Kikosi Cha Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar leo: Squad 31/12/2022 Updated Now

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Lineup Kikosi Cha Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar Leo; kikosi cha Yanga Leo dhidi ya Mtibwa Sugar, Yanga Sports Club’s starting lineup for today’s Premiership match against Mtibwa sugar vs Yanga SC in Tanzania.

Mtibwa Sugar will host the Yanga SC in a Premiership match today at 1600 (East African Time); Yanga has performed well this season and has a solid record while playing away.


About: Kikosi Cha Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar today

Kikosi Cha Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar leo

A soccer team in Tanzania Yanga’s main office is in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, also known as Young Africans Sports Club. The club’s home stadium is Benjamin Mkapa Stadium. In 1935, the group was founded.

The “Yanga” (Young Boys) squad has won 28 league titles and competed in various CAF Champions League seasons. They have taken home five CECAFA Club Championship titles.

The organization began to be connected to the anti-colonial struggle. Because young Africans identified with nationalists and liberation warriors, the political organization TANU picked yellow and green as their major colors. The club is now attempting to offer 51% of its ownership to club members and maintain 49% of it for investors.

The Dar es Salaam (also known as Kariakoo) derby is the source of a long-running animosity between the club and Simba. One of the most well-known African rivalries finished sixth in the competition.


Lineup, Kikosi cha Yanga SC Vs Mtibwa Sugar Fc leo December 31, 2022

The confirmed lineup will be out Soon, below is the possible lineup:

Shaban Kibwana, Djigui Diarra, Djuma Shomari, Dickson Job Yannick Bangala Litombo, Bernard Morison, Khalid Aucho, Jesus Moloko, and Fiston Isinda Mayele, Aziz Ki Tuisila


More About Yanga SC

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Young Africans SC logo

The Dar es Salaam residents, who were regarded as Africans by Tanganyika’s colonial administration, decided to found a football club in order to compete in a league dominated by “non-African” football clubs. Although the Yanga SC origins can be found in the 1910s, its officially acknowledged history dates back to 1935.

The club’s name, according to speculations, is New Young. Later, it was replaced with the names Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC and Young Africans Sports Club.

After it was established in 1935, its members argued about the performance and results of their squad. After the club’s significantly worse and less satisfying result in 1936, several of the players moved to join another team.
Arab supporters who believed it was permissible to foment division among the club’s members were to blame for the rift. When they were successful, they created Queens F.C. with rebels (currently Simba). Since then, Simba and young Africans have continued to face off against one another.


Regarding Mtibwa Sugar

Tanzanian football team Mtibwa Sugar Football Club is based in Turiani, the northernmost town in the Mvomero District. Manungu Stadium serves as their home field, while in the past CCM Jamhuri and Gairo were also used.

A group of Mtibwa Sugar Estates Ltd. workers founded the Mtibwa Sugar Sports Club in 1988 with the goal of establishing a football team that would participate in district-level league events. The squad made its fourth-level debut in 1989, and in 1996, it was promoted to the main division. In 1998, the Premier League was created and given a new name.

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