New FIFA 23 Transfer and Carryover: Comprehensive Guide

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FIFA 23 PPSSPP Iso File | New FIFA 23 Transfer and Carryover

A guide to New FIFA 23 Transfer and Carryover | New Transfer FIFA: Some of your FIFA and FUT in-game items and data from FIFA 22 will roll over to FIFA 23 and be maintained on the same platform. The list of things you may and cannot transfer from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 is provided below, along with a detailed guide and a thorough FAQ on the subject.


New FIFA 23 Transfer: Methods for Transferring Data and Items from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23

You only need to launch FIFA 23 on the same platform as FIFA 22 in order to transfer your in-game data and stuff from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. You will be informed of your carryover once the game has started, and you will need to confirm your carryover for products like FIFA Points.


Carryover across platforms to FIFA 23

In FIFA and FUT, cross-platform rollover is not possible. For instance, even if you use the same email account on both platforms, if you were playing FIFA 22 on Xbox and now move to playing it on PlayStation 4, your in-game stuff and data won’t be transferred to the new game.

Only the same platform will allow you to access and transfer your in-game stuff and data to the next FIFA game. If there is no prior history on the new platform when you start playing FIFA, your in-game history will be reset to zero.

When playing a FIFA game simultaneously on several platforms, the same rule applies. For instance, do not share or transfer the in-game data and progress across all platforms when playing FIFA 22 on two platforms (such as PS4 and PC) and creating accounts using the same email address. This implies that the in-game information and goods will differ depending on the platform.


Items Transferable to FIFA 23

The following is a list of the things you can transfer from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23:

Club Profile on FUT

Your FUT Club profile, which includes the name of your Club and its founding year.


FA Cup Points

You can choose to move your FIFA Points from FUT 22 to FUT 23, or you can decide to maintain them in FUT 22. Since this can only be done once and cannot be undone, once FIFA Points have been transferred to FIFA 23, they cannot be returned.


Things You Can’t Bring Over

You cannot transfer the following data or items from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23:

Soccer Coins

Playing FUT game modes and receiving in-game incentives nets you FIFA Coins. Sadly, you must bid goodbye to the coins you acquired for FUT 22. Your coins will be reset to zero by playing FIFA 23.


Card Things

You will not be able to import any of your FIFA 22 cards into FIFA 23. Any kind of card is included in this, including those for players, managers, contracts, etc.


unused packets

Packs from FIFA 22 that have not been opened won’t carry over to FIFA 23.


Miscellaneous Items

The unassigned goods from FIFA 22 will not transfer to FIFA 23.


History and stats of matches

No matter how they were in your records for FIFA 22, your match records and history will be reset for FIFA 23.


FUT Club Records & Data

Your FUT Club records and data will also be reset. The following types of data and progress cannot be carried over:

  • Information about your club’s leaderboard statistics
  • Your Groupings & Development
  • Your progress and FUT Champions Points
  • Your SBC Development
  • Successes & Trophies

Additionally, your Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies cannot be transferred to the new FIFA game.

Work Mode

Your player details (character information), game progress as a player or manager, and Career Mode accomplishments from FIFA 22 won’t carry over to FIFA 23.



mostly asked questions

The carryover begins when?

Once FIFA 23 is out, it will be accessible.


When will my FIFA Points from FIFA 22 be compatible with FIFA 23?

When you own a retail copy of FIFA 22 or are participating in the EA Access early access trial, you can transfer your FIFA Points.


How frequently can I move my FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23?

You can only use this once.


In the early access period for the Web App, can I transfer my FIFA 22 FIFA Points?

No, only the retail version of FIFA 23 or EA Access allows you to transfer FIFA Points on a console.


Can I convert or transfer my FIFA 22 FUT Coins to FUT 23?

The answer is no, FUT Coins cannot be moved from FUT 22 to FUT 23.


Will FIFA 22 Points be offered for sale during EA Access for Xbox One early access periods?

During the early access trial, FIFA 23 Points may only be purchased by EA Access for Xbox One subscribers.


When will the Xbox One version of the EA Access program’s early access start?

Five days prior to the local launch date, EA Access will be accessible in your area.


Is it possible to move FIFA Points between Xbox and PlayStation?

No, you cannot transfer FIFA Points between various console platforms.


I still have unused FIFA 22 points. When I play FUT on FIFA 23 what will happen to them?

You will be prompted to transfer your FIFA 22 Points to FIFA 23 Points when you first log into FUT 23. You have three options: dismiss the message and decide not to transfer, be prompted to do so in the future, or decide to transfer your FIFA Points.


Will my FIFA 22 packets that haven’t been opened carry over to FIFA 23?

No, even if they haven’t been opened in FIFA 22, packets won’t be carried over to FIFA 23.


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