Jinsi Ya Kucheza Fantasy League: Beginner’s Guide

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How to join Fantasy Premier League with a code, a beginner’s guide, and fantasy premier league advice.

Want to manage in the Fantasy Premier League but are unsure how to do it? We have your back. The Scout is there to assist you in getting started if you want to join the millions of managers that like playing the game.

The beginning of the season is when we have the least knowledge and it is the hardest to choose a decent squad. This is why it’s paramount to go as safe as possible. By that, I mean choosing players that are guaranteed starts in FPL, are solid FPL assets, and are a part of teams with favorable starting schedules.


Jinsi ya Kucheza Fantasy League | How to play FPL

  • FPL managers have a budget of £100.0m to spend on a starting team of 15 players after they have joined up.
  • Two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three attackers make up a squad.
  • Any given Premier League team may choose a maximum of three players.
  • Choosing your team Before each gameweek deadline, managers must select a starting XI from their 15-man roster.
  • Any configuration is acceptable as long as the starting lineup consists of a goalkeeper, a minimum of three defenders, a minimum of two midfielders, and a minimum of one striker.
  • The cutoff time is always 90 minutes prior to the beginning of the gameweek’s first match.


Points scoring

  • For goals, assists, saves, and clean sheets, players receive points.
  • If a player ranks among the best performers in a game’s Bonus Points System (BPS), they can additionally receive bonus points.
  • A team’s eleven starting players will score all of their points for the Gameweek.
  • However, the first player on your bench will automatically get points if a starting player does not participate for his club.
  • If two or three starting players don’t show up for their teams, the same thing happens.
  • In order to ensure that their first-choice reserve player is first in line, managers should rank their substitutes in order of preference.
  • For the gameweek, managers are required to select a captain and a vice-captain.
  • A captain’s score is doubled, but the vice-score captain’s is doubled in the event that the chosen skipper does not participate in the Gameweek.


  • Managers may join and establish leagues to compete against friends and players from across the world after entering their squad into the game.
  • Where you compete against your buddies is in private leagues. Simply form a league, then invite your friends to join by sending them the special code.
  • Up to 25 invitational leagues are open to you. The number of teams in a single league is unrestricted.
  • Managers can also sign up for a public league of 20 teams that are chosen at random.
  • You may participate in as many as five open leagues.

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Play HERE.


Executing transfers

  • Managers are permitted one free transfer every gameweek following the first deadline of the season.
  • As long as the move fits within their budget, this permits them to recruit a player in return for a member of their 15-man team.
  • Managers will lose four points for any additional transfer they make during a Gameweek.
  • The following gameweek will grant managers two further free transfers if they do not use their free transfer.
  • They are unable to accumulate more than two free transfers, though.


Player costs

  • Throughout the season, player prices vary based on how well-liked they are among all of the game’s managers.
  • A player who starts at £7.0 million and is transferred to a lot of clubs, for instance, may progressively increase to £7.5 million, or even more.
  • Owners of the player whose price is rising will profit if they sell the player for the larger sum.
  • However, they are required to pay a 50% sell-on charge that is rounded down to the closest £0.1 million.
  • As a result, by selling the player in the aforementioned scenario, whose price increased from £7.0 million to £7.5 million, managers would get £7.2 million.



There are five chips to play over the season, which can boost a team’s points total in a gameweek.

Wildcard–Completely overhaul your team without forfeiting points (twice a season).

Triple Captain—Get three times your points total for your captain.

Bench Boost—Earn points from your non-playing substitutes.

Free Hit—Reset your team for one week only before it reverts to

  • The most potent chip is the wildcard, which gives managers unlimited free transfers throughout a Gameweek.
  • In essence, this offers the chance to completely alter a team of 15 players.
  • For each half of the season, there is one wildcard available.
  • It’s important to remember that a gameweek may only have one chip played.



Jinsi ya Kucheza Fantasy league | How to play FPL

Jinsi Ya Kucheza Fantasy League

Jinsi ya Kucheza Fantasy league | How to play FPL

How to play: Jinsi Ya Kucheza Fantasy League

Jinsi Ya Kucheza Fantasy League

How to play: Jinsi Ya Kucheza Fantasy League


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