Kikosi cha Yanga Leo vs Rivers Utd Confederation Cup 30 Apr 2023

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Kikosi cha Yanga Leo vs Rivers Utd

Check out Kikosi cha Yanga Leo vs Rivers Utd Kickoff News for 30th April 2023 including match information, the lineup for Rivers Utd vs Yanga SC, kikosi cha Yanga vs Rivers leo, and also news from the team.

Young Africans (Yanga), the current Tanzanian league winners, and Rivers United, the current TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup champions, will face off in Tanzania during Leg 2 of the Quarterfinal.

Kikosi cha Yanga Leo vs Rivers Utd


  • 30 DIARAA
  • 5 JOB
  • 15 KIBWANA
  • 2 BACCA
  • 8 AUCHO
  • 18 SUREBOY
  • 9 MAYELE
  • 10 AZIZ KI
  • 48 CLEMENT



Yanga SC, on the other side, will attempt to overcome the odds and defeat their rivals. They have also put in a lot of training, and it is expected that they will give it their all.

With all of the team’s key players prepared to start, Rivers Utd is expected to have a formidable starting lineup. The team has been practicing hard in preparation for this game, and they are intent on succeeding.

The exact roster will be known around one hour before the match, even though projected lineups for the game have been released.

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Players to watch on Kikosi Cha Yanga Leo vs Rivers Utd Lineup

Fiston Mayele scored all goals in their last meeting. and he is the best striker ever for Yanga SC and the NBC Premier League going into this game, has scored 17 goals so far this year. is now the NBC Premier League’s leading scorer. His rate of scoring is high.

Aziz Ki: He plays a crucial role in his club. In the most recent Premier League match, Aziz Ki’s hat-trick enabled Young Africans upset Kagera Sugar by a 5-0 margin he also had a good performance in the match against their rival in the Kariakoo derby.

Kennedy Musonda: The defense of Rivers Utd will be put to the test by his combination with Mayele. He is one of the top wingers because of his pace, football discipline, and ball control.

Injury report on Kikosi Cha Yanga dhidi ya Rivers United

There has been no injury news on the team lineup, we will keep you updated if there is any news concerning injury/majeruhi from Young African Sports Club.

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Kikosi cha Yanga SC in previous Match

20230423 151021We predict that most of the players who started in the lineup for Yanga Vs. Geita Gold on April 8, 2023, ASFC, and those who participated in the Kariakoo derby will most likely be present in the lineup for Yanga Kinachoanza dhidi ya Simba Sports Club; otherwise, the head coach may wish to make some adjustments.

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