What is BeReal? Comprehensive Guide To Use it

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What is BeReal: It’s a social media app that allows you to show your authentic self without filters, to put it simply.

In social media, most users present an idealized vision of themselves by selecting just the best images. Hours of makeup, appealing positions, and various editing techniques go into creating the flawless photos we see on Facebook and Instagram.

But what if there was a forum where you could be completely honest with people? In a nutshell, it is what BeReal does. It emphasizes truthfulness. There are consequences if you retake a BeReal or post it after the deadline.


What is the BeReal App?

BeReal App Icon

BeReal encourages everyone to be authentic and share who they truly are, as the name implies. Users can post their most genuine, unfiltered images because there are no filters or editing tools to enhance their appearance.

BeReal doesn’t have likes or follow a system that will make you famous or go viral, unlike Instagram and TikTok. Hence, BeReal is most definitely not the place for you if your goal is to become an influencer. Better to continue using Instagram and TikTok.

With BeReal, you may communicate with your close friends and express who you are without worrying about other people’s opinions or jeers. Give BeReal a try if you’re seeking a fresh and original method to learn more about your friends’ genuine personalities in everyday situations.


How Does BeReal Operate?

Everyone in the same time zone receives a notification each day at the same time to take and share a photo within two minutes. In this way, BeReal ensures that you post the most genuine representation of yourself by catching you off guard and denying you the chance to stage your shot.

Users can post a photo of themselves and their surroundings to show their friends what they are up to by taking one with both their front and back cameras. You won’t be able to view the posts made by your friends or the Discoveries page if you don’t post a BeReal.

Users can comment on their friends’ BeReal postings and respond to them with RealMojis even though there is no “like” button. The app will also show how many times you’ve tried to capture a BeReal post again.


Some Significant BeReal Features

BeReal features

The major feature of the app is a daily notice that invites users to post a photo of themselves and their immediate surroundings within a randomly chosen two-minute window each day. Reviewers pointed out that it placed a strong focus on the genuineness, which some believed veered too close to banality. BeReal is a play on words.

The following features set BeReal apart from other social media applications.

  • No edit buttons or filters.
  • lacks profiles, follows, likes, and chatting.
  • No advertising. There are none. Free of in-app purchases (as of now). Watch how BeReal generates revenue.
  • When the subsequent BeReal notification is sent, all BeReal postings are instantly removed from the stream.
  • Pictures are notified by BeReal.
  • Users are limited to posting one image each day.
  • Your BeReal post can only be deleted once per day.
  • All of your prior BeReal posts are accessible to you (and only you) in a section called “Memory.”
  • BeReal is a fantastic app thanks to these distinctive characteristics. The introduction or testing of identical features by competing social media apps is a blatant sign of the “effect” it has had. To name a few, there are Instagram Candid Challenges and TikTok Now.

BeReal was named the best iPhone app of the year by Apple for giving users “a real insight into their friends’ and family members’ daily lives.”


How to delete a BeReal post

BeReal post delete: How to delete BeReal post

Although BeReal posts are designed to reflect you as you are, there are times when being so real is too uncomfortable to broadcast. A selfie taken by the app’s automatic selfie capture feature could occasionally be too absurd to share with your pals.

For today’s BeReal prompt, perhaps you’d just like to take a picture of something else. Whatever the case, don’t worry if you don’t like the BeReal piece you just published. You may remove it. And we’ll show you how. We’ll go over everything you need to know about deleting BeReal postings before walking you through the process step-by-step.


Before deleting a BeReal post, consider the following:

Even while removing a BeReal post is a relatively easy process, there are a few things you should know before you delete a post:

You are only permitted to delete a BeReal post a certain amount of times. You only have one opportunity to remove a BeReal post and snap a new photo, based on what we’ve seen in the Android version of the app.

Nevertheless, until you get the next daily post prompt push message, you won’t be able to post another BeReal post.

You can still delete the retake.

A BeReal post can be deleted in addition to the feed. Moreover, it will be deleted from your Memories section.

Before you can browse public posts in Discovery after deleting your BeReal post, you must post another one.


Delete a BeReal post on iOS and Android devices.

Although there are minor variations between Android and iOS when it comes to deleting BeReal content, the procedures below should work for both because we have highlighted any variations between the two platforms.

  • Step 1: Click the Three dots icon in the upper right corner of your screen after opening the BeReal you want to erase.

If you’re using iOS, you’ll also choose a three-dot icon, but this one should be situated beneath your BeReal.

  • Step 2: Choose Delete my BeReal from the menu that opens.

Choose Options > Remove my BeReal (on iOS).

  • Step 3: Both for iOS and Android: You’ll be given a screen where you must select a justification for deleting your BeReal post. You will then click Yeah, I’m sure.
  • When you’re ready to finish, choose Erase.


Most Commonly Asked Questions about BeReal

What Takes Place If You Don’t Get A BeReal Notification?

You can still post a BeReal even if you don’t get the notification. Your BeReal, however, will be tagged as late, and your friends will be informed of this.


Who Can See My Posts on BeReal?

By default, BeReal is only visible to your friends. Nevertheless, if you make your BeReal public, every BeReal user will be able to see your post because it will show up on the Discovery page.


Is BeReal free?

BeReal can be downloaded for free. Both the Google Play Market and the App Store include the app. The terms of use for BeReal state that users must be 13 years of age or older to use the app.


How safe is BeReal?

BeReal’s privacy statement is quite clear that the app will not share any information or user-provided personal data with outside parties. BeReal is therefore safe to use, according to this.


Does BeReal allow for message sending?

BeReal doesn’t currently have a DM option, thus you can’t send messages on it. It’s unclear if the developers will ever include a DM feature. Given that the program wants to save its users’ time, it is improbable. But let’s check it out!


How come BeReal has so many bugs?

BeReal is a new software, thus it has a lot of issues, which is very typical. For instance, some users are unable to add friends, and BeReal occasionally crashes. Also, there are some issues with the BeReal notice. Fortunately, the developers are aware of every bug and are attempting to fix it as soon as possible.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of BeReal, let’s get started. Examine further BeReal lessons, such as those on how to use BeReal to shoot two photos and how to resolve the BeReal can’t add friends problem.


What is BeReal’s weakness?

According to Guthrie, the time compression feature of the app can also be its biggest flaw. BeReal restricts performative publishing by setting a photo-setting time limit of 120 seconds. Yet in terms of the adoption curve, time compression might hurt the software.


How many times a day does BeReal go off?

For each user, BeReal notifications are sent out once daily at various, arbitrary times. You have two minutes to post a picture after the notification sounds. Your post will be recorded as late if you post beyond that time, which will demonstrate to all of your friends that you are not genuinely capable of being Real.


What happens if a BeReal isn’t posted?

The world doesn’t end if you miss a BeReal. Real repercussions don’t exist. Your friends will be able to see when you post after the two-minute timeframe if you do so late. Nobody else’s BeReals from the day can be seen if you don’t publish anything at all.


Is BeReal a dating service app?

French social media photo-sharing app BeReal was introduced in 2020 and started to gain traction in 2022. It encourages users to upload an unaltered, raw photo of themselves and their lives every day at a different moment.


What threats does the BeReal app pose?

BeReal’s claim to be a “hosting firm” seems to absolve it of any liability for the content put on the app. That implies that all they are doing is offering a platform for others to use. Without any moderation, BeReal may easily become a platform for hate speech, child sex abuse materials (CSAM), and other distressing stuff.


Can others see a screenshot you took of their BeReal?

The user won’t receive a notification if you capture a snapshot. Nevertheless, by looking at the post itself, you may determine whether someone screenshotted your BeReal post. If someone did take a screenshot of your post, it will be indicated by a small screenshot symbol when you open the app.

How to take Screenshots secretly on BeReal?


Is my BeReal visible to anyone?

The good news is that each BeReal account has default privacy turned on. Hence, all of your postings are automatically set to be seen by your friends only until you specify differently while publishing or change the settings on your account.


How is the BeReal app funded?

BeReal has only ever acquired wealth through investments. BeReal does not require any in-app purchases or subscriptions as of September 2022. Moreover, there is no in-app advertising.


What age rate is BeReal?

BeReal is designed for persons ages 12 and older, according to the Apple App Store.



Parents should be aware that the social media app BeReal is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Kids can share one photo every day with associated friends by using this feature. Youngsters can reply to postings by uploading selfies of themselves with various facial expressions.

In 2020, the French social media app BeReal (sometimes spelled BeReal.) was released. Kevin Perreau and Alexis Barreyat created it. It gained popularity quickly in early and mid-2022 after a few years of relative obscurity.

You must agree to the gathering of Geolocation Data to use the Service. You can decline to provide the Platform access to your location when you first open the application if you do not want BeReal to collect your geolocation data.


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