Majina ya Waliopata SAMIA Scholarship 2022/2023

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News to orodha ya Majina ya Waliopata SAMIA Scholarship 2022/2023

The names of 640 students who qualify for the Samia Scholarship due to strong performance in science studies are expected to be released by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology today.

Professor Adolf Mkenda, the ministry’s minister, declared on Sunday in Dodoma that there would be no favoritism or outside influence in the funding process.

“On September 27, 2022 (today), we will formally launch the announcement of students who completed the sixth form(Majina ya Waliopata SAMIA Scholarship 2022/2023), took exams administered by the Tanzania Examinations Council (NECTA), performed well in science coursework, and merited the Samia Scholarship.” When discussing the start of the Samia Scholarship announcement with journalists, Professor Mkenda said, “After that, their names will be announced.”

Added he, “We have 640 names of students who have excelled in science coursework and deserve to receive the Samia Scholarship. We will make them known.”

Majina ya Waliopata SAMIA Scholarship 2022/2023
Minister speaking about orodha ya Majina ya Waliopata SAMIA Scholarship 2022/2023


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One requirement for funding, according to Professor Mkenda, is for a student to be accepted into one of the nearby universities to pursue a degree in science, engineering, or medicine.

He said that students who are admitted to courses that are not science will not benefit from the funding even if their names are on the list of those who are qualified to get it.

If you have gone to study abroad because someone is teaching you, even though you may have passed science studies and be on the list we will announce, you will miss this opportunity, said Professor Mkenda.

“Also, if your name is there and you have been admitted to a university here in Tanzania outside of science, engineering, and medical education, you will miss that opportunity.”

It is crucial for a student to have passed science courses.” There is no lobbying; everyone can see the results of who did well, so there is nothing to say about the kids of Mkenda or Silvia. No, the tests you passed will ensure your selection.

The Ministry has announced TShs three billion, which, according to Professor Mkenda, can support 640 swimmers for the first year.

“It could be six billion shillings when we start the second year, and it will keep going up as needed.” “We will make an announcement here, but we have asked the President to meet with those who will have met all the requirements for the launch of this scholarship itself,” he said.

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