How to Link Verify & Use WhatsApp With Google Voice Number

How to Connect, Verify, and Use WhatsApp With a Google Voice Number How to Get a Free Permanent Google Voice Number Outside the US.

Many users nowadays choose to link, authenticate, and utilize WhatsApp using Google Voice rather than use their genuine phone numbers on their SIM cards.

What Is the Value of a Google Voice Number?

Google Voice numbers provide a sense of anonymity while also providing unlimited free calls and SMS to any number in the United States and Canada. Google Voice may also be used to make low-cost international calls.

Use WhatsApp With Google Voice Number
Google voice Number

Google Voice Numbers are they permanent and free?

Of course, because Google Voice numbers are permanent and free, using them to authenticate your WhatsApp account will be no problem.

If you don’t break the tech giant’s regulations, these stats will endure a lifetime. These infractions include, to mention a few, utilizing the Google Voice number service for frauds, phishing, and identity theft.

Outside of the United States, Google Voice numbers are extremely popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, and South Africa.

Google Voice Number
Google Voice Number

This complete article will show you how to authenticate your WhatsApp personal or corporate account without a phone number or SIM card. You may then link your free Google Voice number, authenticate it, and use it with WhatsApp.

How Do I Connect, Verify, and Use WhatsApp With My Google Voice Number?

  • To link, verify, and use WhatsApp with your Google Voice Number, follow these steps:
    Log in to your Google Voice App on your Android, iPhone, or computer’s web interface.
  • Then, launch WhatsApp and enter your proper Google Voice number.
  • To begin the WhatsApp registration and verification procedure, click OK.
  • To acquire the SMS or One Time Password (OTP) issued by WhatsApp Inc., use the Google Voice app.
  • To successfully link, verify, and use WhatsApp with your Google Voice Number, enter the OTP into the WhatsApp app.
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