Interview questions for Sensa-2022 Makarani and Wasimamizi – Simple Explanations

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Possible Sensa Job Interview Questions | Maswali ya usaili

Interview questions for Sensa-2022 Makarani and Wasimamizi | Asked by NBS

10 Possible Interview Questions for Census Clerks and Administrators | Maswali ya Interview kwa makarani na wasimamizi wa Sensa

Sensa Interview questions for Makarani And Wasimamizi 2022 pdf format


Census takers are some of the most important people during the census. They are often the face of the Census Bureau. For this reason, it’s important to know whether a potential candidate is right for the job.

The ideal census taker must be able to work independently and with little supervision, be willing to travel extensively, be punctual and organized, and have excellent communication skills. The following list of interview questions will help you determine if a candidate is a good fit for this role.

Sensa Interview questions for Makarani And Wasimamizi 2022 pdf format

interview questions Sensa 2022

9 Frequent asked Interview Question About Census | Sensa

What is your understanding of the Census?

The Census is a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS)  every 10 years to tally up the number of people in the country and their demographic makeup. It’s conducted by sending census takers to every household in the country, regardless of whether people respond by mail.

The information collected is used to determine how many representatives each state will get in Congress, how more than $600 billion in federal funding is distributed, and where people are needed in certain industries, like healthcare…Read more>>>


How would you describe your communication skills?

Communication is a critical skill for census takers. They need to be able to explain the survey to respondents, be personable and friendly, and have excellent writing skills. The best way to assess communication skills is to have the candidate conduct an interview with you. Ask them about why they’re interested in the position, what they like about their current job, and what their future goals are.


Why did you choose to work for the Census Bureau?

This is a great question to determine if a candidate is really interested in the position or just applying to anything. If they’re only applying for the Census Bureau job because it’s the only one they can find, they probably aren’t the best fit for the role.


What are your strengths?

You can ask this question at the end of the interview. The candidate’s response will provide insight into their personality and help you determine if they would be a good fit for the job. If they talk extensively about their strengths, they probably aren’t shy about sharing their thoughts. This could be a problem if they’re being given an assignment and don’t follow the instructions.


What are your weaknesses?

A potential employee’s response to this question will tell you whether they’re self-aware and open to critical feedback. If they just say “I don’t have any weaknesses,” they’re probably not a good fit for the job.


What types of travel will you be required to do?

Census takers must be willing and able to travel extensively, sometimes staying in hotels. You should also ask them what kind of transportation they prefer to get around. Do they prefer walking, biking, driving, or public transportation? This interview question may not seem as important but it is vital too.


How much independence do you need in this role?

You should ask this question toward the end of the interview. If a candidate responds that they need a lot of supervision, it might indicate an issue with initiative.


Can you tell us more about a typical day as a census taker?

This question will help you determine what the job is really like. You’ll also get an idea of the candidate’s daily schedule. If they have a long commute, for example, it could affect their punctuality and attendance.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

This is a great way to close the interview. You can use it to ask follow-up questions or to summarize why you think the candidate would be a good fit for the position. Only hire the best candidates, and you’ll have a census survey that will be successful.

Sensa Interview questions for Makarani And Wasimamizi 2022 pdf format


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