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Login to My Wits Student Portal and More Information Your fast and convenient access to the knowledge you require as a smart student is provided by the student portal known as MyWits.


The primary point of contact between the seeking user and Wits ICT is the service desk.

If you are having issues with the Internet, utilizing standard software, or accessing your email, get in touch with the Wits ICT Service Desk. Students can also get assistance with settings from the Wits ICT Service Desk.

Learn here how to set up your mobile device and register your student email.
Please visit our Direct Contact Center so that we can record a call for you and offer further assistance if the Wits ICT Service Desk is unable to help you obtain advice over the phone.

Please make sure your computer, if it’s a personal computer, is appropriately protected with an antivirus program that has been updated. Before Wits gives you configuration support, you must make sure a proper backup of your private data.


Login to My Wits Student Portal

ICT Service Desk at Wits

Email: Telephone: 011 717 1717



Frequently Asked Questions About Wits

mostly asked questions


How can I determine my level of wit?

What is the status of my application, applicants? You may also reach the student call center at 011 717 1888.



Are applications accepted for Wits in 2023?

Studying in 2023 applications: Applications are accepted from 1 July through 30 September for part-time degrees. Applications are accepted from 1 July to 30 September for sporadic studies, including GEMP requirements.



How much does it cost to register at Wits?

Initially Paying

All students who are South African citizens must pay this standard amount of R9340. If this sum is not paid, students won’t be able to register. EFT payments must be made four days in advance of registration to ensure that they clear. How long does it take wits to react?

An acknowledgement letter can be created in 3 working days if you apply online. Posting applications takes more time.



What Wits courses are still available?

Accountancy School Economics and finance school. College of Business Sciences. a law school.

There are degree options in:

  1. Health systems sciences, biokinetics, and biomedical sciences (Bachelor of Health Sciences)
  2. Medical practice at the clinic.
  3. Dentistry.
  4. Medicine.
  5. Nursing.
  6. Occupation-based therapy.
  7. Pharmacy.
  8. Physiotherapy.



What APS is required to enroll in a BSc program at Wits?

Candidates for a BSc in computer science must have the following: APS scores of 42 and higher. Mathematics – 6. English HL or First Additional Language – 5.



Accepts Wits bridging, or not?

The list of ALL the bridging courses offered and the application/admission form for Wits University bridging courses for the academic year 2023–2024 have been officially released by the university’s administration.



What programs are best for bridging?

Students who need to better comprehend topics related to certain study programs are typically offered bridging courses. Students who want to major in accounting, for instance, will probably take a bridging course that emphasizes math, accounting, or business studies.



How much does a Wits student card cost?

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Every month’s last Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Cards cost R180, and an R120 yearly renewal is required. Your alumni card can be used to pay for on-campus parking. Ask questions at the Solomon Mahlangu House Concourse Parking Office.



What does a lunch cost at the Wits dining hall?

Every week, you must eat at least 10 meals. There is an R47,50 meal fee. (* – This is the initial pattern of reservations; electronic changes to meal reservations are permitted at any time.) The aforementioned price includes a one-time charge of R70,00 for a set of cutlery.



What is the credit value of a Wits degree?

BSc Honours degrees require 120 credit points in total. These credit points are split between coursework and independent study. There are a variety of coursework options available for several of the BSc Honours programs in the Science Faculty.



How many points are required to enroll in Wits?

Points are assigned to each course, and you only accumulate those points when you pass the course. A full year course normally lasts a year (two semesters). The minimum number of points needed to receive the degree is 456. It is recommended that students enroll in no more than two (2) courses per year.




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