Top fiber providers in South Africa: connectivity rates

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Which are the best top fiber providers in South Africa basing on connectivity rates?


Top fiber providers in South Africa

The three largest fiber network providers in South Africa, Openserve, Supersonic, and Frogfoot, have an average connectivity rate of 34.4%.

By dividing the number of connected homes by the number of passed homes, the connectivity rate is determined.

A region with a higher connectivity rate typically represents a good investment with a higher likelihood of yielding a good return.

In South Africa, where the connectivity rate is 34.4%, about one-third of the homes with fiber access have an active fiber connection.

According to Vumatel, its business case is based on a minimum connectivity rate of 30% and a maximum of 65% in the majority of neighborhoods.

42 to 48 months is the typical time it takes to recover a capital investment, but this greatly depends on how quickly fiber is adopted initially.

Openserve has the highest connectivity rate of 46.6% among South African fiber network operators.



According to Telkom’s most recent results, Openserve’s connectivity rate has dropped by 5% in the last year. This, however, is not a bad thing.

Over the last year, Openserve increased its homes passed by 52.7% while only 38.4% increased its homes connected.

Because there is always a lag between homes passed and homes connected, operators with rapid fiber deployments have lower connectivity rates.

Supersonic comes in second with a 40% connectivity rate, followed by Frogfoot (38%), Herotel (33%), Vodacom (32%), and Vumatel (30%).

Vumatel’s rapid expansion, passing an additional 400,000 homes in a year, resulted in a 30% connectivity rate.

Vumatel is aggressively deploying fiber-to-the-home services, including Vuma Core, Vuma Reach, and Vuma Key.

Vuma Core caters to households earning more than R30,000 per month, Vuma Reach to families earning between R5,000 and R30,000 per month, and Vuma Key to households earning less than R5,000 per month.

Because the rate of connectivity increases with “time since installation,” Vumatel should see an increase in connected homes and connectivity rates as its fiber rollouts slow.

The graph below depicts the connectivity rates of South Africa’s largest fiber network operators.



List for the Top fiber providers in South Africa

South African ISP Ranking
ISP Customer Satisfaction Rating
Cool Ideas 79%
Afrihost 75%
Webafrica 74%
Home Connect 70%
Axxess 69%
Vox 68%
Vodacom 68%
Supersonic 68%
MWEB 65%
MTN 64%
HeroTel 64%
Cell C 62%
Telkom 62%
Rain 59%

Top fiber providers in South Africa



Why You Should Prefer Fibre

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Top fiber providers in South Africa


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