Who Is Eligible for UIF Death Benefits?

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Who Is Eligible for UIF Death Benefits? Those who leave their jobs in South Africa might receive cash assistance from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

Who Qualifies for Death Benefits in UIF? The fund offers compensation for short-term unemployment, sickness, maternity, and adoption. It is funded through employee and corporate fees.

The Department of Employment and Labour, which administers the UIF, intends for employees to use it as a safety net in difficult financial situations. The fund has drawn criticism for having a challenging application process and for not having enough money. Notwithstanding this, the UIF remains a significant source of support for many unemployed South Africans.

Who Is Eligible for UIF Death Benefits?

In South Africa, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) compensates a decedent’s dependents who contributed to the fund. Spouses and kids are examples of dependents who are eligible for a lump sum payment from the UIF.

To be eligible for UIF compensation, the claimant must present proof of both their link to the dead individual and proof of death, such as a death certificate. Additionally, they will have to show proof of both their own income and their dependence on the estate’s funds.

It is important to remember that the UIF does not cover all types of deaths, including suicide and homicide.

The overall amount of benefits paid is determined by the deceased person’s contributions to the UIF, and there is a cap on the total number of benefits that may be distributed.

The UIF will pay death benefits to the surviving spouse, any minor children, and the deceased employee themselves.

Within six months of the worker’s demise, you must submit an application for these benefits.

What is required for submitting a UIF claim for a deceased person?

To be qualified for the benefit, the dependents must submit the necessary documentation, which includes a certified copy of the death certificate, the deceased’s UIF contribution card, and proof of their relationship to the deceased. It’s important to keep in mind that UIF payments are subject to restrictions and are not intended to replace the deceased person’s income. The UIF was created to provide money during a difficult time.

Certain documentation and information are required when obtaining UIF benefits on behalf of a deceased person. Here are several examples:

  • documents demonstrating a person’s family ties, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate
  • A death certificate, for instance, could be used as proof of a person’s passing.
  • If available, the deceased person’s UIF reference number; proof of the claimant’s income and financial dependence on the deceased.
  • You can fill out a UIF claim form either in person or online.
  • It is important to remember that the UIF does not cover all types of deaths, including suicide and homicide.

Who are the beneficiaries of UIF?

Workers who have lost their jobs or are injured and unable to work due to illness or injury are given financial aid by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). A worker’s dependents may be UIF beneficiaries in the event of death. These dependents are qualified:

If the dead worker shared a home with their spouse or common-law partner at the time of death,

Benefits are available to the worker’s minor children and children with impairments who are unable of supporting themselves.

Parents, if the worker was financially responsible for providing for them.

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Who isn’t qualified to make a UIF claim?

It’s possible that people won’t be allowed to submit UIF claims. Although the UIF policy is necessary, a number of things could prevent others from claiming, including:

Individuals who lost their employment as a result of dishonesty or egregious negligence,

People who leave their occupations without a solid reason, self-employed people,

those who did not contribute to the UIF, those who died by suicide or as a result of criminal conduct

How long does UIF make payments after a death?

Dependents of the deceased who have lost their source of income as a result of the individual’s passing receive support from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

The length of time after a death that UIF benefits are received varies depending on the circumstances. Reimbursements under the UIF are typically provided for a period of up to 12 months, depending on the amount of the dead person’s contribution to the fund.

According to revisions made to the UIF Act in 2018, a dependent now has 18 months following a contributor’s death to collect UIF death benefits.

Your guardian died two years ago, and you missed the deadline, but it’s still worth going to your local labor office to see if they can still help you now that you have an ID.

How to apply for UIF Death Benefits?


The most important document to begin the claim procedure is a certified copy of the official death certificate. The official death certificate will be issued by the Home Affairs office where the death was reported. The applicable form(s) you must complete is dependent on which Sanlam products the deceased possessed.

How can you know if you are registered for UIF online in South Africa?

Log in to the UIF website using the credentials you just created. Once your profile is operational, go to the ‘Employment’ tab and select ‘See My UIF Contributions’. Click the ‘Get Declarations’ button. This will bring up a new screen with several months mentioned.


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