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Jinsi Ya Kuomba Transcript NACTE: Complete information about how to request a Maombi ya NACTE academic transcript may be found here. You can follow these steps to ask the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) for your academic transcript:


Is my NACTE transcript available online?

Yes! Now you can download your transcript online through the NACTE official website.

Most of the time, you can request your transcript online through the registrar’s office rather than by phone or in person. The transcript fee can typically be paid online as well. You might need to download and print the appropriate document, then mail a check, if the school does not provide such a form.


How can I get my college transcripts?

The academic institution where you completed your education can provide you with transcripts, which are produced by the education board of conduct and in Tanzania is NACTE. They can be obtained either by physically visiting the institution or by contacting the authorities and asking them to mail them to you.


NACTE Transcript Request (NACTE Transcript)

NOTE: This is only available to graduates of the following programs: Livestock, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Health Allied Science (Animal Health Productions, Veterinary Laboratory Technology, Vector Control, Range Management, and, Tsetse Control)

According to NACTE’s instructions, the charge to pick up transcripts at NACTE Headquarters is Tshs 10,000, while the fee to pick up transcripts at Zone Offices is Tshs 15,000


Jinsi Ya Kuomba Transcript NACTE Online

  • Go to www.nacte.go.tz to access the NACTE website (NACTE transcript login).
  • Requests for verification and certificates can be made by clicking the “Online Services” menu option.
  • Choose “Academic Transcript Request,” which is the one that best fits your request.
  • Provide your contact information in the online form, along with your full name, registration number, and course of study.
  • Indicate where you want your academic transcript mailed, along with the recipient’s name and address.
  • Send in your request and the necessary payments as noted on the website.

NACTE will send your academic transcript to the person you chose after processing your request and receiving payment confirmation. The volume of requests submitted will determine how quickly your request is processed, so it’s crucial to keep this in mind while making plans and submitting your request far ahead of any deadlines you may have.


Vodacom Mpesa: Maelezo ya Jinsi ya kulipia, paying Through M-Pesa

  • Piga *150*00#
  • Chagua 4. LIPA kwa Chagua M-Pesa Malipo ya Serikali Chagua, number 5. 1. Ya Malipo Ingiza kiasi (991120100619, for example, 10,000)
  • Weka PIN/namba ya Siri.
  • kuthibitisha bonyeza 1:


AirTel Money Maelezo ya Jinsi ya kulipia, paying through Airtel Money:

  • Piga *150*60#
  • Chagua LIPA Chagua 4. Malipo ya Serikali Chagua, number 5. 1. Ya Malipo Ingiza kiasi (991120100619, for example, 10,000)
  • Weka PIN/namba ya Siri.
  • kuthibitisha bonyeza 1:


Payment Proof

You will receive a notice from the government payment system after sending that serves as proof of payment, such as “Payment received to National Council for Technical Education Invoice No: 991xxxxxxxxx.” 10000 TZS; Receipt No. 9900xxxxxx; Date: YYYY-MM-DD: HH: mm; Through: EC100xxxxxxIP.

* Enter the payment confirmation field using the receipt number that was used (9900xxxxxx).


Also Vital Information

Make sure you have a recently colored passport with a white-blue or sky-blue background that measures 35mm x 45mm.

Bring your IDS (driver’s license, passport, or voter card) or other certificates when you come to pick up your order.

Once the requests are filed one after another, keep checking to see what the status is. Your profile, email, or mobile phone will serve as the notification method.

Call +255 677 004 202 or send an email to examinations@nacte.go.tz if you need assistance.


How to Apply transcript online NACTE: Video Guide


How to Appeal NACTE Results

You can appeal your NACTE Results through the following means:

  1. Through Help Desk.
  2. Contact this Mobile: +255677444018.
  3. Send an appeal Email to: appeal@nacte.go.tz.

NACTE Transcript Form

Below is a sample of the nacte transcript application form from ATC

Nacte Transcript - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | pdfFiller

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