Kikosi cha Simba SC Vs Ihefu Leo Azam FA 07/04/2023: Updated Now

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Check Kikosi cha Simba SC Vs Ihefu Leo Azam FA: We will also pass through the possible kikosi cha Simba leo dhidi ya Ihefu katika kombe la Azam Federation Cup.


Kikosi cha Simba vs Ihefu leo, Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya Ihefu leo, and Kikosi cha Simba vs Ihefu Leo Azam Sports Federation Cup are all covered in this blog post.


About the Simba SC Vs Ihefu Azam FA Cup

Starting on April 7, 2023, in the evening, Simba SC and Ihefu FC will square off. The game is a quarter-final match in the FA Cup contest.

This is a match of the Azam Federation Cup between Wekundu of Msimbazi, Simba SC, and the youth of Ihefu FC in the quarter-final round. The game will be played at Chamanzi the Azam FC’s playing field.

With a match between Simba SC and Ihefu from Mbeya City, the Tanzania Azam Sports Federation Cup continues today, April 7, 2023.

Given both teams’ preparations, Simba vs. Ihefu is anticipated to be one of the best and most challenging matches to watch.
Simba Sc initially advanced to the Quarter Final stage of the International CAF Champions League, but their Ihefu club had a long time to stay and prepare for that match.

Simba has defeated Ihefu FC in all matches, winning Ihefu 1 – 2 Simba, Simba 4 – 0 Ihefu, and Simba 1 – 0 Simba, which has resulted in the results of all Simba Sc vs. Ihefu matches ending with Simba Sc emerging as the winner of those matchups.

Kikosi cha Simba SC Vs Ihefu Leo Azam FA

Kikosi kamili. The confirmed lineup is as shown below

Kikosi cha Simba SC Vs Ihefu Leo

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Overview of Kikosi cha Simba vs Ihefu Leo on April 7, 2023.

The squad from Ihefu Football Club Simba SC has so far competed in three games.

Ihefu FC lost all of their direct contests. Simba SC won three of those games. No draws were made. In a row, both teams scored 2.67 goals per game.

During the regular season, Ihefu FC scored an average of 1.00 goals per game. Total goals (by both the home side and the opponent) exceeded 1.5 in 8 (66.67%) of the games. In four (33.33%) of the home games in season 2023, both teams’ total goals went beyond 2.5.

In season 2023, Simba SC scored 2.26 goals on average per game. Total goals (by both the home side and the opponent) exceeded 1.5 in 12 (70.59%) away games. A total of more than 2.5 goals were scored in 8 (47.06%) of the away team’s games.

To help you, a variety of information is provided here. Predict the result of a game involving two teams. The direct games are listed below the text.

Where to Watch the Quarterfinals of the Azam Sports Federation Cup 2022-2023 Live: Ihefu F.C. vs. Simba SC

Are you unsure about where to watch Simba and Ihefu Fc Azam Sports Federation Cup quarterfinals game? Don’t worry, the Simba vs. Ihefu game will be televised on Azam Sports 1 HD on April 7, 2023.


The location of the Simba Vs Ihefu matches on April 7, 2023.

The game between Simba and Ihefu Fc from Mbeya will take place at the Azam Complex stadium, which is under the authority of the Azam Fc Club, in Temeke District Council of the Dar Es Salaam Region.

The match between Simba and Ihefu will start at 10 p.m. in the stadium, which also allows the game to be played at night due to the lighting that permits the game to be played at night.


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