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Login to WBIFMS Portal – www.wbifms.gov.in;- Finance Department is vested with the exclusive power of control over financial matters expecting the cases where delegation has been made for the sake of expediency.

The principal activities of the Department are preparation of Civil Budget Estimates and Annual Financial Statement, the realization of Central assistance for Plan Schemes and Centrally Sponsored Schemes, to arrange for raising market loans for financing plan schemes in consultation with the Planning Commission and the EBI

and for repayment thereof, to decide on the investment of Government balances in GOI Securities, Treasury Bills, Bonds floated by different Public Undertakings, controlling the expenditure of the state, framing rules regulating financial transactions of various Departments of the state Government, framing rules regulating discipline and conditions of services of the State Government employees

examination of all budget requests from the state’s consolidated fund, revenue collection under numerous acts, and administration of lotteries run by the state government. According to the business rules established by Article 166(3) of the Indian Constitution, the Finance Department is responsible for carrying out the following governmental duties:


WBIFMS Portal Login – www.wbifms.gov.in

Login to WBIFMS Portal

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The WBIFMS Contains the Following:

  • Departments
  • Directories
  • Regional
  • All the district and blocks offices.
  • Public account administrators
  • Disbursing officer
  • Treasuries
  • Employees.


Nodal Officer of the Department:

Shri Jagdish Prasad Meena, IAS

Secretary, Finance Department

Nabanna Building

Howrah – 711 102


033-2253 5024


Through a Secretariat led by the Additional Chief Secretary, the Minister-in-Charge of the Finance Department performs his or her duties.

The five branches of the finance department—audit, budget, revenue, internal audit, and institutional finance—carry out the duties of the department.

There are numerous directorates, cells, and units that deal with particular topics under these five Branches.

The West Bengal Administrative Tribunal was established to resolve disagreements involving the hiring and employment of individuals appointed to public offices and services.


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West Bengal Finance Department

The state government’s financial affairs are managed by the Finance Department of the West Bengal government. It is concerned with all economic and financial issues affecting the state as a whole, including resource mobilization and resource allocation for administrative, social welfare, and human development goals as well as infrastructure development.

The Finance Department’s primary duties include budgeting, creating the Annual Financial Statement, approving plans for various Departments, keeping an eye on spending, facilitating tax collection through Directorates under its administrative control, managing Treasuries, and more.

Internal government department audits and institutional finance. The Department also keeps an eye on global and domestic economic trends at the moment. The State Secretariat at Nabanna, Howrah 71102 houses the Finance Department. more.


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