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Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022 Tanzania

On behalf of Medical Stores Department (MSD), Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) invites dynamic and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill eight (8) vacant posts | Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022, mentioned below;


Medical Stores Department (MSD)

Nafasi za kazi MSD 2022

Medical Stores Department (MSD) could be a pioneering autonomous Department beneath the Ministry of Health, established by Act of Parliament No.13 of 1993 with associate objective of developing associated maintaining an economical and value effective system of procurance, storage and distribution of health commodities needed to be used by the general public and licensed religion based mostly health facilities.

MSD is at a really exciting stage of reforming its operations, systems and processes with the aim of turning into a extremely effective provide chain organization that’s agile and versatile to fulfill health commodities demands within the market. MSD arranges to implement these structural changes so as to achieve the objectives of the medium terms strategic plan.


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Announced Job Vacancy | Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022


DIRECTOR OF PROCUREMENT                                                                  [Details and Application]


DIRECTOR OF FINANCE                                                                                [Details and Application]


DIRECTOR OF LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS                                       [Details and Application]


Director Of Administration and Human Resource Management            [Details and Application]


CHIEF INTERNAL AUDITOR                                                                        [Details and Application]


HEAD OF LEGAL SERVICES                                                                         [Details and Application]



DIRECTOR OF ICT AND STATISTICS                                                         [Details and Application]



PLANNING, MONITORING AND EVALUATION MANAGER               [Details and Application]



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Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022 pdf download

Released by:


PSRS kutangaza Nafasi za Kazi MSD


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Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022 pdf download


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Nafasi Za Kazi MSD 2022 pdf download

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