We advise against repeatedly requesting a verification email if you have already received one, as there is a good probability that your device will be prohibited from engaging in “strange conduct.”

You can always try again in a day or two if using the alternate means of signing up does not feel comfortable for you. Very likely, their servers are overloaded with queries, therefore the best course of action is to hold off till the commotion is finished.

Also, they are “working on fixing the quota for the email verifications,” according to the tweet. That implies that we can anticipate an increase in the daily limit or an increase to infinity. The latter is the best option.

But, you don’t need to worry about the limit if you’re using alternative signup methods, including using Google or Apple Sign In or signing up with your phone number, as these signup methods won’t be impacted by it.


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