The New Apple TV Top 5 Features

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The opportunity to add new features is almost always present with new iterations of operating systems and software. The same is true for Apple’s new tvOS, which has recently received updates that have made it even more practical. Since they began to appear in large numbers with iOS 9, we’ve seen a lot of Apple TV apps over the past few years.

It appears that tvOS still has a ton of novel ideas up its sleeve, though. This new SDK version has many fantastic features, the majority of which are probably not available on other platforms. Here are some of the new Apple TV’s best features.


The New Apple TV Top 5 Features

Apple TV Games, Apps, and Video Streaming

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Making the Apple TV into a sort of gaming console was one of Apple’s initial goals when developing the tvOS. That hasn’t proven to be the case so far; although there are lots of games, they aren’t necessarily more popular than on other platforms. Playing these games has become even simpler thanks to the new remote and the “App” button, though.


On the right side of the remote, there is now a tiny joystick. With this, you can navigate and play games without having to use the Siri Remote’s d-pad, which can be awkward if you’re playing with one hand. Additionally, the home screen now has a dedicated area for apps. For the casual user, this greatly simplifies their accessibility. Since you can view the most recent games added to the system, it also makes it simple to find new games to play.


Siri Voice Control

The New Apple TV Top 5 Features
Siri as New Apple TV Top 5 Features


The built-in Siri Remote is one of Apple TV’s biggest advantages over other set-top boxes, as those of us who have owned one since the very first model know. Although Apple’s platform may not have as many apps and games as rivals Roku and Fire TV, families and children prefer it because of its relative simplicity. That is even more true today. (The New Apple TV Top 5 Features)

You can use this remote without ever touching it thanks to the new tvOS’ integrated support for “Hey Siri.” You can make your request by pressing the button and uttering “Hey Siri.” This has a few significant benefits. First and foremost, the issue of accidentally activating your remote and sending your toddler to the incorrect channel is avoided. Without ever touching the remote control, you can use “Hey Siri” to change the channel, adjust the volume, or begin playing a specific show.


Screen mirroring via Apple TV’s remote

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The Apple TV 4K’s built-in support for screen mirroring is a nice new feature. You can now stream content to your Apple TV using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac thanks to this. Previously, developers had to add this feature, but it is now accessible on all devices running iOS 10 or later.


By using the in-built app on your phone, you can do things like stream your presentation to a large screen, show a slideshow while giving a talk, or watch Netflix on your home TV while working on something else on your laptop. Additionally, you can use this function in conjunction with Siri to produce a custom “picture-in-picture” effect. You could, for instance, ask Siri to start a movie on your TV while you start a screencast on your Mac, and then ask your Mac to send that video to your TV as well. The New Apple TV Top 5 Features



The Zero-Touch Home Screen Organization

Many people, including those who enjoy organizing things, constantly struggle with organization. A few nice new tools on the new Apple TV make organizing your home screen even simpler. This is advantageous because the new system is much more adaptable. The apps on your home screen can now be manually added and arranged however you like.

When using the previous system, all apps were displayed in a “carousel” that was somewhat random. This can save you a ton of time if you use a lot of apps. Drag and drop your apps to your home screen to quickly add them there rather than pressing the appropriate button and scrolling through them. This is especially helpful if you have many installed apps (since the home screen can only hold a certain number).


Apple TV as a Center for Family Activities

For a long time, the Apple TV was a great family device. The remote is easy to use; kids can sign into their accounts; and you can easily create “profiles” for each person, enabling you to open a different Netflix account for each of them. The new TV OS, however, has a few new features that increase its usefulness in this capacity.


The expanded support for profiles is the first. For each person, you can now add a third “sub-account,” enabling you to only give them age-appropriate apps and games. Additionally, the Apple TV now has a Family Sharing feature that enables you to create a “family” account that can contain up to six people.


You no longer need to enter various payment methods for each person, making it simpler to purchase apps and shows. Another fantastic feature is the new Home Sharing feature, which enables you to access content from other devices on your network. Using this, you could play content from your computer or NAS on your TV, for instance.


To sum up,

Despite being a fantastic device, the Apple TV is frequently disregarded in favor of other set-top boxes like the Fire TV or Roku. The improved remote, new family-friendly features, and user-friendly interface of the new tvOS all promise to change that. As a result, it should be a great tool for both families and individuals. We believe that the updated Apple TV is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to modernize their entertainment.

Despite being a fantastic device, the Apple TV is frequently disregarded in favor of other set-top boxes like Fire TV or Roku

The new Apple TV software is more user-friendly than ever before, as it includes a simplified user interface with more prominent family-friendly features like parental controls and special programming for children


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