Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat: Simple Troubleshoot

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Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat;- Faulty sensors, poor installation, tripped circuit breakers, etc. can all cause a Honeywell thermostat to fail to activate the heat. Your Honeywell thermostat may need to be reset in order to resolve the problem of the heat not turning on. Continue reading to get the other answers.


Look for  tripped circuit breakers.

To avoid overloading and damage, HVAC systems are equipped with circuit breakers. It is impossible for your thermostat to pump hot air if these circuit breakers are off. Opening up your electrical panel and accessing the wiring will be much simpler if you put your Honeywell Thermostat without a C-wire.

To find out if the circuit breakers are in the “OFF” position, simply open the electrical panel and check your thermostat.In that case, turn it to the ON position.


Make sure the furnace is turned on and the cover is shut.

  • Ensure that the furnace is turned on before setting the thermostat to the “hot” setting.
  • Make sure the furnace’s breaker is also in the ON position.
  • When the furnace’s lid is open, the thermostat occasionally won’t pump heat.
  • Therefore, shut the furnace door all the way while turning the thermostat.


Inspect if any damaged sensors.

Your thermostat won’t generate heat effectively if the temperature sensor inside is broken.

Use a thermometer to gauge the temperature of the space where your sensor is located, then compare that reading to the temperature your thermostat is showing. If the temperatures are not the same, the sensor is likely to be at fault. After that, you’ll need to replace the sensor.


Look for any improper installations.

There are two instances of faulty installation:

Without a technician’s assistance, you fitted the thermostat (either by yourself or a handyman). In this scenario, mistakes like incorrect wiring, thermostat misalignment, etc., could happen.
Check the connections of the wires as you open the thermostat panel and consult the thermostat manual.

It is preferable to let a specialist handle it if you are unsure of what to do.

The thermostat is situated close to a window, an air vent, or any other area with airflow. The oncoming wind will have an impact on the temperature readings in these places. As a result, the thermostat won’t be able to effectively heat or cool your space.
Move the thermostat to a location with little airflow to resolve this problem and allow the thermostat to reliably record temperature.


Perform Thermostat reset

How to Reset Honeywell Thermostats Reset all Models Easily e1669784838801

A Honeywell Thermostat feature called EM Heat typically activates to maintain the temperature when the primary heat source isn’t working.

If it didn’t solve the problem, the first course of action you should do if your Honeywell thermostat isn’t working is to reset it.

Honeywell has produced numerous thermostat types over the years with various features and functionality.

These models have different reset mechanisms. The following is a list of some of these models’ reset mechanisms:


The 4000 series of Honeywell thermostats

The reset button is a feature of the 4000 series. The following are the procedures to take when resetting this thermostat:

  • Activate On the thermostat.
  • Tap the PROGRAM button three times.
  • To the right of the buttons on the thermostat’s front panel, inside a little hole, is the reset button. Press the button for roughly 5 seconds while inserting a sharp object (such as a toothpick, paperclip, or pin) into the hole.
  • The thermostat has now been reset.


The 1000, 2000, and 7000 series Honeywell thermostats

The Honeywell 1000, 2000, and 7000 series thermostats all reset using the same system:

  • The thermostat and circuit breaker should be turned OFF.
  • The batteries must be removed after removing the thermostat cover.
  • Place the positive end of the battery on the negative side and vice versa when inserting the battery.
  • Take out the batteries, then replace them correctly after waiting 5 to 10 seconds.
  • The circuit breaker and thermostat should be turned ON.
  • You have it, then. It’s time to adjust your thermostat.


The 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 series Honeywell thermostats

This line of thermostats has cutting-edge features including touchscreens, onboard buttons, and consoles. These features allow you to reset them. For each series of thermostats, there are many reset procedures.


Video of how to Reset Honeywell Thermostat

Resettig honeywell


Video watch


Finally, dial Honeywell support.

You should contact Honeywell to request a technician to come look at your thermostat if all of the aforementioned remedies are ineffective.


How to Increase the Temperature Using Honeywell Thermostats

Other factors, such as weak batteries, unclean filters that might hinder airflow, blocked vents, wrong settings, etc., can also affect how well your Honeywell thermostat functions.

As a result, it’s essential to periodically change the batteries and clean the filters and vents.

Also possible during a power loss are changes to the day and time settings. The thermostat cannot function properly in such circumstances.


FAQs: Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat

Why won’t my thermostat activate the heat?

Checking the thermostat should be your first step if your heating system won’t turn on. It’s possible that the thermostat battery failed, turning it off. A power surge, brownout, or sudden power interruption could have caused your hardwired thermostat to lose its settings.


What is the Honeywell thermostat heat-control setting?

Your Honeywell thermostat temperature can be easily set if it has a manual thermostat. To adjust the temperature, all you have to do is push the up and down buttons. Until you adjust the temperature again, the one you set will remain.

What should I do if my Honeywell thermostat won’t turn on?

How to reset a Honeywell thermostat: Turn off the thermostat power and take out the batteries. Negative to positive and positive to negative are the incorrect battery insertion directions. Ten seconds later, reposition them in the proper order. You will restore the factory defaults for your thermostat.


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