Mpya! Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2022-2023 (Packages)

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Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2022-2023 (Startimes Packages) If you’re looking for StarTimes Tanzania package deals, you’ve come to the right place. StarTimes is a well-known Chinese entertainment company.

The Chinese electronics and media business StarTimes is a significant participant in sub-Saharan Africa. StarTimes, which also provides technologies to countries and broadcasters making the transition to digital television, provides consumers with access to digital terrestrial and satellite television services.


This article contains in-depth information about vifurushi vya startimes 2022/2023. Most Tanzanians seek out vifurushi vya StarTimes 2022 na bei zake, and this page will provide all pertinent information on vifurushi vya startimes antenna 2022 and 2023, as well as Channel za startimes 2022 and bei ya vifurushi vya Antena Na Dish. modern updates.



Mpya! Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake 2022-2023 (Startimes Packages)

StarTimes ON is the most widely used mobile streaming service in Africa for live TV and entertainment. More than 20 million users worldwide have downloaded the app, which offers the best video watching experience wherever you are and whenever you want.


vifurushi vya startimes vya 2022

All Star times Decoders are able to distribute Star times bundles

  • StarTime antenna
  • Antena, StarTimes

StarTime: Hivi ndivyo vifurushi vya.

Dish Kwa King’amuzi






Antenna Kwa King’amuzi

TSh 20000/m

TSh 14000/m

TSh 14000/m

TSh 10000/m

The business specializes in media and electronics, including satellite television and digital terrestrial television. The services of Startime satellite TV are accessible in a number of international locations.

The majority of the company’s clients are nations and individuals who are making the transition from analog to digital television. StarTimes currently offers its services in more than 30 different nations and has more than 10 million customers.


Due to its widespread recognition as a household name, Startimes has virtually completely controlled the markets in many West African nations. Tanzania was included in the StarTimes venture, though, as the business rose to become one of the biggest satellite TV service providers in the nation.


Vifurushi Vya Startimes Na Bei Zake

The fact that Startimes offers its subscribers reasonably priced TV subscriptions is one of the benefits of using the service. In this manner, there will always be something to watch regardless of a client’s budget. There are just two bundles that StarTimes is known to offer based on the user’s device.


Vifurushi vya Startimes na Bei zake.png


Uhuru Bouquet, a type of bouquet

Over 30 channels are included in the Uhuru bouquet, which is available for less than 20,000 Tsh per month. The following channels are accessible on the Uhuru Bouquet:


In ST Adepa


Child TV


Living Fine


Finding Family

One Fashion

I. St.



World ST football



TV Sanyuka

Flowers for Nyota

StarTimes users can enjoy 15 TV channels for no more than 10,000. The following channels are included in the Nyota bouquet:


  • TV Wasafi
  • Sports Focus St.
  • E-stars
  • Zone St.
  • TBN
  • World CNC
  • Iqraa
  • Kungfu St.
  • CGTN
  • Sino Drama St
  • Guide ST
  • Real-Time St.
  • Imaan Tv
  • Bravadas TV
  • Swahili St

The StarTimes Group was founded in 1988 by Chinese engineer Pang Xinxing. He is the president of StarTimes at the moment.
In 2002, StarTimes began expanding its customer base in Africa. StarTimes opened locations in 30 African countries after obtaining their first digital TV license in 2007 in Rwanda.

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