NHIF Registration: 9 Successful Registration Attachments

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NHIF Registration

It is a wise decision to consider getting a NHIF registration. You will never regret taking this course of action. The requirements for NHIF registration are described in this article. Continue reading.


About NHIF:

National Health Insurance Fund is a governmental institution that provides health care services to people. It is governed by the National Health Insurance Act, Cap 395, and is operated by the Ministry of Health.

The Board of Directors manages the funds daily operations, while the Director General administers them.

The Fund believes that health insurance is a societal, rather than personal, obligation, so it operates on the principles of risk sharing and solidarity among members.

In spite of the compulsory enrollment arrangement to public servants, the Fund has expanded its coverage to include Councilors, private companies, education institutions, private individuals, children under the age of 18, farmers in cooperatives, and registered organized groups such as Machinga and Boda-boda groups.

The Fund is also administering the Bunge Health Insurance Scheme, and Members of the Zanzibar House of Representatives are covered.

The National Health Insurance Fund has been ISO 9001:2015 Certified since 2018 in order to benefit from a Quality Management System that increases efficiency and reduces waste while also maximizing customer satisfaction.


NHIF Registration Attachments

  • Identification card; either a driving license, passport, voter’s card or national ID.
  • Recent coloured photo passport
  • For religious denominations wishing to register with NHIF should submit a registration request letter to any NHIF office nearby.
  • For children under the age of 18 years, a birth certificate will be needed.
  • Learning institutions wishing to register their students must apply and be registered to the Fund as an employer.
  • Mutual groups wishing to register to NHIF should accompany their application forms with their registration certificate, Constitution, list of all members and TIN Number Certificate.
  • To register a spouse as a dependant you must include an identification card and marriage certificate.
  • To register a parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the parent and the contributor’s birth certificate.
  • To register a spouse’s parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the spouse’s parent, birth certificate of the spouse and the contributor’s marriage certificate.


NHIF Registration Procedures

These are steps to joining the NHIF | Hatua za kujiunga Na NHIF:

  • The member must fill in the membership form which is available at the Fund’s offices throughout the country or through the Fund’s website. 

NHIF Application Form Pdf Download

  • A member must have a National ID number.
  • The member should have one passport size color photograph.
  • A member who registers a spouse will be required to attach one color photograph of the spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate and the National ID number.
  • A member registering a child as a dependent will be required to attach a photograph of the child and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

A birth announcement can be submitted as an alternative to a birth certificate if the child is less than 6 months old.

  • The member will be given a payment number (control number) which he will use to make payments through banks or mobile networks.
  • The member will make all payments in a lump sum or in installments through a special bank procedure.
  • The member will be given a medical ID card and start receiving the services specified in the package he has chosen based on the criteria and conditions set.
  • A member can register online, to register visit the Fund’s website www.nhif.or.tz with the National ID number to complete your registration.


Online Registration

Online NHIF registration

NHIF registration Can be done online.

You can register with NHIF through the NHIF Service Portal’s online application page.


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