majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 – Accurate list

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majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

Use the Link Below we will update the list as we receive the names of selected applicants

Majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 PDF, orodha ya majina ya waliofaulu mtihani wa sensa so many candidates are desperate to find out if they have been selected for the August census or not, since the interview has already been taken.

Every 10 years, a Population and Housing Census is conducted nationwide, and the last one was in 2012.

In this post, we have the schedule for the release of the names according to the census, so please read carefully so that you can obtain all the info you desire | ratiba ya sensa.


Ratiba ya zoezi la sensa 2022 | Sensa ya Watu na Makazi

Majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 -


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CENSUS WORK | Uchambuzi wa posho za Sensa 2022
The allowance for the entire census function is as follows: Clerks / Information / Content

  1. Seminar 35,000 x 5 days = 175,000
  2. Rate 5,000x 5 days = 25,000
  3. Food and drinks = 10,000 x 5days = 50,000
  4. Work order 50,000 x 5 days = 250,000



  • 1 day to pick up supplies, 3 business days and 1 day to deliver supplies and work documents. Total 5 days.
  • The total payment is 500,000 Tsh  (Five Hundred Thousand)

Majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

Click here to check matokeo ya usaili wa sensa 2022

The names of those who have completed the census interview will be released by NBS and OCGS between July 24, 2022 and July 25, 2022, according to the timetable.

|majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa yata Tangazwa katika tovuti ya NBS Tarehe 24 na 25|

Prior to the National Bureau of Statistics announcing the names, they will be submitted firstly on the district level toward the regional level, so that every candidate can verify whether he or she has been chosen or not.

The regional census will publish the selected NBS and ocgs names for reference and announce them on the web.

Matokeo ya usaili wa sensa 2022 |

View pfd Majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

How to check selected Names

You can use the following method to see if the people who got jobs as census takers have properly identified themselves.

  • Visit the website
  • Go to the public announcements section
  • check for waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022
  • Download the PDF File

You can download the pdf there. After you download the list, you can save it on your device and print it for reference and celebration. You can then download the PDF file.


A Questionnaire for all Tanzanians! | Dodoso kwa Watanzania wote kuhusu Sensa 2022 

To Majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022

The 2022 Census will only be conducted by the government of Tanzania. However, it is important that we, as citizens of this country, participate in this important process. We can do so by sharing our thoughts, opinions and suggestions on how to make this survey more inclusive.

Participating in the census can help us address issues that are prominent in our society. It gives us the opportunity to express our concerns and make suggestions on how to solve them.

For instance, the last census revealed that:

  • A high percentage of Tanzanians live in poverty.
  • The census also showed that the majority of the population is uneducated.

These are important issues that need to be addressed. The best way to address them is by participating in the census. You can make sure that the government knows what issues are important to you.

You can make them understand what measures should be taken to alleviate poverty and increase the percentage of people who are educated. You can also make sure that the government knows your age and the number of people who reside in your household.

majina ya Waliofaulu usaili wa Sensa 2022

Click Here to view majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 Mtwara

Click Here to view majina ya waliofaulu usaili wa sensa 2022 Mwanza

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