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MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List PDF Download, The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB) was created in 1987 as a result of the merger between the Malawi Certificate Examinations and Testing Board (MCE&TB) and the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Examinations Section.

The MCE&TB was created in 1969 by an Act of Parliament to oversee the process of localizing examination development and administration in Malawi. Prior to these modifications, students who had finished their secondary education would take the Cambridge international school leaving certificate test.

The MCE&TB Act was updated in April 1987 as a result of this decision to reflect the formation of a central body, MANEB. This new Act mandated that MANEB create and conduct nationwide examinations for certification, selection, and placement.


About Release Of MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List

The results of the 2022 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) tests will be issued before the start of the new academic year, according to Hon Monica Chang’anamuno, Deputy Minister of Education. According to Hon. Chang’anamuno, the Malawi National Examinations Board-MANEB and the Ministry are finalizing the protocols that would lead to the publication of the results.

This is in response to concerns raised by parents, guardians, teachers and other stakeholders on the delay of release of results. Hon Chang’anamuno said MANEB has taken necessary steps to ensure that the examination process was carried out properly and efficiently.

The Deputy Minister further disclosed that the results release will be in line with the Ministry’s efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in its operations. The PSLCE examinations are conducted annually by MANEB and the last one was held in October 2021.


When Can You Download MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List PDF?

According to the latest official announcement from the Ministry of Education, Malawi, results will be released before the start of the new academic year on October 10, 2022. This is to ensure that all candidates have enough time to consult their results and make decisions on further studies or employment. Therefore once the results have been announced by Malawi National Examinations Board all parents, guardians, friends and students can download the document containing Standard 8 MANEB Results pass list.

MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List PDF Download

To access the MANEB Standard 8 Results, candidates can visit the official websites of Malawi National Examinations Board . Follow the steps listed below to access and Download PDF with Standard 8 Maneb Results 2022 Pass List.

  1. Open any web browser of your choice from your phone, laptop, tablet or tablet computer
  2. Type “” into the address bar of the web browser.
  3. Click on “Examination Results” just below the MANABE logo.
  4. A new window will open, and you will need to click on “Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education.”
  5. You will find a list of district names here. Select the district where you took the test.
  6. A file will open/download in which you may search your name/number to see if you PASSED or FAILED.

Also you can access the results directly here simply by click on the name of the district you want to check the results.





MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List Press Release

The Malawi National Examinations Board (MANED) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, has released the 2022 Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Examination (PSLCE) Results.

For a candidate to pass the Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Examination he/she must obtain Passes in five subjects including English.

Out of the 260,295 candidates who sat for this examination, 216,664 have passed. This represents 83.24% pass rate.

Out of the 131,012 female candidates who sat for this examination, 102,623 have passed. This represents 78.33% pass rate.

Out of the 129,283 male candidates who sat for this examination, 114,041 have passed. This represents 88.21% pass rate.

Out of the 3,668 Special Needs (SNE) Education candidates who sat for this examination, 2,672 have passed. This represents 72.85% pass rate.

Out of the 1,766 SNE male candidates who sat for this examination, 1,345 have passed. This represents 76.16% pass rate.

Out of the 1,899 SNE female candidates who sat for this examination, 1,327 have passed. This represents 69.88% pass rate.

The top ten (10) performing districts in descending order are: Zomba Urban (95.98%), NkhataBay (93.88%), Likoma (93.00%), Mzuzu City (92.64%), Phalombe (92.44%), Zomba Rural (91.72%), Mulanje (91.08%), Rumphi (90.72%), Thyolo (89.14%) and Mchinji (85.91%).

The bottom ten (10) performing districts, in ascending order are: Mwanza (70.21%), Nsanje (70.59%), Neno (75.19%), Ntcheu (75.56%), Chikwawa (76.85%), Nkhotakota (79.04%), Blantyre Rural (79.59%), Ntchisi (79.62%), Mangochi (79.71%), Machinga (80.02%).

A total of 89,404 candidates have been selected to start Form One in various secondary schools. This represents 41.62% of those who passed the examination. This is an improvement over the previous years’ which was at 37.0%

All candidates are informed that their results will be available at the centres where they registered for the examination.

All candidates wishing to query their results should do so in writing through their heads of school where they registered for the examination.

All queries should reach MANEB by 204 November, 2022. After this date no further queries will be entertained.

MANEB will not consider any query about the results made directly to the Board by candidates or any other individual.

MI students who have been selected to start Form 1 are requested to report to the secondary school they have been selected to by Monday 10th October, 2022. 


Download MANEB PSLCE Results Pass List 2022 pdf

VIEW And Download ALL MANEB PSLCE Results




How to check the MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List :

Now the question is how to check Malawi 2022 MSCE Results online, through MANEB official website ( you can get MSCE results list by district wise. To get the results follow the instruction below.

  • Step One: Open your Laptop or Mobile Internet Browser.
  • Step Two: In address bar type “
  • Step Three: Just below of MANABE logo click on “Examination Results”
  • Step Four: A new window will open click on “Malawi National Examinations Board”
  • Step Five: Here you will find list of districts name. Click on the district where you sat for the exam.
  • Step Six: A file will open/download from where search your name/number to know whether you PASS or FAILED.

Download MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List

The Microsoft Excel based registration and payment system, which has been in use for the past decade, proved to be labour intensive and time consuming. At times, schools would tamper with the excel sheets leading to many errors of which some were still transferred to the MANEB Master Candidate Database despite the efforts of data cleaning.

For the semi-automated system examination fees was collected from candidates by schools and deposited into MANEB account. To some extent, some schools would embezzle the examinations fees which caused inconveniences in the operations of MANEB.


In 2021 the e-registration and e-payment was piloted in Zomba Urban and Rural Education districts and this year 2022, the newly introduced e-registration and e-payment system has been used to register candidates for Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE), Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) and Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations in 19 education districts located in the Northern Education Division (NED), Central West Education Division (CWED) and South East Education Division (SEED).

The e-registration system is web based and requires a candidate to register online at a MANEB certified examination centre with the help of a school representative. Once a candidate is registered, an invoice with a unique number is generated from the system.

The invoice reflects the details of the candidate, subjects the candidate wishes to sit for and the total examination fee to be paid by the candidate. At this point, the candidate can make necessary corrections before finalizing the registration process.

After the candidate has verified the details as being correct, the candidate is issued with the invoice number which is used for examination fees payment by the candidate or their parent/guardian using a mobile phone through National Bank Mo626, TNM Mpamba or NBS EazyWapp, EazyApp, EazyWallet, EazyMobile322 and NBS Bank Pafupi e-payment platforms.

The electronic systems will increase MANEB’s efficiency in different respects. The recording of candidate data into MANEB ‘s servers is done in real time making it easy to pull the data for planning purposes. The system also gives room to candidates to verify their details and make corrections thereby enhancing the reliability of the data captured by schools.

Verification of the candidates details by the candidates themselves will address such problems as wrong name spellings on examinations results and MANEB certificates. The e-payment system enhances fees collection by MANEB since it is paid directly into MANEB’s account in real time through the e-payment platforms. MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List

MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List

To support schools implementing the e-registration system in 2022, MANEB conducted training from 17th January to 4th February 2022 for school representatives to acquaint them with the system and enable them have hands on experience on how to operate it. MANEB also created WhatsApp groups for the school representatives for continued support and further coaching, during the registration process.  MANEB Standard 8 Results 2022 Pass List

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