How Long Do AirTag Batteries Last? Tips To Extend Battery life

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Do AirTag Batteries Last Long? Depending on how they are used and several environmental conditions that affect battery life, AirTag batteries typically last a year. However, if the batteries run out, new ones can be installed.

Your things can be tracked with AirTags, a flexible piece of technology.

If you decide against getting a phone for your kids, you can even track them.

With all the tracking the AirTag has been performing, you might be concerned about how long the battery will survive.

Depending on how they are used, AirTag batteries can last up to a year, however,, there are a number of factors that could either shorten or lengthen the claimed battery life of AirTags.

If these AirTags are an essential component of your everyday life, it is crucial to know how long the battery will last.

Imagine how awful it would be if you were using the AirTag to find something and the batteries died.


Continue Reading to understand the various strategies for extending the AirTag battery life.


Verify the health of your AirTag battery.

Keeping track of the battery life of several AirTags can be very challenging.

The Find My App allows you to connect numerous AirTags, and you can monitor the battery life of each one of them.

Use the Find My App and the methods below to verify the AirTags’ battery level:

    • On your device, use the Find My app.
    • View information about AirTags by visiting the ‘Items’ section of the bottom menu.
    • Choose the AirTag for which you want to check the battery level.
    • Just beneath that specific AirTag name is the battery icon.
    • The battery icon will show you how much battery life is still left.


AirTag Batteries Life Affecting Factors

The battery life of Apple AirTags is impacted by a number of factors, claims Apple.

The likelihood of your battery dying soon increases if you use it more frequently.

Therefore, you cannot anticipate your battery to endure for more than a year.


Environmental Aspects

According to Apple, AirTags should be used in environments with temperatures between 20° and 60° C (4° and 140° F).

The AirTags’ battery will quickly run out of power if you use them in extremely cold or excessively hot conditions. In some extreme instances, there is even a potential that the device will shut off.


Make replacement of Airtag batteries

CR2032 batteries are used by AirTags, and the lifespan of these batteries is determined by the manufacturer.

However, Apple warns users against using bitterant batteries because they won’t work with the AirTags.

In addition, four sound usage and one precision-finding event per day are assumed for AirTags’ one-year life expectancy.

The battery will deplete faster if you utilize more than the desired usage limit.


Are AirTag batteries rechargeable?

The AirTag batteries can’t be charged.

The AirTag batteries are not rechargeable, so you can only replace them when they run out of power.

Nevertheless, this is not a problem because AirTag batteries are widely available, and changing them is just as easy as changing the batteries in your remote.


How can I tell if my AirTag batteries need replacing?

If you have been using the AirTag batteries for a considerable amount of time, there are several ways to tell whether they are low.

You may receive a notice from your iPhone warning you that the battery is almost empty.

Checking the battery level on your Find My app will also show you whether the AirTags batteries are low.

On your mobile, open the Find My app and choose the ArTag you wish to check the battery level for. You will then see the battery icon next to the ArTag’s name.

In order to remember to change the battery when it runs out and to be reminded to regularly check the battery levels, you may keep track of your AirTag batteries by adding “Replace AirTag battery” to your To-Do app.

To ensure that you remember to replace the batteries, schedule the task to repeat every 11 months after you’ve set the reminder.

In order to manage your tasks at this period and avoid being distracted by them at other times, add a new tag to the To-do list named “Vacation.”


How to extend the Life of Your AirTag Battery

You can extend the life of AirTags’ batteries in a number of ways.

Avoid activating the AirTag until you really need it as one method.

People have been seen keeping their AirTags on even when they are not looking for them.

Know more about battery life.


What takes place when an AirTag battery runs out?

A dead AirTag battery could cause the device to stop functioning or operate very slowly.

When the batteries are low, a notification will also be sent to your smartphone.

The fact that they cannot be recharged is crucial information. That does not, however, imply that the tool is now worthless.

Simply swap out the dead battery for a fresh CR2032 lithium 3V battery when it happens. The procedure is quite straightforward and simple.


Switch out your AirTag batteries.

Contrary to popular belief, it is relatively simple to replace the AirTag batteries, despite what you may believe.

Finding a CR2032 lithium 3V battery, which is what the AirTags battery is made of, is the first thing you need to accomplish.

It’s time to replace them when you locate the battery.

Before changing the batteries, take off any cases you may have added to your AirTag.

The silver side of the AirTag should now be facing you as you flip it over.

Turn this Silver section counterclockwise by applying pressure to it.


When the silver top is loose, take it off.

With the positive side facing up, swap out the old battery for the new one.

Following that, put the silver cap in place by turning it in a clockwise motion.

Now verify that the AirTags are operating correctly.



I hope I’ve answered all of your questions on this.

However, there are several factors relating to the AirTag batteries that you need to remember before you depart.

Your Find my App’s battery icon won’t display the precise battery level percentage.

You will need to calculate it on your own and begin hunting for a new battery when it reaches 25%.

Since the batteries that power the AirTags are not proprietary, you don’t need to run to the closest Apple Store to buy new ones.


These 3-volt lithium coin cell batteries, known as CR2032 batteries, can be purchased from an electronics retailer close to you.

Your battery is likely to discharge more quickly if you frequently play sounds on your AirTag.

If you need to reset the AirTags, they will sound a small chime to let you know.

There are some AirTags that must be activated right once, like the ones you attach to your keychain, while others can wait until later, like the ones you attach to your luggage.

Additionally, the batteries are inexpensive and easily accessible. AirTags are a cost-effective way to keep track of your belongings.


AirTag Batteries

What takes place when the AirTag battery runs out?

It could either stop functioning or do so very slowly. When the batteries are low, a notification will also be sent to your smartphone.


What is AirTag’s operating range?

About 30 to 40 feet tall. The precise range of Apple’s AirTags has not yet been disclosed, but given that they can link to iPhones or even Android devices through Bluetooth, we can estimate it to be close to 10 m.


Can my phone be rung by AirTag?

Your phone should be securely fastened with an AirTag before you use the Find My Network Tab to look for the signal.


How can you tell whether an AirTag is nearby?

When you press on the notice that says “AirTag spotted moving with you,” a sheet that says “AirTag detected near you” will appear, allowing you to play a sound on the AirTag.


Utilizes GPS AirTag?

No, they don’t; Bluetooth is what they primarily use.

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