How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly: Easy Fixing

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Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly

Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off  | How to fix Vizio TV that turns off by itself randomly | How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly.


If your Vizio TV is set to a short duration, it’s easy to think that it turns off by itself at random. To prevent your Vizio TV from turning off automatically, follow these steps: After turning on your Vizio TV, press the Menu button on the remote. Select Timers > Auto Power Off after that, and then change the time to something reasonable.


Disable the Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off if your Vizio TV keeps turning off. In the event that doesn’t work, disable HDMI-CEC.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand why your Vizio TV is acting in this manner and how to quickly resolve the problem.


Questions that are frequently asked.

mostly asked questions


Why does my TV occasionally turn off by itself?

Check the power timer on your TV. It’s possible that a child or cat sitting on the remote set up your TV so that it turns on or off at the exact same time every time. Check the TV’s settings to see if you can locate the power-scheduling option and make sure it is turned off.


Why does my Vizio TV keep restarting by itself?

Check the power cables and the TV’s power outlet if your Vizio TV keeps restarting. Check the TV’s refresh rate and see if the remote is operating properly. Update the TV, and check the power modes and sleep timer settings if the problem continues. Hard reset the TV if none of the alternatives above work.


How can a smart TV that keeps turning off be fixed?

30 seconds after unplugging the TV, re-plug it directly into a working outlet. This is referred to as a “soft reset,” and it should calibrate the TV.


How long are Vizio TVs made to last?

As long as you maintain the TV in good condition, Vizio TVs can last for five to six years.

You might instead be looking at a shortened lifespan of 4-5 years if you leave the TV on for the majority of the day.


How much does a VIZIO TV repair cost?

The average cost of repairing a Vizio TV in the US is between $100 and $300, but this only applies to out-of-warranty items and varies depending on the model of TV you have. If a manufacturing flaw was to blame, your TV would be covered by warranty and be free to be repaired.


Does VIZIO replace TVs?

If a repair cannot be made and your TV is still covered by warranty, Vizio will only replace it. This pertains to the TV’s screen and circuit boards.


Why does my TV keep turning off after a short period of time?

Your TV may be repeatedly turning on and off as a result of receiving incorrect signals from a malfunctioning device or connection, which could be the root of your issue. Disconnect any devices that are currently connected to see if the issue persists after doing this.


Why does my television turn on and off every five seconds?

The accumulation of dust or debris in your TV remote is the most frequent cause of potential problems with your TV. This is what? Try cleaning the remote control; it might prevent buttons from being pressed on their own, which can turn the TV back on.


How can a Vizio TV that turns on and off be fixed?

Examine the TV remote. There could be a stuck power button. Make sure no other appliances, including other Vizio remotes, are on or obstructing the TV in the area. By going to Settings > System > CEC and turning the setting off, you can disable CEC if you think another device might be affecting your TV.


Do Vizio TVs have a reset button?

How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly
How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly
Are there any reset buttons on Vizio TVs?
Reset buttons are located near other buttons and input ports on the back of older Vizio TVs. You must reset a newer device using the settings menu because it lacks a physical reset button.
Press the Menu button on the VIZIO remote. Select System with the remote’s Arrow buttons, then click OK. Click OK after selecting Reset & Admin. Select Reset TV to Factory Defaults and then click OK.


What are some common problems with Vizio TVs?

Problems with Vizio TV: 6 Known Issues (Explained)
  • The Vizio TV display is blinking.
  • Vizio TV Does Not Turn On.
  • Despite being on, the Vizio TV’s screen is blank.
  • Vizio TV: Can’t Install Apps.
  • Vizio TV does not connect to Wi-Fi.
  • The Vizio remote control is not working.


Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Turning Off?

As is to be expected, Vizio TVs rarely turn off on their own, but a problem with the power or a change in the settings could cause this to happen.

The most likely cause of your Vizio TV turning off for no apparent reason is probably a sleep timer that was activated without your knowledge.

Sometimes an input device that used HDMI CEC to turn off the TV may have turned off your TV.

Your TV may also abruptly shut off due to other software and hardware issues, but I’ll go over every possible cause of this error and explain how to address each one as soon as possible.


How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly

Check Input Devices

Because the input device you’re using right now isn’t functioning, your TV might not be showing any picture, leading you to believe that it has turned off.

The TV will typically indicate that there is no signal, though occasionally there may be a signal but no picture on the screen.

If any of your TV’s input devices appear to be having problems, check them all and try restarting them.

You can also check all the connections to the TV and ensure they are connected properly.

If you can’t see anything on the screen, try switching inputs to the device you want to connect to your TV.


Turn off the auto Power off and sleep timer.

You can set the sleep timers on Vizio TVs to turn the TV off after a predetermined amount of inactivity, typically in increments of 30 minutes. Additionally, the TV can be set to automatically turn off rather than go into sleep mode.

This is useful if you want to save power but don’t want to turn the TV off yourself, because the TV will go to sleep or turn off if it is not used for the duration of the time interval you have set.

The sleep timer and auto power off feature may mistakenly believe that your TV is no longer in use and put it in sleep mode or turn it off after the predetermined amount of time.

If your Vizio TV shuts off on its own, disabling this feature might help you fix it.


Follow these steps to turn off the Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off:

  1. On the remote, press the Menu button.
  2. Select Timers.
  3. Turn off Sleep Timer and Auto Power Off.
  4. Leave the Settings display.

Check to see if the TV turns off on its own once more after you’ve disabled these power management features.


Disable HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC is a connection protocol that input devices can use to change the volume, turn off, or switch the inputs that are currently displayed on your TV.

For example, if your receiver has HDMI-CEC features and is linked to your TV via HDMI, you can turn it off by pressing the power button on the remote control.

You might have been trying to turn off your receiver or one of your input devices when you accidentally used this feature to turn off your TV.

Do this to turn off HDMI-CEC on your Vizio TV:

  1. On the remote, press the Menu button.
  2. Select System under TV Settings.
  3. Click CEC.
  4. Turn off the feature.

Watch to see if the TV turns off on its own after you turn off HDMI-CEC. If your TV keeps shutting off on its own, you can try unplugging every input that is connected to it to see if that fixes the problem.


Resetting Vizio TV

You might need to factory reset the TV if updating it doesn’t stop it from shutting off on its own. You should keep in mind that doing so will reset the TV to its initial settings, sign you out of all of your accounts, and remove any installed apps.

Steps for Resetting a Vizio TV involves:

  1. Tap the Menu key..
  2. Then select System > Reset & Admin.
  3. To restore factory defaults, choose “Reset TV.”
  4. Type the parental code in. If you haven’t changed it, it is set to 0000 by default.
  5. Accept the request to reset the TV.

Set up the TV once more after it restarts following the reset to see if the TV turns off once more.


Update Your Vizio TV

Firmware and software updates are occasionally sent to your Vizio smart TV, and installing them is practically mandatory because they may fix problems like the one your TV is experiencing right now, where it shuts off without warning. Therefore, if you haven’t performed a software update on your Vizio TV in a while or at all, I would advise that you do so right away.

Follow these steps to update your Vizio smart TV:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Opt for Check for Updates.
  3. Accept the request to allow the TV to check for updates. To do this, your TV must be wired to your wireless network.
  4. Please be patient while the update is being downloaded and installed on the TV.
  5. The TV will restart after the update is complete.

Make sure your router is close to the TV and try again if your TV is stuck in update mode. Check to see if the TV turns off again without your intervention after restarting it.


Contact Vizio Customer Support

Vizio customer service: How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off
How to Fix a Vizio TV Keeps Turning Off Randomly


If all else fails, you might need to get in touch with Vizio customer support, so they can send a technician to look at the TV.

The problem might be more complicated and require further diagnosis by a technician. If the TV is still covered by warranty, it will be fixed without charge; if not, you may be required to pay for any necessary replacement parts.



Software problems with Vizio TVs are uncommon, but this one stood out the most to me as I searched online for information.

You may also need to take a look at that if your Vizio TV is a part of any home automation systems that you may be using.

It’s possible that a trigger is activating improperly, which could cause the TV to turn off while you were watching it.


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