How to Reset Google Home Mini in seconds: Simple Strategy

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If you have a first-generation Google Home Mini, press and hold the reset button underneath the speaker. If you have a second-generation Google Home Mini, press and hold the mic button.


How to Reset Google Home, Mini or Max

Press and hold the factory reset button on the bottom of the Home Mini, which is next to the power cord. The base should have a circle engraved into it. Your device’s factory reset procedure will start after 5 seconds. Hold on for another 10 seconds or more until you hear a sound indicating that the device is resetting.


When Should Your Google Home Mini Be Reset?

Resetting the Home Mini will erase all of the speaker’s settings and data, just like it would with any other device.

A reset will also delete your Wi-Fi password and log the device out of any previous accounts.

A reset is typically performed to address a persistent issue that refuses to be resolved by a restart or another, simpler fix.

You can reset the Mini before you sell it to someone else or trade it in at a store because all of your data is erased from the device.

Whatever your motivations, you must keep in mind that deleting all the data from the device will need you to restart the initial setup procedure, connect the Mini to your Wi-Fi, and link it to other devices in your home.

As a result, it is necessary to save a reset for the very last step of a troubleshooting process.


Start versus Reset

There is a rationale for why a reset and a restart are mentioned separately, which you may have always wondered about.

Restarting the Home Mini only turns it on and off; nothing else is altered.

However, a reset will erase all of the data from your Home Mini and return your gadget to its original settings.

Additionally, the device will be unplugged from your Wi-Fi router and logged out of your Google account.

The choice between a reset and a restart will entirely depend on the nature of your problem and the solutions you have already attempted.


Resetting Your Google Home Mini

After learning the distinction between a reset and a restart, it is time to examine the process for resetting your Google Home Mini.

The process to reset each of the two versions of the Home Mini units differs slightly.


Resetting First Generation

To reset your original Home Mini:

  • The factory reset button is located next to the power wire if you turn the Home Mini over.
  • To start the reset procedure, press and hold the button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Hold the button down for a further 10 seconds to hear the gadget play a sound as the reset is finished.
    Generation Two


Resetting your second-generation Home Mini

(also known as a Nest Mini) involves:

  • On the side of the Home Mini, locate the mic button and depress it.
  • Press and hold the middle button of the gadget when the lights become orange.
  • To begin the factory reset procedure, hold it down for at least 5 seconds.
  • Hold the button down for a further 10 seconds until a sound comes from the speaker to signal the reset is complete.


Activating Your Google Home Mini

You can use the instructions I’ve provided below to restart your computer if you wish to.

Make sure your phone or tablet is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as the Home Mini before continuing, though.

  • the Google Home app, and then
  • Select your device, then go to Settings.
  • the three labeled dots at the top More
  • To start the device’s restart, select reboot.

More Steps for Troubleshooting

As said before that doing a reset should be your last resort, We’ll discuss some other options you can explore instead.


Delete and re-enter your Google account.

The device can communicate with your phone and recognize you thanks to your Google account.

Therefore, try checking in to your Google account once more. Account difficulties may prevent the Google Home Mini from functioning properly.

Re-login with the same account by logging out of your Google Account first.

Check to see whether the problem returns; if it does, move on to the next step.


Restarting the Mini

A power cycle entails totally turning off and then turning back on the Google Home Mini.

The Home Mini can be restarted by:

  • Remove the Home Mini’s power cord from the outlet.
  • Plug it back in after roughly a minute of being unplugged.
  • Switch on the speaker.
  • Verify that the problem has been fixed and Google Assistant is operating normally.


Activate a software update

On a Home Mini, you cannot manually upgrade the software, but you can verify that the firmware is current.

Force the speaker to restart if it needs to be updated; otherwise, it will do so on its own.

Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Home Mini before verifying the firmware version.

  • Select the Home Mini by launching the Home app.
  • Select Device details under Settings.
  • To access “Technical information,” scroll below.
  • Look for a section with the heading “Cast firmware.”
  • You are set to go if your version matches the one shown on Google’s support page.


Final Reflections

Bring your Home Mini closer to your router or restart the router if it was ever unable to connect to your Wi-Fi during troubleshooting.

Try checking the device settings for each connected smart device from the Google Home app after you’ve reset and reconnected them all to your Google Home Mini.

Make sure the device you are attempting to manage is turned on if you are having trouble changing device settings with the Google Home Mini.




How can a broken Google Home Mini be fixed?

Reset a bricked Google Home Mini by doing a factory reset.

A factory reset can erase all settings and log you out of your Google account, so be careful.


Why is Google Home unable to locate my Chromecast?

Ensure that both devices are logged into the same Wi-Fi network before attempting to reconnect them.

Restart the Google Home and try again if it doesn’t work.


Does Chromecast require a Google Home to function?

Chromecast can be used without a Google Home, but having one opens up a lot more automation and other possibilities for you and your Chromecast.


How do I take things off of my Google Home WiFi?

Taking away gadgets from your Google Home:

  • Activate the Google Home app.
  • Go to Settings > Remove device > Remove on your selected device.


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