2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans(UPDATED) Now

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UPDATED 2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans


Pricing and packages for Dstv in Ethiopia Digital satellite television provider Multichoice’s DSTV is constantly expanding and now offers service throughout all of Sub-Saharan Africa. 2022, DStv Ethiopia price 2022 in birr.

Please take the time to read this post carefully as we will be discussing Dstv packages and pricing for Ethiopia in 2022.

To let you expand your entertainment options, DSTV Ethiopia offers a variety of packages.

This time around, the prices and packages are based on the most recent data from 2022. As a result, we’ll try to update this page whenever new information becomes available.

If more Dstv channels are added in Ethiopia, we’ll update this page..

The premium package, which is the most expensive selection and comes with more than 170 channels, costs ETB 2600.

Packages only; no installation is included in this price.

For DSTV plans and prices in Ethiopia in 2022, see the graph below.


2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans

2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans



Premium Dstv Ethiopia bundle pricing (ETB) (170+ channels)


Meda plus ETB 3150 (160+ channels)

Meda ETB 1550 (130+ channels)

Beteseb ETB 660 (100+ channels)

Gojo ETB 460 (70+ channels)

ETB 270


DStv packages can be compared using the table. To compare available channels and find your best fit, select a bundle.

Choose a plan from DSTV Ethiopia, then compare how well it fits your needs and your budget.


Customer support for DTV in Ethiopia

DSTV decoder is giving you problems. You can get help from this DSTV Ethiopia contact number to fix problems and kinks.

Contacting DSTV Ethiopia is possible by phone at +251 116 171010 or email at info@dstvethiopia.com.

You can also visit DSTV Africa Ethiopia for more details.



How to Pay for Dstv in Ethiopia

There are many payment options, including using the DSTV app or the self service DSTV Africa website. To pay for your DSTV subscription, you must first log in with your surname/mobile number and DSTV smart card number using one of these methods:

Visit the DSTV page for more details and to stay current on DSTV services. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Dstv packages and pricing Ethiopia 2022 or any other DSTV Ethiopia issue. We will get back to you as soon as we can.


In Ethiopia, DStv Compact costs $33.00 for a month. There are 124 channels.

Audio channels in DStv Compact Ethiopia

BBC African Languages Channel 852

BBC World Radio 2 Channel 851

BBC World Service English Channel 850

Channel Islam International Channel 865

Citizen Radio Channel 874

DMX – 70’s Hits Channel 804

DMX – 90’s Hits Channel 821

DMX – Adult Contemporary Channel 801

DMX – African Rhythms Channel 829

DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals Channel 834

DMX – Campus Rock Channel 816

DMX – Classic Jazz Channel 832

DMX – Classic Rock Channel 819

DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals Channel 804

DMX – Dance Channel 814




DMX – French Contemporary Channel 841

DMX – Gospel Channel 828

DMX – Light Classical Channel 837

DMX – Reggae Channel 825

DMX – Smooth Jazz Channel 831

DMX – Soft Hits Channel 807

DMX – Symphonic Channel 840

DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary Channel 823

DMX – Urban Beat Channel 824

DMX – Y2K Hits Channel 803

HOT 96 Channel 875

Radio France Internationale Channel 866

TransAfrica Radio Channel 872

Voice of America Channel 853

World Radio Network Channel 854


Children channels in DStv Compact Ethiopia
Boomerang Channel 302

Cartoon Network Channel 301

Cbeebies Channel 306

Disney Channel Channel 303

Disney Junior Channel 309

Disney XD Channel 304

Jim Jam Channel 310

Mindset Channel 319

NickJr Channel 307

NickTOONS Channel 308

Nickelodeon Channel 305

PBS Kids Channel 313



channels with documentaries on DStv Compact in Ethiopia

CCTV Documentary Channel 448

CGTN Documentary Channel 448

Crime Investigation Network Channel 170

Discovery Family Channel 136

Nat Geo Wild Channel 182

National Geographic Channel Channel 181



DStv Compact Ethiopia offers general entertainment and movie channels.

  • AMC Channel 140
  • AfricaMagic Epic Movies Channel 152
  • AfricaMagic Family Channel 154
  • AfricaMagic Hausa Channel 156
  • AfricaMagic Igbo Channel 159
  • AfricaMagic Urban Channel 153
  • AfricaMagic World Channel 155
  • AfricaMagic Yoruba Channel 157



  • B4U Movies Channel 330
  • BBC Brit Channel 120
  • BET2 Channel 135
  • CBS Reality Channel 132
  • E! Entertainment Television Channel 124
  • Ebony Life TV Channel 165
  • Eva Channel 141
  • Eva Channel 508
  • Iroko Music Channel 109



  • Iroko Plus Channel 169
  • M-Net Action Channel 110
  • M-Net City Channel 115
  • M-Net Movies Zone Channel 139
  • MTV Channel 130
  • Maisha Magic Channel 161
  • Sony Entertainment Television Channel 127
  • Sony Max Channel 128
  • Star Life. Channel 291
  • Studio Universal Channel 112
  • TRACE Sport Stars Channel 188
  • Telemundo Channel 118



  • Universal Channel (SD/HD) Channel 117
  • Vox Africa Channel 191
  • Zee World Channel 166
  • Lifestyle and Culture channels in DStv Compact Ethiopia
    BBC Lifestyle Channel 174
  • Discovery IDx Channel 171
  • Discovery TLC Entertainment Channel 135
  • Fashion One Channel 178
  • Food Network Channel 175
  • Spice TV Channel 192



Local Channels in Ethiopian DStv Compact

  • Star TV Channel 291
  • eTV Africa Channel 250
  • Music channels in DStv Compact Ethiopia
  • AFRO Music English Channel 326
  • B4U Music Channel 330
  • Hip TV Channel 324
  • One Gospel Channel 331
  • Sound City Channel 327
  • TRACE Urban Channel 325


channels for business and news in DStv Compact Ethiopia

  • Al Jazeera Channel 406
  • BBC World News Channel 400
  • Bloomberg Television Channel 411
  • CCTV News Channel 409
  • CNBC Africa Channel 410
  • CNC World Channel 415
  • CNN International Channel 401
  • EuroNews German Channel 445
  • NDTV24x7 Channel 413
  • SABC News Channel 404


channels for religion on DStv Compact in Ethiopia

  • DayStar Channel 344
  • Eternal Word Television Network Channel 348
  • Faith Broadcast Network Channel 341
  • Islam Channel Channel 347
  • TV Mundial Channel 680


Specialty channels available in Ethiopian DStv Compact

  • CCTV 4 Channel 447
  • CCTV Français Channel 449
  • CGTN Channel 409
  • CGTN Français Channel 449
  • RAI International Channel 430
  • RTP Internacional Channel 525
  • TV Brasil Channel 506


  • TV5 Monde Afrique Channel 437
  • Sport channels in DStv Compact Ethiopia
    SuperSport 10 Channel 231
  • SuperSport 3 (HD/SD) Channel 223
  • SuperSport 4 (HD/SD) Channel 224
  • SuperSport 7 Channel 227
  • SuperSport 8 Channel 228
  • SuperSport 9 Channel 229
  • SuperSport Blitz Channel 220




Frequently Asked Questions

How can MultiChoice Ethiopia institute price increases, given the financial pressure consumers are
already under?

Annual price adjustments are a necessary part of doing business. We realise that customers remain under pressure two years into the Covid-19 pandemic and as such, we have kept the increase as low as possible while ensuring we maintain the cost of doing business. This will help us to ensure that Ethiopians enjoy the best value, and unrivalled access to entertainment at the most affordable price.


What are the DStv price increases?

2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans

2022 Ethiopian Dstv prices and plans



  • Premium 3 150 birr per month on your package from 1 April 2022
  • Compact Plus 1 550 birr per month on your package from 1 April 2022
  • Compact 660 birr per month on your package from 1 April 2022
  • Family 460 birr per month on your package from 1 April 2022


  • Access 270 birr per month on your package from 1 April 2022
  • When will these price increases be implemented?
  • The adjusted pricing will be effective from April 1, 2022.


Compare the new Kenya Updated DStv Packages and Prices 2022 with Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022


Why did you raise the prices?

Although they are not always preferred, price changes are an inevitable part of doing business.

Every year, we carefully examine the prices of each of our packages to make sure we’re still giving our clients the best local and global content, delivered via the most cutting-edge technology.

The prices of our packages must be adjusted as our operating expenses rise.


What influences price rises?

The cost of doing business is affected by many different factors.

These include purchasing programs, films, and channels; developing decoders; using our satellites and distribution equipment; and building our infrastructure, which includes playout spaces, monitoring services, and customer touchpoints.


How do you ensure that increases are as minimal as possible?

This year, we again took into account the state of the economy and its effects on consumers.

In order to maintain the cost of doing business, we have kept the increase as small as possible.

This will make it easier for us to guarantee that Ethiopians get the best value and unmatched accessibility to entertainment at the lowest possible cost.


How did you let people know about the price increase?

The modifications were announced to all customers via DSD communication. Additionally, you can access the information on our website at https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-et/Ethiopia.

How can customers check the details of their individual increases? Customers can check their 2022 fees by visiting https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-et/ethiopia or by using our MyDStv App.



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