What Channel Number Is USA On DIRECTV: The Results You Need

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On DIRECTV, the USA TV Network can be found on channel 242. The USA Network app or DIRECTV Stream both offer the channel for streaming.

The most popular shows on the channel and some channel alternatives are revealed in the following paragraphs. I hope that once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll also be aware of the channel and where you can watch USA TV.


Mostly Asked Questions

mostly asked questions


Is USA Network a free app?

The USA Network app can be downloaded for free, but in order to access its free content, you must have a TV subscription. You can buy watch credits to unlock each piece of content one at a time if you don’t have a TV provider account.


How can I watch USA Network for free?

You will need a TV service subscription in order to watch USA TV Network; it won’t be available for free.

You can use the streaming service provided by USA TV at any time once you have a TV connection.



DIRECTV offers all of its plans with access to USA TV Network in both SD and HD. The channel can be found at channel number 242.


Who carries the USA Network?

A TV channel network owned by NBC includes The USA TV Network. Also available are channels like Bravo and E! as well as SyFy.


With one of these streaming services, you can watch USA Network live without a cable subscription: Sling, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, Hulu, or YouTube TV.
Your DIRECTV package is always subject to change.
How to add or remove premium options online
  1. Click on Manage My Subscription..
  2. Next to the premium channel or package you want to modify, click Add or Remove..
  3. Choose Review Changes..
  4. Verify your choice and enjoy.



Although its primary focus was on WWE Raw, USA is a pretty well-known TV network for general entertainment that has been airing since the 1980s. However, it has since shifted to a more generalized entertainment audience.

The network’s offering on DIRECTV now has more sports content than it did before NBCSN’s demise.

No matter which DIRECTV plan you choose, you can watch the channel as long as your subscription is still active. The channel is available on all DIRECTV plans.

All regions and plans have access to the channel, but you should contact DIRECTV to find out which plans are offered in your area.


What Channel Number Is USA On DIRECTV?

It’s time to know what channel you can watch it on now that you are aware of the service’s channel and the plan it offers.

Channel 242, which can also be found using the channel guide, is where you can watch USA Network HD. Additionally, you can quickly scroll through the channel guide or quickly change channels by pressing a keypad number.

To avoid having to enter the channel number each time you need to switch, you can mark this channel as a favorite in the channel guide. Once the channel has been added to your favorites, you can find it in the guide by selecting Favorite Channels.


Alternatives to USA TV

There are quite a few options available to you if you’re looking for a different location to view the content offered by USA TV.

There are several other platforms where you can watch the movies and TV shows on USA TV, but not all of them offer the same content. You can watch the same television programs and motion pictures on any NBC-owned channel, including NBC, E! SyFy, Bravo, Peacock, and other channels.

Peacock TV, a streaming service that offers a free tier so you can see if the service is worthwhile, also carries the majority of the network’s content. On DIRECTV, you can locate these alternate channels by using the channel guide and, if it has one, the search feature.


Can I stream the channel?

By visiting the streaming website, you can watch any USA TV Network channels’ programming or a live stream of the broadcast online, just like you can with the majority of TV channels today. All you need to do to stream every piece of content offered by the service is link your DIRECTV account with the website.

Anyone with a connected TV provider account can use it for free. The website’s channel credits are required for everyone else in order to unlock content that can be viewed through the service. If the device has the USA TV app available for download, you can stream the channel’s content to your smartphone or smart TV.

Install the app on your smart device, then sign in with your USA TV Network or TV provider account to start watching.

If the USA TV Network app is not available on your TV, you can mirror the app from an Android or iOS mobile device to your TV. After logging in with your DIRECTV account, you can watch the channel for free with DIRECTV Stream.


What Shows Are Popular On USA TV?

IMDb reports that viewers enjoy tuning in to USA TV channels to watch a range of content genres, such as dramas, comedies, sitcoms, and more.

Among the network’s more well-liked programs are:

  • Mr. Robot
  • Modern Family
  • Suits
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • NCIS: Los Angeles, and more.

The channel would continue to be well-liked for a very long time due to the regular licensing of new television shows and motion pictures as well as the unexpected influx of sports programming following the closure of NBCSN. In the future, sports programs might even take the place of some of these programs.


Concluding Thoughts

How To Watch USA Network Without Cable - USA On DIRECTV


Install the ESPN+ app on your DIRECTV box to access highlights and analysis of the most recent games for other sports. Even though there are no live broadcasts of events available on the app, you can still watch them by navigating to the relevant TV channel.

Another way to watch USA TV is through DIRECTV Stream, which is free for anyone with a current DIRECTV subscription. Restart the app and clear the cache if you’re having trouble logging into your DIRECTV Stream account.


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